10 Myths about Hypnosis: How You Already Use it, and How to Use it Effectively

Updated: Jul 30

1. Hypnosis is bad, evil, and against God.

2. Hypnosis is going to control me!

3. When Hypnotized, I will lose all sense of my surroundings, bark like a dog, and quack like a duck

4. Being in Hypnosis is the same as falling asleep.

5. People who are "smart" cannot be hypnotized.

6. Hypnosis is known as a "Miracle Cure."

7. Hypnosis is an excellent tool for convincing someone to "confess."

8. When hypnotized, I can't remember what is happening.

9. You can become trapped in hypnosis.

10. Hypnosis means I can't move or feel normal.

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