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A program to get your life back
Break Through
Negative Thinking

Is negative thinking stopping you from doing things that matter to you, like:

  • Speaking up for yourself in an effective way?

  • Taking care of yourself instead of putting others first and never getting to you?

  • Taking the steps you need to move forward for your business or career?

"Tammy is amazing and has a true calling to heal people and help them grow. I have seen more progress with her in 3 sessions so far than in months of post-divorce counseling. I have already mentioned her to a friend in need because I am convinced she can be a blessing to anyone open to her approach. ~ Derrick D.
~ ~ ~
Tammy has helped me so much! My Anxiety had reached an 8-9 and was affecting my home and work life! Thanks to her program I rarely experience anxiety and when I do it's a very low level and I am able to get myself back on track within minutes! Tammy had a calm and sweet demeanor and is truly blessed with a gift that can help others and change lives! ~ Farah B.

Without negative thinking:

  1. Your confidence increases.

  2. Your relationships improve.

  3. You are able to set boundaries with ease.

  4. You feel & look better.

  5. You have energy, clarity, and focus.

  6.  You have the motivation to achieve your goals.

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The Break Through

Negative Thinking program

has helped people who have said things like: 

"I can never relax. My mind is always filled with worry and different areas of their body are filled with tension."


"I've done a lot of work on myself but can't seem to breakthrough my negative thoughts and emotions and it is causing trouble in my personal and work relationships." 

"I see my negative thinking and emotions in my kids. I have to make a change to help myself and my family before it's too late."

If this sounds like you, it is time to sign up

for the Break Through Negative Thinking program.

In the Break Through Negative Thinking program you will learn different techniques to:


  • Relax your mind and body 

  • Take back control of your thoughts and emotions

  • Treat yourself with respect 

  • Communicate confidently

  • Remove what is blocking you from achieving your goals

  • Let go of old habits and replace them with healthy ones

  • Improve your relationships

  • Release the "not good enough" experience

“I am blessed to have met Tammy during a time in my life when I did not seem to be able to think clearly and was overwhelmed with negative scenarios in my head. Fear crippled me on so many levels, I was not me anymore.
With Tammy I learned how to have an active mind; she showed me the importance of mindful thinking, especially when life gets difficult. When it was almost impossible for me to replace negative thinking with positive thoughts, Tammy showed me a new path to learning new strategies to cope, accept, and adapt. ~ CM

The Break Through Negative Thinking 

program includes:


  • 12 Private Sessions, 60-90 min (Value $4500)

  • Individualized Relaxation Recordings (Value $600)

  • S.M.A.R.T. Life Goal Plan for health, family, friends, finances, recreation, relationships/dating/spouse, career, env., personal growth/self-development/learning (Value $175)

  • Individualized Action Plan for in-between sessions (Value $175)

  • Brief text support for emergencies & updates in-between sessions (Value $700)

  • Discounted 15-30min mini-sessions available as needed (Value $varies)

  • Lifetime access to the materials & recordings you receive in the program (Value $Priceless)


Only 10 spots available. Grab your spot now! 

Don't wait!!

Sign up for The BreakThrough Negative Thinking Program NOW!

If you wait:

You will continue to feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and miss out on what you know you want.  It will continue to feel like negative thinking is controlling your life and emotions.

Negative thinking will hold you down and stop you from speaking up, taking care of yourself, and taking the steps you need to move forward for your life and business or career.

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About Me, Tammy Workman-Lopez:

I have been working as a Wellness Coach and Massage Therapist since 2012. In 2015, I added HypnoCoaching services so I could help my clients get more successful results. Earlier in my career, I got a BA in Psychology and an MBA specializing in Healthcare. I spent 21 years in Human Services with at-risk populations.  I then decided to become an entrepreneur working with women and men who are ready to take their lives to the next level.


I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal and professional goals by decreasing negative thinking and working through the issues that cause them distress, anxiety, and overwhelm. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients and look forward to helping you. 

Get in touch to learn more (954-657-3407 / Tammy@SparksHope.Life) or go ahead and

apply now for the program.

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