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Passionate Mindset Reset Coach

Specializing in Anxiety Relief & Relationship Coaching for Entrepreneurs, 

Best-Selling Author, Consultant, and Founder of Sparks Hope

About Me

I have made it my mission to empower entrepreneurial women to create transformational results, especially in their businesses. Serving them comes from struggling with perfectionism, self-criticism, putting everyone else first, and believing they are not good enough in their self-worth. They will shine their light, and feel the peace of mind, the joy of the heart, and the power of their courage after working with me. They will feel empowered and inspired.


My biggest breakthrough happened when I was 18 and nearing the time to age out of foster care. I was required a child abuse and sexual assault therapist when I was placed in foster care at 15. At 18,my therapist awoke my subconscious mind for the first time, as she helped me see all the work I had been doing but was unaware of until then! It literally shook me to see all the developments she was sharing with me: making eye contact, cutting my bangs, and not wearing caps to hide my eyes behind.  I was speaking up, smiling, and always reaching out to help my foster siblings and my biological siblings.  I believed I was just doing what I was supposed to do, nothing special.  I had missed ALL of these changes. I was literally blind to them, believing that I was still just an unwanted, abused, disregarded, and broken person...

Tammy Your Mindset Reset Coach - Nature and Inviting

"No matter what you have tried or believe may be holding you back, I can help you identify and achieve your personal goals and remove those blocks, relieving distress, anxiety, and frustration while stepping into action, bringing joy, and you get to feel so proud of yourself for all you accomplish. Feeling confident to stand with pride that says "look who I was created to be and what's possible for others"!!  You get to be the light to show others what is possible.  Join me in helping you change your life today."

Tammy Your Mindset Reset Coach - Black and white and ready to help you succeed

The second one happened in my child psychology and child development classes in college. My eyes were opened to how I had struggled with toxic levels of imposter syndrome both personally and in my job. This was due to incorrect beliefs I had based on how my mother belittled and punished me constantly from a toddler to a teen, as well as from my father's abuse as a teen.  This treatment left me believing I was worthless, unlovable, and disposable.

      This enlightenment shook my core and opened my eyes to new possibilities and freedom in my life:

  • The way I see myself is not correct  & I can change it

  • What I believed about myself ALL of my life was a lie

  • What others had me believe was their mess, not mine

  • Retraining my mind changed my perspectives

  • I felt hope, motivation, and room to create what's next.

  • I became aware that I had a way to be free of all of it??!!

                                                        Once I got this awareness, I went on a journey to learn more and live this new 

                                                        understanding at every level of my life.  Gaining my Bachelor's in Psychology,

                                                        Master In Business /Health Care Management, Certificates in Coaching & Christian                                                                Coaching, Pranic Healing, Neurolinguistic Programming, Trauma Informed Care,

                                                        Transitional Weight loss Lifestyle System, Master's Leadership PhD, Diploma of                                                                        Hypnotherapy with Honors, Obtained and offered hundreds of hours of intensive

                                                        personal development & coaching, and became a best-selling author of 3 books                                                                          1. Daily Dose of Declarations--A 365-Day Journey to Help You Declare Daily

                                                                  Positive Affirmations Over Your Life will help you overcome depression and low

                                                                  self-esteem so that your light can shine bright!

                                                            2.  It Takes Money Honey: Guaranteed Strategies to Wealth Creation, Proven Tips for

                                                                 Financial Freedom and Developing Faith

                                                            3.  Daily Dose of Direction for Women In Business Volume II: A 90-Day Journey to

                                                                 Direct and Guide Women in Business to Succeed

these accomplishments took decades and blessed me with the wisdom and awareness to help me change my life and that of my clients.


My skill set has mostly fallen into the areas of personal and business growth, including confidence building, emotional intelligence, communications, and problem-solving. 65% of professionals today suffer from Imposter Syndrome and of those, women are disproportionately affected, as their perfectionism can kill goals, dreams, and relationships personally & professionally, in an instant. I saw so many women in life dealing with these same issues I had, and I knew I could help them find the same confidence, concrete strategies, and value in themselves they believe they had lost along the way.  


The systems and processes I put in place, help business women just like you have step-by-step blueprints, guidance, accountability, and masterminding to close the gap between their goals and desires, and reality.

If any of this sounds like you, it would be great to hear from you. Just click the link to schedule a call to get to know each other.



If this sounds good but you are not ready for a call yet, that is fine too, you are taking steps and that counts.  Feel free to join my free FB group Relief From Anxiety & Negative Thinking, it's private so it can be a safe space to share with a group of folks working on the same things. You are invited and welcomed. 


Either way, remind yourself you don't wait to make a choice to start making the changes you want because you deserve it and already know how it feels to be stuck in the old way.  Feel what it's like to step into your new way of life with support and guidance.  Also, you can remind yourself "I am creating relief as I am taking steps out of the old way, starting now"! (high five)


I look forward to working with you on whichever option you pick:

Option 1: Set a free no obligation call

Option 2:  You can join the free Facebook group


              Either way, I am excited for you and all you will get to see in your life as we work together.  Talk soon and I'm sending prayers over your life, your family, and your professional life.  Hugs for health.

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I hold a Bachelor's in Psychology, a Master's Degree in Health Care Management, and 30 years of personal transformational experience, from being a lost abused child to a thriving entrepreneur changing hearts and minds nationally and internationally. I will share my amazing story and more background with you when we speak, but am more interested in your amazing story of what you are ready to create.

I look forward to working with you!

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Tammy’s method leads to instant shifts and lasting results.  I’ve worked with multiple professionals that used traditional talk therapy, but I never felt any measurable results.

Kristan A. Braswell, MBA 

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