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Is your group ready to take on their lives in a new and exciting way?

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Service Description

I am on a mission to reach those with self-doubt, limiting beliefs, or negative thinking. Because I know, firsthand how they can cause anxiety, panic, depression, insecurities, communication issues, professional barriers and a myriad of negative thoughts to the point of giving up on your dreams. My mission is to partner with my clients and educate and guide them in retraining their brain to create new thinking (neuropathways) and habits and support them step-by-step in changing their lives. I myself have gone through this experience and admit in the 20 + years from going from an abused child to foster care, to a successful adult with 27 years of Human Services work to a successful adult; no amount of therapy, education, personal development, or success could rid the thoughts and beliefs, until I understood about the mind and the need to clean out the thoughts and replace them with new training. I am a wonderful Author, Speaker & National/International Virtual Mindset & Wellness Coach. I graduated with my BS in Psychology, Masters in Business & Healthcare management, Licensed in massage therapy, Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Honors, and Certification for Life Coaching, Spiritual Life Coaching & Health and Wellness TLS Coach (Weight loss, Lifestyle choices) I have helped parents, teens, children, students, couples, and entrepreneurs set boundaries with income, relationships, and self-care. With the 500+ clients she has seen they testify to being able to sleep better, move better, losing weight and are keeping it off, quitting smoking permanently, having beautiful communication, better relationships personally and professionally, and stopping various bad habits while picking up new, and wonderful habits. You now have her to guide you too! I say the work is my honor and I'm always amazed at my client’s bravery and results. I care and love like a friend, and advocate and coach like a kick-butt leader! I am offering a consult Bonus 30min Breakthrough Call and offer a free private Facebook Group “Freedom From Negative Thinking” ( ). I adore God and puts him first and I'm willing to admit I've got flaws I'm working on and always pushing to the next level myself. I believe being transparent allows others to see what’s possible for them to accomplish. #SparksHope, #CoachTammyStar #AllEmotionsAreAGuide

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