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Hi, my name is Tammy workman Lopez and my company is sparks hope. And I am here to let you know some new information you might know me already, or this might be the first time that we're connecting. But I help women entrepreneurs who are dealing with different issues in life where they're feeling stuck, whether it's with their health, whether it's with their relationship, or their business. And the ideas, oftentimes, when we're feeling so stuck in this, we know what the issue is, we just want to make the change. And we keep trying, and trying until, we know we're gonna get there.

And then there's these things that continue to block us. Well, the issue is those things are subconscious. And as much as you want to change them, there's going to be a subconscious block that gets in your way, it's just going to happen because it's like a programming that set up on a computer, the programming isn't going to go away until you find somebody who knows how to help you change the program. And that's what I do, I actually help women and couples be able to take a look at what's the subconscious work that's going on, what is that, that I have that stopping me from moving forward, that's stopping me from speaking up and saying what I need to say it's stopping me and having me feel blocked. And almost like, I'm going to continue to fail no matter what I do? Well, take a breath.

There's an answer for it. I've been doing work for 20 years, and I've been growing, and I've been learning and I had the same struggles as you, this isn't something that's unusual or abnormal, you're totally normal. This is something that happens because the mind and the emotions are trying to take care of you and keep you safe. But because we started doing these, this practice, when we were little, little kids don't understand how to make rules and how to make a program, they just automatically make up things and make up rules to keep them safe, while you're still running those rules. And so of course, it doesn't make sense. They're not logical. So I want to share more information with you.

If this sounds like something you'd like to work on, to be able to have the confidence that you want to be able to speak up for yourself, and to be able to have that connection in your relationship or in your business that you know is missing, or you're just trying to be that perfect, it's got to be a certain way, let me know there's there's so many clients that I've worked with already. And that's why I'm doing this now as a group. And that's why I'm coming to you today, I'm running a group called revive your relationship, starting with yourself. And I'm going to be doing that group. And it's going to be every Tuesday. And you can either watch it live or you can watch the replay.

And you are going to be able to ask questions, you're going to be working with me, you're going to be getting the same service and support and benefits that I've been getting from my clients, that they've been able to get this stuff out of their way they've been able to step into confidence, they've been able to break through and make a difference, they've been able to create communication in their relationship with their business partner or their spouse, or sometimes it's both.

Sometimes they might find that they're having struggles with their children not able to speak to them. And the children are not able to understand their parent either. And so I will work with you on whatever it looks like in your life. It doesn't matter what's blocking you. As we work on it, you'll find it cleans up all the areas in your life. Because you're the entrepreneur, you're the business owner, you're the person who's running all of it. So as it's helping you to make that change.

Well, it's helping you with your communication in every way. It's helping you set your boundaries in every way. It's helping you take a look at what are the limiting beliefs you have on yourself, what's causing that anxiety, what's causing that fear, what's causing that overwhelm what's causing, and not just what, but how to take the steps to shift out of have the relationship you want. Have the business that you want. Starting with yourself.

Finally feel like you are taking care of you and not putting everyone else first. finally feel like Wow, I feel like I'm getting things together. I feel like I'm moving forward. I feel like I have hope. I feel like I have excitement. I feel like I have your energy and youth and I feel like I have vibrancy again. You deserve to have that. If that sounds like you click on the link that you see around this video so you can learn more.

I'm totally excited to work with you. And any questions that you have. Remember, there are no stupid questions. I am here to work with you. I'm here to guide you. You can reach me either at this link or if you want to reach me directly you can message me or you can text or call me at 954-657-3407 I look forward to connecting with you and having you get the life that you want and the life that you deserve. Whether you believe it yet or not. You take care of you and I'll talk to you soon.

Big squishy hugs for health Ciao for now

Hi. So I am so excited, you're interested in learning more about this program, which means you get to learn more information, and more about the tools that I have to share with you. So I am definitely excited about that. So in case you don't know, my name is Tammy workman Lopez or coachtammystar and my company is sparkshope dot life and you can always find more information there. So what I'm doing now is running a group called revive your relationship starting with yourself. Now the idea is this is also going to help your relationship with a partner, this is going to help your relationship with yourself, your children, your family, and especially as an entrepreneur, this is going to help your relationship with your business and with your finances.

So there's so many times when we're moving forward moving forward, but we feel like we're stuck in different ways. And that's always going on in the back of our mind, or filling up our chest with anxiety and stress, or maybe blocking us from being able to say the things that we need to say or create the boundaries that we need to create, be able to speak up for what it is that we want, or set the prices that we want. There's different things that are coming up that we're just like, oh, I don't I don't want my life to look like that. I don't want to feel like this. I don't want to be stuck like this in my life. I know what the issue is, why can't I change it?

Why do I keep struggling with this, and it just feels heavy. And for some you might feel like you feel sick. And you might even feel have results that say you are getting sick, you know, or you might be like, your body's just like super tough, and it's not showing it in any way. But you know it, it's always there. It's always there in the stress of your neck and the stress of your shoulders or not sleeping as well as you'd like.

There's so many ways it could show up, it could show up and you did the best that you could, but the relationships aren't looking the way that you want, whether it's with people or your business. And they create such pain and such like I I want to be able to do this, but it just maybe, maybe I can't maybe I should just give up. But you know what, you're just too amazing for that. And you never let yourself give up, you just keep going, keep going keep going. But all of that's going on in the back of your mind, or sometimes even in the front of it.

And it's just almost too much to breathe, you might find that these things are stronger than what I've mentioned. Or you might find they're just like a little tiny pinch, and you've gone through a lot of work already, you might find that you haven't tried this before, you might find that you've tried everything. There's so many different levels that we can be at. And honestly, I've been at every single one of them. So I want you to know that you're not alone, I want you to know that I've been through this, I've been through it with both the learning and striving and never feeling good enough to now to the point of going, I'm good enough all the time.

I've got this, my income is going up, my my confidence is going up, my business is continuing to thrive, I'm continuing to take on things I thought I never could. And it just keeps getting better and better. And the same thing can happen for you. And so I want to share this with you. So you can actually take a look, see what's possible, ask me questions.

And then you know, we get you started, there's no reason to wait anymore, you've been going through enough of this over your lifetime, you do not need to lose another minute, we only have so much time, so many minutes, so many hours, we only have so much time with our loved ones. So we get to make it the best that we want to have it. And that's what this group is about. Now, I've been doing this work for a very long time. And I've been doing it with individuals.

And then I was doing it with couples. And then I was doing it with families. And it's just kind of grown on its own. But this is the first time I'm doing it as an exclusive group. And so I'm going to be learning with you guys as well. So I'm going to be also asking for your feedback and asking for ways that we could do it different. But the way it is currently is I'm going to be running it every other Tuesday.

And the idea is I'm starting it at the beginning of next month, which is July. And as I start that, we're going to be able and I'm going to actually look up that date for you right now. So you're able to see what it is. And it's going to be July the first which is a Friday, right. And so we're just going to be running kind of like a workshop. So you can see how it works.

It's only going to be an hour. So you don't have to feel like it's going to take up all of your time. And it's lunchtime. And you'll get the information if you share that you're interested. Go to sparkshope dot life, forward slash revive your relationship. And I'm going to include the link as well. So that way, you can just click on it. And the idea is if you decide you want to sign up as an individual, it's going to be 297. And that's going to be six weeks of being able to work with me and being able to work with the group on a nonstop basis.

And so as you're doing that, you're going to be getting the individual work as well as the group work, you're going to be able to have the recordings, you're going to be setting up goals for yourself, you're going to be setting up individual goals as well as if you decide this is something you want to work with your current couple relationship, you'll have couple goals, you're going to be able to have my support through text, you're going to have my support through any messenger, you will also be able to have lifetime access to all of the work that we do. So you can download it. But if you access, you connect back with me and say, Hey, I need access again, you'll be able to get that access, you always will have it. And the idea, you'll also be able to get discounts with me, if you wanted to have some mini sessions, or some one on one sessions.

The idea is to have you break through this stuff and break through it right away. So you get to have exactly what you need. So let me know what questions you have. Let me know what you're looking at with moving forward. So remember, individuals are 297 couples are 447.

And it might seem like a lot, or you might not understand again, what it includes. But let me know. And I'll go through all of that with you again, specifically, what the results are you're going to get for you. And so like I mentioned, you're already going to get better communication, you're going to remove the blocks that you've got going on in your life, you're going to be getting peace of mind, you're going to be looking better, feeling better, falling in love with yourself, with your business with your partner, whatever work it is you want to do, it's going to happen across the board, you're going to be amazed at the results that you get. You need to be coachable. You need to be open you need to try things on.

And if you are, you're going to be amazed at what you find out for yourself. These things that I'm going to be teaching you are not things that are taught out there, believe me, I've been looking. And this is a program I put together based on what I saw was missing from all of the tools that I've gained myself, whether it was through my own learning experience, through education, through spiritual guidance, or whether it was through my own personal development, intensive personal development. And I want to share all of that with you. Why not? You don't need to struggle any longer. I'll speak with you soon.

Click the link below or give me a call contact me on my website. Any one of those ways you can reach out to me or you can just sign up for the group. Now if you know it's what you want. And that's again sparks hope hope dot life forward slash revive your relationship. I look forward to working with you guys. I'll see you in the group or I'll hear from you individually. Talk with you soon. Big squishy hugs for health. Yeah, I look forward to it. Ciao for now.


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