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Who Is Tammy Workman?

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

After spending a long time wracking my brain as to how I should start this blog, I decided to explain who I am and why you should spend a moment of your valuable time with me.

How It All Started

1977 ~ Dad, Mom, Half-Sister, Little Me

So I shall run through a brief summary starting at the beginning...I was the usual child with teen parents whose parents did a doozy on them. They repeated the cycle - it hurt. I lived in anxiety, fear, depression, and constant self loathing for not being good enough to make my mom forward to a teen now in foster care. My sister and I in one home and my brothers in another. Once we had a home that took all of us but we got kicked out and dropped into separate homes again. My siblings went back home to mom - I celebrated my independence in foster care. It took 3 years to realize I could finally live a happy life.

I love my foster parents and stay in touch with all of them, they did the best they could and still do. As we grow wiser we all get better Mom, Dad, Little sister, Pre-teen me. Half-sister went with Gma when she moved out because of mom's hostility towards her I love my parents who made life so hard, lonely, and full of rejection that I know empathy & compassion to such deep levels. I still miss them terribly as mom passed away before her 47th bday I believe it was, right after it finally felt like she knew how to be a mom.

Dad...well not much to say there. He stopped being a dad a long time ago. I call once in a while but it's hard. I love my extended family who I thought abandoned me to foster care. They also did the best they could and tried to find us in foster care and could not. A few reach out now and it's cool, others I am not sure if they like me or don't have the time outside their own lives, or both but I can't let that get to me. I hold no regrets and no blame. I have grown BECAUSE of every wound. I healed and helped my family to heal in many ways. I made connections with my family that has been worth the work, even if their lives make me sad. Because of these trials, I had many people enter my life who I love DEARLY who are not blood..but even better!!! All of my trials led me to many who loved me and nurtured me back to healthy and faith. <3 <3 <3

I honor them and I find a way to always share my gratitude and continue to bless them back. My brothers before they were adopted & my little sister before she disappeared as a missing person for 4 years[/caption]It took MANY years of growing, training, struggling, bad choices in some areas (codependency), better choices in most areas, therapy, education, lots of healing work. In turn, I wanted to share these amazing new tools and new ways of living, so I became a teacher, mentor, trainer, coach and I grew and grew.

I will always be a perpetual student of education, faith, and transformation.

This was only a summary and many stories and emotions lie within these words. I will share more as we get to know one another.

Fast forward to today, where you now find me; all of this now in this healer you see before you. This woman with sentimental tears in her eyes as I speak to you of my dreams coming true as I am loving and guiding others....every individual I assist to their goals, every family I guide to healing, every child (literal or within) who realizes who they are in God's every moment I continue to heal and find peace and joy, knowing I am bringing peace and joy to another heart. Another family. Another spirit living in their human body and having this human experience known as life here I am. It is wonderful to meet you. If I can support you in your life it is my honor and blessing to do so. (Bowing in honor)

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