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Relax Your Mind 
Meditation Package

Get the Relax Your Mind Meditation Package so you can experience a taste of ease and hope.


  • 27min guided meditation MP3

  • 30-min 1on1 Breakthrough Negative Thinking Consult for new clients

  • Cost is only $27.99

“After only a couple of sessions, I started to notice my health improving and my bad habits disappearing.”


“I wholeheartedly recommend Tammy to anyone who is ready to break free of old patterns and dramatically improve their life.”

“She helped me develop more confidence.”

Hi! I’m Tammy Workman-Lopez and I’m so glad you’re taking a step on your journey of releasing negative thinking. In addition to the Relax Your Mind Meditation, I’ve included a 30-minute consult with this package so that we can see if working together would be helpful for you.

Negative thinking can cause stress, ruining relationships, and really get in the way of doing things you know are good for you. After working with me, my clients are shocked at how easily they can feel more relaxed, sleep better, react calmer, have better relationships, and easily do what they need to do in life and business.


In your consult, we’ll see if what I do can do the same for you.

I can't wait to connect.  Create an amazing day!

Warmest Regards,



Relax Your Mind Meditation Package

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