Hi, my name is Tammy Workman-Lopez.  These

resources will help support you with continuing to create clearer communication, understanding what

you're feeling, and asking for what you need. It is

such an allowing for yourself to create safety, connection, and ease in speaking up for yourself

and seeing what the other person needs. 

1/ Complimentary Breakthrough Consult. 15-30mins Session

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2/ Clearing & Decluttering My Thinking -  My Negative Thoughts Are Safe - Freebie

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3 / How To Set Boundaries Without Being Aggressive - Freebie

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Step-By-Step: How to Set Boundaries Guide: Remove Anger and Feel Heard. Create Ease, Safety and Confidence


4 / Sparks Hope Weekly Live - Freebie


Retrain healthy habits. Stop bad habits. Wellness programs-Lifestyle eating. Change your life. Find your joy. Experience emotions as God-given & helpful.


5 / Freedom From Negative Thinking Group


Did you know your thoughts and emotions are tools for you to use and mold like clay. It can be that easy! Let's find and create ease and fun as we gain Freedom From Negative Thinking!


6 / Sparks Hope YouTube Channel

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People are really looking for Mindset & Wellness Retraining to help them breakthrough anxiety, fears, limiting beliefs, career concerns, business challenges, relationship troubles,  milestones. Life has a lot to throw at you, it is your time to have amazing tools to handle it with ease and effectiveness. Live the Life You Desire.


7 / Books

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a. The Secret Language
    of Feelings (preview)


8 / Music - YouTube Free Content Music

a. 3 Hours Relaxing Meditation Music

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