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Happy Mother's Day

People have trouble relaxation – covid, riots, president, not sleeping, unhealthy or stressed eating, this creates an experience for your mind and body to relax.  All you have to do is sit back and relax while you listen to a relaxation journey.  It’s just like listening to a bedtime story or story time at school.  And you and I create the story first, based on what you want in your life now before the recording starts. Then I will guide you through relaxing your breathing, your muscles, imagining a beautiful place with your senses, and release any stress from your body while you hear the relaxing story we created together.

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Give the gift of peace of mind this Mother's Day

“When you are looking at your mother, you are looking

at the purest love, you will ever know.”

~Charley Benetto


Do you feel that some days just start with chaos and they never slow down?  Remember you are not a bad mom to need to relax. This beautiful and hard work never ends. Sometimes it feels overwhelming and gets harder, so please remember to give yourself a break and do some relaxing activities every day.

Meditation is a great activity to start with. This is the process of calming your mind and releasing tension in your muscles and body. It can be accomplished in many ways including relaxation, deep breathing, enjoyable activities, and exercise.

As your Hypno & Wellness Coach, I am here to support you with different tools from my experience & training for mind, body, emotions, and spirit, that will support your moving forward in your mommy life or that you can share as a gift to your mom as well.

Here is a 50% off for you, your mom, or the lovely lady in your life.


Click on the gift certificate below to purchase or call 954-657-3407.  












(purchase by 5-12-21 and to be used by 8-12-21 - unless more than one is purchased) 

Maroon Pattern Mother's Day Gift Certifi
Maroon Pattern Mother's Day Gift Certifi

Click Certificate above or
Call/Text to purchase & schedule

I am excited to share in your Mother's Day gift and the lasting peace I know you will receive.


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