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Move On from Past Hurts, Break Free from Resentment, and Start Moving Forward in
Business and Life! 

It’s possible to stop letting the past suck the fun, radiance, and excitement out of your current experience and start living a juicy, shiny, soul-gratifying life–no matter what you’ve been through.



Let me guess?

  • You’ve been “burned” by coaches, mentors, and others in the past–and can’t stop thinking about it (and letting it influence your decisions, from what you invest into what you wear!)

  • You’ve had issues with people in your life or business not living up to their end of a commitment and you’ve lost money, clients, or even clout as a result

  • You feel annoyed (or even angry) when you see someone who treated you negatively in the past living their own best life (how dare they, right?)

  • You can't 100% trust others in business or life, and you’ve let it stop you from joining that mastermind, hiring that high-level coach, or even bringing on more team members (aka doing what you need to do to get to your “next level”)

  • You find it hard to plan for–and make moves toward–the future, because you’re so fixated on what went wrong in the past

  • You’re stuck in a shame-spiral about one (or a few) specific mistakes YOU made as a leader or business owner and can’t seem to shake the painful guilt, self-blame, and pounds of regret

In short? You feel trapped by a few specific situations (or people) from your past & know they’re holding you back in a big way, but you just can’t find a way to let it go, Frozen-style. 

Sound all-too-true? If so, you’re in the right place.

And I get it. 

It’s totally normal to tote anger, resentment, and even self-blame around like a luxury handbag when you’ve been betrayed or hurt in some way by someone (or multiple someone) you deeply trusted.

But if you don’t deal with the feelings, they can start hurting you (and holding you back!) more than the other person ever did. 

And the truth is, you need to be able to trust others on a deep level to get to the next level. But you can’t trust new people without first forgiving those who’ve broken your trust in the past. I know that might sound like an extremely tall order–especially if you’ve been through some really deep and hurtful “stuff.” 

But I promise whether you had parents who belittle your ambitions, felt completely unsupported (and left out) by the members of that high-level (and highly-expensive) mastermind you joined or got royally screwed by a client who went AWOL while working together…you can learn to forgive anyone for anything, once and for all. And not for them. But for you. And set boundaries in such an ease-filled way to be sure you are treated with respect and compassion.

It’s Time to Forgive the Past So You Can Go All-in on Your Future!
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Now before I tell you how you can forgive every single person who’s ever wronged you forever, I won’t sugar-coat the obvious: Forgiveness isn’t “easy.” You have a right to your anger. You have a right to your resentment. You have a right to your hurt. I want to make that very clear.

But here’s the thing…
Forgiveness isn’t about agreeing with what someone did. It isn’t about “wiping the slate clean” and letting toxic people and situations back into your life.

Forgiveness is about setting yourself free from the bondage of the past and all the limiting beliefs you’ve created because of it.

Even better? Forgiveness is a CHOICE.

(Seriously–psychologists have long-defined forgiveness as a conscious decision to release resentment, anger, and feelings of vengeance toward anyone who’s caused you harm.)

And not only is it a choice, but it’s also one of the healthiest choices you’ll ever make.

Because when you learn to forgive–for real–you can experience everything from decreased depression and anxiety to sky-high self-esteem.

Studies also show forgiveness lowers perceived stress (read: you won’t sweat the small–or big! –stuff as much), frees up your precious energy so you can be more present and mindful in life, and has even been shown to heal pain, increase your empathy and acceptance and help you boldly reclaim your inner strength and safety. 

(All without having to involve the other person at all. Talk about a bonus!)

And while clearly anybody with a pulse can benefit from a little forgiveness work, it’s imperative for entrepreneurs & leaders to learn how to do it–and do it right.

Entrepreneurs who choose to forgive open themselves up to dreamy opportunities and wilder-than-wilder possibilities they might’ve been otherwise cut off from. This means they (ahem, you) can make a bigger impact, do what they’re truly here to do, and live their life to the absolute fullest.

(And while yes, forgiveness is for you, yes–it’s also for all the people you’re meant to impact, influence, and touch in this lifetime.)

So, if you’re ready to give up the ghost of grievances past and feel more free, happy, and fulfilled than you thought possible, I’ve got something just for you.


Forgiveness! 21 Days to Break the Cycle of Unresolved Pain that is Stealing Your Joy 

In this game-changing training, you’ll learn a step-by-step process for forgiving anyone and anything so you can start to experience your life–and business–in a bigger, more joyful way.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify exactly who you need to forgive to free up (mega) energy so you can (finally) move forward with confidence and happiness

  • Feel and accept your true feelings so you stop subconsciously sabotaging your success (because odds are, it’s happening whether you realize it or not)

  • Release, let go and deeply heal with a variety of powerful forgiveness rituals that work 

  • Forgive yourself, too (which is often the hardest part!)

When you learn these transformative tools & techniques, you’ll be amazed at how effortlessly you can let go of a lifetime of shame, blame and hurt.

This is how different your life could look in just 21 days…

  • You sashay through everyday feeling lighter, brighter, and more vibrant than you have in months (or years)

  • You’re no longer afraid to say YES to the things you KNOW will move you forward in life & business (i.e., that dreamy team member, the new offer you’ve been shy about releasing into the world, or that certification you’re been eyeing for years but didn’t quite feel worthy of)

  • You feel less stressed, more mindful, and better in your body than ever

  • You are loving your life and business again; you feel more compassion for yourself than ever & your emotions no longer run the show

  • You sashay through everyday feeling lighter, brighter, and more vibrant than you have in months (or years)

​… and so, so much more!

Yep. Just a few weeks from now, all of this and more could be yours.

There is one caveat though: You have to be committed to forgiveness for any of this work.

You have to want to let go–and let go for good. 

But once you’ve made that decision and know in your bones, you’re ready to feel, heal and forge ahead, this work will work magic. And the world will open up to you in ways you can’t even fathom right now.

So, you tell me.

Do you want to continue to hold onto all the hurt and resentment from your childhood, your first few years in business, your last client project that has gone wrong?

…or do you want to start living a whole, open-hearted life that’s full of everything you ever dreamed of?  (I think I know the answer.)

See you on the inside!

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