10 Myths about Hypnosis: How You Already Use it & How to Use it Effectively

Video Dated: July 28, 2022

Good morning Gnosis you can call it self hypnosis. You can call it guided hypnosis. But how are you practicing hypnosis and so I want to share with you the difference. First of all, guided hypnosis is just somebody like me taking what you say that you want, and putting it into words that fit what you've asked me to, and then I speak them, and then you follow along. Okay, so it says it's back on.

So hopefully, if you can do a little heart or an emoji or something to let me know you're there, that would be great. Okay? So it's important to know that you're practicing self hypnosis, and you have your whole life. And the idea, people think that hypnosis is something that's so scary, and I'm gonna go over some different myths with you. The idea is that if you're practicing it, and you're not aware of it, but you can become aware of it and begin to practice it effectively, you'll change everything. And that is exactly what I did in my life.

And so that's why I'm here, my name is Tammy workman Lopez or coach, Tammy star. My company is sparks hope, hope dot life. And my whole thing is to help you rethink, revive your life and then rejoice and live in it. And so I want to share with you a second of why I do this. So you can Hey, Maria, good to see you, darlin.

I do this because I went through the same process. I was practicing negative self hypnosis, negative thinking negative beliefs about myself, all these self doubts all this perfectionism stuff. That's what negative self hypnosis is. But I didn't know I was practicing it, I thought it was just the truth. I thought that I wasn't good enough, I thought that there wasn't ever going to be enough for me, I thought that the way I was treated was because I deserved it. But that was not the case.

But I didn't know that I didn't know I was practicing that programming. So I want to share with you some of the myths. So you can begin to notice where you might also be practicing some programming, but you're just not aware of it. And by the way, guys, it's not your fault. It's the way you're trained growing up, it's the way your parents were trained to growing up.

It's just part of our, our culture and our situation. So it's not like, Oh, I was doing this on purpose, or I was trying to be, you know, a particular kind of way. No, it's just what we're taught. It's just what we do. So number one, hypnosis is bad evil against God. Practicing hypnosis is something that you have been born to be able to do, right? 

So our body, our brain, our experience, once we get good at something, it becomes automatically programmed. And just like say, for instance, when you learn how to drive, when you first had to do it, you're like, Okay, I gotta get in the car, I gotta turn the key, I got to, you know, make sure the steering is right, I gotta make sure I'm in drive and not reverse, you have to think about all that stuff. Now, because it's programmed and automatic, you just do it, you don't have to think about, but when you had to go take your driving test, I was not feeling confident, oh, my God, oh, my gosh, something's gonna mess up all this stuff.

It's important to notice that there are different things like that, that you find yourself continuing to practice. And you might find that there are things that are detrimental. So for example, I have clients that wake up in the morning, and they're like, Oh, God, I look terrible. And it's not just a thought, it's a whole practice, like, I look terrible, nothing's gonna fit me, it's gonna be this problem and that problem and look at my face and look at my chest and look at my stomach and look at my legs and look at what's wrong with me and look at what was wrong with what I did. And, you know, I shouldn't have been eating these things. And I shouldn't be doing that. And I shouldn't be doing that.

And they do it all morning while they're getting ready. It's just a beat up, beat up, beat up, beat up. It's a practice, right and so it's important to notice that God gave us the ability to be able to do that. But we can do it in the other way, which is, oh, my gosh, I realize I'm doing this now that we're talking about it. And you can allow yourself to go, oh, how would I treat someone else?

How would I help somebody else feel about their body and their experience of the morning, you'd be like, Hello, good morning, beautiful. I hope you're having an amazing day, you're going to do great today, you're going to do the best that you can, whatever that is today might be a rough day, you might be having pain, you might be having different things. But you're going to do the best that you can. You might have the kids that are you know, yanking at you and doing these things. But you're still going to do the best you can.

You might have things going wrong in the company, but you're still going to do the best that you can and you're going to handle those and you're going to just see them as challenges. God has given you that ability. He's given you the the the decree, or the the job to be a creator. And so the fact that you're creating is perfect. It's just that you're creating in a way that could be harmful for you.

We get to change that. And so as I'm sharing these things with you, I'm giving you examples on how to change it and how to be more effective with it. So wake up in your morning, look at yourself. And imagine you were talking to a friend that you loved, not you, if you're not going to you imagine it's a friend. But look into your eyes. Alright,

I'm going to practice that right now. I'm looking into my eyes. Good morning, beautiful. I love you so much. I'm so appreciative that you're in my life. I so appreciate all that you do. You're such an inspiration, you're out there making a difference for people and out into the world has just, that's just it just moves me so much. And I love these things about you and fill in those things.

What do you love about your friend? And you think about your friend as you what are the things that you do? You're out there making a difference. You're out there touching people's lives, you're out there helping people in whatever way that is. That's an inspiration. So allow yourself to do that. Okay.

Myth number two, people think that hypnosis is about controlling them. And actually, you can't be controlled, right? You can allow somebody to make suggestions. And then you can decide whether or not you want to accept them. Now, hypnosis can be used incorrectly, right? Just like if you go to any doctor, they can misuse their authority, they can misuse what they do, and they can hurt you. Right?

The same thing goes with somebody who's practicing any practice. So it's important that you just don't go trusting anybody willy nilly. Hey there, Michelle, good to see you darlin. Because it's important that you know who you're going to be talking to. So interview them, get to know them.

And as I do anxiety relief, I do couples support. I do these things for entrepreneurs. I help them to know who I am. So they can trust me. And yes, I do. Help them to learn how they're practicing self hypnosis and how to change it. I do help them to understand what guided hypnosis is like what I'm sharing with you right now that's guided hypnosis.

You're just deciding to repeat it after me. When we tell somebody repeat this after me. We're guiding them in creating a programming, if they want to take if they do if they don't, they're like, No, that's BS, and then they move on. So being more effective with it is doing it on purpose. And you can do a recording for yourself in your phone, and it would be considered a guided hypnosis. So just knowing that it's not about controlling you, it's about helping you get the control in your life, in your emotions in your responses that you want, versus maybe some automatic response that you programmed a while ago and didn't even know it.

Okay, so number three. Number three. This one's my favorite. I love it. People tend to think that when they're hypnotized, they're going to be like, Okay, I'm gonna lose all my senses. I'm going to be dumb. I'm going to bark like a dog. I'm going to quack like a duck. If I said to you bark like a dog and you said, Okay, what if I said quack like a duck? And you said, Okay, quack, quack, quack. Right. We do that with kids all the time. What do dogs say? What do cows say?

Moo? Right. That's all it is. So somebody's making a suggestion to you. And you're saying, yeah, now I want to explain, you might say, Well, I see it happening on stage. And it doesn't seem like they're in control, there's a different step to stage hypnosis. And this is for any kind of any theater, when you go on a stage, the brain automatically knows you're going on the stage to perform, right? So there's an automatic agreement, if I'm going to do this, I'm going up there to be part of the performance, that's pressure to perform.

So you're creating that and agreeing to that without even knowing it. And no one explains that to you, because that kind of mess up the fun, but it's still happening. In addition, here's a person that says, I'm going to give suggestions, they'll call them commands. I'm going to give these commands and you're going to obey them. Well, by the sheer fact of you saying okay, I'm gonna play right like a game.

If I tell you the rules of the game, you're going to go along with them. Well, that's what you're doing. When you say to anybody by the way, if you say to a doctor or to a police officer, or to anybody, these are the rules don't obey them. Well, the same thing works with a hypnotherapist or hypnotist, a hypnotist is the one who does this stage hypnosis, it's not really helping you with yourself in most cases. So you're going up there and you're like, I'm gonna play, I'm going to do what they say. And so your subconscious mind already knows that's what you're doing.

And so it's going to go along with it, because that's what you're telling it it's supposed to do. Your subconscious mind is obedient to you. And so it's important to know that if you do go on a stage and you do quack like a duck, and you do bark like a dog, it's because you decided to go on that stage. And you decided now you're in an unwritten agreement that says, I'm going to perform, and I'm going to do what this person says that I get to do, and so is barking like a dog and quacks like a duck is one of them. Your subconscious mind is now part of playing that game.

Now, some people are more suggestible than others. Some people are like, Yeah, I want to play in the and they're just like, yeah, and they play other people like myself. I'm very analytical. I'm very, like I had a lot of trauma growing up. So I'm like, No, I'm not going to do it. And even if I did do it, it's I'm not going to allow myself to follow those suggestions because I don't trust the process, because that's just my personality.

That's my hesitations. And that's how I am anyway. So you'll see, even if somebody goes up there, like I have just to see what would happen because I thought it was about my control. And I was like, what does that gonna be like? Nothing happens. You just sit there going, like, hey, nothing's happening. It's because it's not about control.

It's because if somebody allows themselves to say, Yep, I want to play this game they do. And if somebody like me says, hey, I want to see how they can control me. It's not about control, so it's not gonna work. So I just want to clarify that one a little bit more. So when you realize you're working with a hypnotherapist, it is not the same thing as a hypnotist. Right a hypnotist, on stage, a stage performer is somebody that is doing stuff for fun, you're not doing stuff to help you.

A hypnotherapist is doing stuff to help you. Now I also want to clarify just because the term therapist is there, they're not all therapists, right? There are some therapists who do hypnotherapy. But somebody who just does hypnotherapy isn't a therapist. So I want to be clear about that too.

And I let my my clients know that I am a coach that helps them to understand how to practice hypnosis on purpose. And if you think about it, hypnosis is just like meditation, with a goal to change. And when you have somebody that's helping you, it's just Guided Self Hypnosis. And again, I want to reiterate that there are people who maybe don't know what they're doing, or they have an ill intention. That's why you might read in the news that say, oh, this person hurt somebody under hypnosis, just like a doctor can hurt somebody or a dentist can hurt somebody intentionally.

You know, different therapists can hurt somebody, they may not mean you sometimes. And other times they do mean to, right? So it's important to know who you're working with. So you make sure that they're doing the right thing in your best interest. That's important. you shop around, you don't just jump in, unless it's for something you don't find is a big deal.

And, you know, you're like, Oh, it's a group and there's people around, okay, I'll try. I don't ever try it unless I know they're Christian, because they can say and request inappropriate things. And I don't want to be part. So even in that regard, I'm still careful. Alright. Number four, being in hypnosis is the same as falling asleep, it totally is not. So when you start to fall asleep, and you're right there, so kind of listening still kind of not, it's more like that, right? When you hit REM, it's no longer right and REM you're in your own dreams.

And you're you really don't hear what's going on, it's when you can't like kind of come back out of REM that you begin to hear. So it's before that deep REM stage of sleep. It's like right before you're falling asleep, and somebody comes in and says, Hey, can I do this? And you're really not thinking so much about it. So let's say one of the kids comes in, Can I have ice cream? Really good?

Who was asleep ice cream was you know, they're like, Hey, can I shoot the dog? What the heck? You'd like wake up, why are you asking me that? What's wrong with you? You know, so it's, you're, you're, you're relaxed, and you're like, okay, so it's like that. It's more like being super relaxed and just ready to fall asleep. But you're able to hear you're able to follow along this suggestions, right? Which is what we want.

You're wanting to create an aspect of change. And so that's what we're helping with. Okay, number five. People who are smart can't be hypnotized. Now, I kind of just answered this. Another version that people like to say is people who are weak can be hypnotized. That's so uncool, right, like putting people down being unkind. The idea is, we are always practicing self hypnosis, you are doing it to yourself.

So whether you think you're smarter, you think you're not whatever, you can be hypnotized. You're hypnotizing yourself. You can imagine going off and doing something you can imagine a trip, you can imagine driving somewhere and, and getting there and getting off the exit. That's not really happening. You're imagining yourself being there, and you're like, oh, yeah, I would do this.

And I would do that. And you're like really imagining it. Like you're really there. Imagine getting into an argument with somebody, I bet you've done that before. And you're just like, Oh, I'm so mad. I can't believe that. And then you're just like, Hey, hang on, hang on. I just imagine that it didn't really happen yet. Right? It's not going to happen like that. I'm going to do this. So that doesn't happen. Right?

So it's important to notice, same thing when you watch TV. If you're watching TV, and you're like getting all involved, and you're like, gosh, I can't believe they did that. Why did this one do it to that one? And I'm always like, why don't they just communicate? Why can't they just talk to each other? That wouldn't have happened if they just said this. It's because you're allowing yourself to imagine that the show is real.

Those things are really happening. You're not continually reminding yourself well, they're just after That's just an actor who said that did that. And that's not a real show. And that's not a real room. And that's not a real house, you're not reminding yourself that stuff.

You're letting yourself step into this not reality, imagining and pretending it is. That's self hypnosis. So give yourself permission to not have judgment on the fact that you are an amazing creator, and you can do these things. That's just who you are. It's part of how God made you. Okay? Number six, if Hypnosis is known as a miracle cure, it's not a cure at all. But what makes it feel like a miracle cure that it is.

It helps you to become in control of your thinking and your emotions. It helps you to stop being reactive, it helps you to be able to learn new ways and new methods in a different way. It helps you to let go of old beliefs that are stopping you from doing things. It helps you to let go of negative thinking about yourself and perfectionism and how it has to be in judgment on other people. And imagine you had all of that out of your life, and you're able to just flow and have what you wanted.

It feels like a miracle cure. Now, there's a whole bunch of other things that you can actually use when you're practicing self hypnosis, breathwork. bodywork, right? I love to practice massage, and hypnosis, because the body's just like, wow, that's so relaxed. That feels so good. Okay, whatever change you want to give me. Okay, sure. I do want to be a nicer person. I'm gonna let that in. Okay, got it. There's less resistance, right? So like, say, for instance, I'm somebody who, just to be transparent.

I'm always transparent with you guys. I don't like to make phone calls. Right? Now, that is a belief. Is it true? Actually, I take a look. And I go, No, I like to talk to the person on the other end. But that initial belief does come up. And I used to think it was true. And there are times when it tries to come up again. And I'd be like,

No, I'm looking forward to talking to the other person on the call, I'm looking forward to helping them I'm looking forward to supporting them, and they're probably going to want to help me and support me. Yeah, no, that's not true. Shift. And if we could do it during a massage, it's great stuff. Just to kind of put that in there for you, I actually suggest to my clients that they do as I'm doing the work with them that they also get a massage at the same time.

So anyways, number six, hypnosis is an excellent tool for convincing someone to confess, actually, it is not. They have used it. And you know, like with police and things like that, so it is something that they have looked at. But it's important to be very careful, because we can plan things with somebody. So for example, if I said to you, do you remember that person in a red shirt, all of a sudden, your mind is now searching for a person in a red shirt.

So it actually isn't that great day, and it can actually post incorrect suggestions. Now, if we said to somebody, tell me what you saw, then they're going to be able to do that. Now if you let somebody relax, they might be easier able to tell you what you saw. So that's the reason why it may be helpful. But it's not actually proven to be like, Oh my gosh, this is definitely something that we want to use.

Okay. All right. So number eight, when hypnotized, I can't remember what is happening. That's actually, it's not true. But if you're somebody who has trouble remembering anyways, then it will be true for you. But what I do with my clients is I record everything. And they, they, if they'd like to, they can have a copy of that.

And I also take notes on everything. And a lot of the work I do is at a conscious level where you and I are talking right here, and you may just close your eyes. And you may just imagine, and you're still speaking to me with your eyes closed, and your body's just relaxing more and more. And you're breathing calmer, you're releasing tension, you're letting go any of this stuff here, people say, Oh, I can't empty my mind, you're supposed to empty your mind. Right?

It's just as you practice on these things, you're no longer thinking of the thing that stressed you. So you're relaxing your body and you're thinking about that you're thinking about relaxing your shoulders you're thinking and as you think about that you're emptying your mind of the stressor, or the resistance. So that's what that term actually means. It's not like you go out of your body or out of your mind. That's not the thing at all right? It's not like you're pulling out your spirit somehow and letting something else and that is not it at all promised.

Again, if you're working with somebody who's not ethical, and that's something that you say to them, that's what I want you to do. That's not the same thing, right? Not the same thing. So just fine. Now I want to separate those two. You can be working with somebody who is not ethical doing it without your permission. You can work with somebody who's doing it ethical, that you're doing it with their permission, but that's still not hypnosis work. That's something else. Okay. And then number nine, you can be trapped in hypnosis.

Absolutely not. You can actually fall asleep during hypnosis and then you're not really paying attention the same way You're not really hearing it the same way. But that's why I do a recording. So that way, you can listen to it again after. So it's irrelevant. But what happens is if you start to hit REM, you stop listening, right? It may still incorporate some of it into your dreams, right? As you're starting to have your synapses fire and your dreaming starts to happen.

But it's still not, you're not hearing it the same way. But the cool thing is, is just like when you listen to the news, that's why they say be careful. Hey there, Jackie, good to see you. That's why they say be careful what you're listening to as you fall asleep, because you bring that into that deeper level of relaxation.

Okay, number 10, Hypnosis means that I can't move or feel normal, it does not mean that you can scratch you can move, you can do anything that you want, you're not trapped, you're not frozen, you can't. I mean, you could pass gas, you can do anything that you could do normally is the same exact thing that you can do when you're doing hypnosis work, right, because it's still your normal body or normal experience. Now what happens? Here's the super cool thing. Most people have never practiced relaxing to a deep level.

And so let's go ahead and practice it together so you can feel it. So just let yourself close your eyes. If you're driving, don't close your eyes, right, don't take yourself to a deep level, if you're driving, actually might not even want to listen to this. Just sort of let it be a sound in the background. So the idea is let all of your muscles relax, let all the tension Breathe it out of your body, take a deep breath in.

And let the tension flow out with your breath. Let your body continue to relax, notice your arms, your legs, your torso, notice that feels like a limp noodle just relaxed. Notice if your body feels warm or cool. giving yourself permission to relax knowing there's nothing you have to do know where you have to go for this second. Continuing to breathe, feeling so good. If you feel tension in your throat or your chest that they keep to breathe in and do some box breathing.

So breathe in the count of four. Hold it the count of four, breathe out the count of four. Hold that empty space for a count of four. And you can keep doing that. Now I like to do it at the count of six or the count of eight, whatever the number is for you. But notice how you feel more relaxed and just how you're like, Wow, that feels really good. Well, the more you practice that the deeper you can go even quicker, the more you're just like, right, that's what monks do.

You go into this deeply relaxed place. Now they can clear all their mind, they can clear everything. They're still there, they're not gone. But basically they're just like focusing on God focusing on connection focusing on being connected to their spirit and their spirit connected to God. And like it's just real connected. And so the more you practice that, and if you chose to, I like to practice the spiritual connection as well.

I just connect to God and I thought I got pour into me, feeling your love feeling your, your kindness, feeling your acceptance. And so I feel that at the same time, just let that come in. Lordy, I give to you any stress, any tension, any doubts any negative, I let you take that for me and wash that away. Alright, so you can do that same thing. And so because people aren't used to that feeling, they're just like, Whoa, this is so relaxed.

I don't feel like I can move now. So your body will feel heavy. Or for some people, they say it feels really light. Like they're like, Oh, you're so good, like a feather. Oh. So for each person, the experience is different. But it's just you getting more oxygen into your body.

It's you releasing stress and tension from your muscles from your brain from your spirit. And the body going, Oh, this is great. That's what it is. That's what it gets to feel like. Okay, so those are the 10 myths and the 10 ways that you can allow yourself to think about them and understand and instead, use these experiences for yourself more effectively. Use your self hypnosis more effectively.

If this has helped you in any way, please reply in the comments about how it's helped. If you're just jumping on please do go back and watch the replay because this is so important. These are things that you do and you want to be aware that you're doing them. So you can do them in a way that works for you and doing it on purpose and be so much more on purpose about it.

Right. All right, cool beans. Well, my name is Tammy workman Lopez or coach, Tammy star, my company has sparked hope. I do work with folks individually as well as couples, especially for entrepreneurs. And so if you feel like this is really helping and you want to see how this can work for you how you might be blocking yourself limiting yourself and your relationship, your business. Let me know I really want to be here to support you in that this is something that I've not only learned myself, but I've also learned even more through my clients as well as I've got My education, I've got my background,

I can give you all that information as well. So I look forward to speaking with you working with you. And those of you in my group, I love you so much. Please continue to invite people and help them to know that this is something for them. They get to make these changes they get to deserve to have this in their life. They get to use their mind and their creation and their power that God gave them for a way that helps them versus hurt them.

You guys you take care of you know that you're loved and appreciated. Ciao for now. Big squishy hugs. You take care of you. Bye for now.