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Food is Your Energy

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Often a few tweaks and changes in eating habits can help to lose weight without much effort. If you’re not feeling it, that is different, see hypnosis section below.

Don’t skip meals consistently. The body goes into something like a “shock” and stores what it has. Consistent food/energy in will keep the burning process working great.

Begin your day drinking water and be sure to have at least 4 to 6 glasses, flushes your system and keeps your organs fresh, healthy, and “squishy” like a sponge. (Caffeine & alcohol are a diuretic and they dry out the body. 1 cup (8oz) of either depletes you by about 2 cups of water.)

Eat within 30 minutes of waking up, three meals a day and snacks in between. This has you eating about every 2-3 hours. REALIZE YOUR STOMACH IS ABOUT THE SIZE OF YOUR FIST. You don't need more or to feel "stuffed".

Eat within 30 minutes of waking up, this may be breakfast for you or a snack if breakfast is later for you.

If you don’t like early eating it can even be lemon in your water, a bite of yogurt, apple slices, a bite of oatmeal; this gets your body burning calories and using it for energy as well as keeps your metabolism going.

Breakfast may be next if above (#3) was a snack.

2-3 hours later Snack.

2-3 hours later Lunch.

2-3 hours later Snack.

2-3 hours later Dinner.

If you go to bed within 2-3 hours after dinner careful when you eat your snack or you may not even need one.

You want to digestion to occur so you sleep well.

Avoid sugars, high iron (vitamin), overeating, or caffeine for dinner or evening snack, so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Portion is a biggie…Remember our society promotes overeating just by the massive portions we have been taught to accept. Our stomach is the size of our fist around. Have that much on your plate when you sit down. If eating out, put the rest away BEFORE eating, or push it away from the portion you’re eating.

Careful eating while in a conversation or watching TV, put down the food or the utensil often while you talk. Shoveling the food in often leads to feeling unsatisfied and yet you can find yourself feeling over full. Unsatisfied eating isn’t fun.

Eating isn’t an activity to “just get it done”. It is meant to be enjoyable. New habits and beliefs can help support this as well. Like notice how you chew, on the right, the left, or both. Notice where you taste the food, on your salty or sweet taste buds, or what are the seasonings you notice, etc.

Bring back the fun, the true purpose to eating – energy, life.

If you are doing the above and yet feel extremely hungry at night consistently, you may need more proteins or fats in your diet during the day. Get any medical support needed as well, like checking your thyroid, sugar levels, etc.

Make time for relaxation and fun!

This is an order! No sense working your life away, or watching TV only to see others living life. The world is more beautiful with you in it. Your smile naturally causes others to smile; your laughter flows out into the universe where laughter is often lacking.

Go have fun and notice your body just lets go of the tension, stress, and allows more flowing of your lymph system. This pushes away the toxins out of your body and more fat will be burning! Additionally you have happier, healthier chemicals that flow from the brain and make you feel good all over both physically and mentally. This in turn makes you want to care for your body even more. It’s a great cycle of self-support.

Being active – Exercise doesn’t have to be structured

I have done a Periscope sharing and showing, you can begin the day, a few sit-ups, push ups, and all your stretches even while lying in bed. Sounds funny I know but it gets your heart rate up a bit and refreshed. It can be done in as little as 5 minutes. My point? To show exercise can be anything you think up. Walking faster, skipping a few times a day doing jump rope, dancing, stretching, playing with the kids or wrestling, etc. Gym and structured things are great and give you a set routine and are just one more way to bring health, fun, and exercise to your body and life.

Hypnosis – How does it help weight-loss?

Hypnosis is a tool that puts you back in control. As you relax your conscious mind you slow and stop all the racing thoughts of the day as well as many negative self doubts, or emotional responses that lead to negative habits around eating. Instead you use your subconscious making permanent changes by clearing old beliefs that you stored here that you weren’t even aware you decided on. Yet you can see based on your actions there is something causing you to struggle. That is because the changes you are trying to make you are doing at the conscious level with will power, self-control, prayer, faith, positive affirmations, or through negative coaching. You try everything to get the results you deserve and yet…

Your mind is more powerful than you have realized. We always function from the conscious level, yet its time for you to learn all of your beliefs and habits are stored at the subconscious level. That is where the changes will occur permanently! You are able to free yourself of the negative thoughts, beliefs, and habits you created long ago that you thought you needed to protect yourself. For example, when you can’t feel good but eating feels good, a belief may form that you need to eat to feel good. In hypnosis you receive suggestions that help to live a more relaxed life of health, wellness, spiritual peace, proper sleep, release cravings, and understanding the old ways are just a habit which is just a thought at the conscious level that doesn’t need to be responded to.

I can answer more questions on this as well just call or set up your free consult.

God bless you and HUG for health.

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Be ready for amazing changes!!! Great job for having the courage making real change! Living the life of your dreams ~ Woohoo!!

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Hugs for Health & Be Blessed,

Tammy Workman

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