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The Gratitude Meditation for Thanksgiving

Video Dated: Nov 24, 2022

Three, two, and one. We are live. Hello, hello. It's so good to see you guys. Happy early Thanksgiving to those of you who are here in the US and those of you who are in other areas like Canada, UK, Philippines. I know you guys don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I know that you are doing fun things and loving on your families because I've been talking to you this week about it. So have a wonderful week of Thanksgiving. And I just wanted to come on here today and do a meditation with you guys. 

Oftentimes, we want to allow ourselves to relax, we want to bring calm into our minds and our bodies. And we're just not sure how. And so as a coach, with many things that I do anxiety relief, helping people to change their mindset. I teach people how. And so I'd like to just do that with you today.

And I thought it came out here. It's a little chilly though. In Florida, can you believe it? And just kind of bring you into nature with me. Even though it may not be as sunny as we're used to. It's still just as beautiful. Beautiful flower, actually, I don't know if you can see it. There. It's a little weed basically. But my husband here can show it to you. It's tiny. My husband's like, they're weeds. But I'm like it's so pretty. So just coming out into nature and looking at things like that puts your focus on something timely and pretty.

Breathing in the air. Connecting to the things that are beautiful around you. Those are ways that can help you calm your mind and step into that space of just meditating on something that feels good without stressing, you might hear the sounds of life that might be annoying, like construction or cars. But instead of having it be annoying, it's just like oh yeah, just reminds me that life's going on. Things are safe.

So just sit with me for just a couple of minutes. And just let yourself have this thankful meditation because you can write why not. Just let yourself connect to the beauty around you or whatever it looks like. Listening to the sound of the day. Noticing if there's a breeze. Noticing if there's a little chill. Looking up at the sky whether there are clouds or not.

Trees close your eyes. If you're driving don't close your eyes instead just notice what around you take a nice deep breath few times again noticing your mind and body relaxes each. Your breath helps you to feel calmer and more peaceful. It helps you to relax. relaxes your nervous system and helps to remind you that everything is okay. Remind your body that you're safe. And as you're there with your eyes closed allow yourself to notice an amazing creation you are co-creator of your life.

You create every thought you create every experience. Just like right now. You're creating peace. Quiet and relaxing. Notice the sounds of the birds chirping of the squirrels the sounds are so clean you might just notice those two things, Good morning. Good morning, Stephen. As you connect to those little things, allow yourself to begin to think about what is it that you're grateful for.

And I saw some comments today that made me smile. I'm thankful for my hands. I'm thankful for my legs can thank that I can use my hands if I can't use my legs. I'm thankful for you to think of those that you can be thankful for in your life. Friends, family, somebody who walked by and said hello, smiled at you people in your past somebody that you'll say hello to in your future, somebody that you'll smile at in your future that you might change your whole life take a deep breath and breathe that in.

What else you're thankful for? Thankful for the beauty of things around me. For colors that I can see colors, thankful for the people in my life who have made a difference and for those will thankful for every person who has taken the time to invest into my life in the tiniest of ways. Maven thank thankful for people who I've helped in my life. Because they also helped me by allowing me to do

I'm thankful for every single thing that I hated in my life as well. Because it taught me and shifts me from hating it to realizing I could learn from it and make a difference. Just connect to the same things in your life. And you might not be ready to see them as a blessing yet. But you can give yourself the knowing that it can be because you can learn from it and you can grow from it and you can thrive from it.

Just connect to those things and feel where you feel that in your body. Me, I feel it in my throat. My head I feel it on my smile. Is he thinking of all the people in my life? foster parents, guardian ad litem judges caseworkers that remind my siblings, my parents, all of my family, my grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, and then into my future. Everyone that was great to me, everyone that wasn't into the present beautiful things in my life, the complications in my life, even the days I feel like I'm going crazy.

From all the different things going on. I am filled with gratitude for taking a moment and letting that fill you up. Even if it's just one thing. I'm grateful that my intestines are being kept in my tummy. I'm thankful that my bones are held together. It could be something silly but essential. Sometimes when we're having a really hard time, we can't find those real things. You feel alone, we feel like no one cares.

But you can be grateful that your intestines are inside your stomach. Your bones are held together. And that you can find food today. And that you can make sure you have clothes and even sometimes just the basics can have you feel so grateful that your heartbeats for you that your body breathes for you that you're able to be here hearing the sound of my voice, the chirping of the birds. The time that we're having together allowing yourself great tools to flow through your body to bring healing and love, enjoy even more gratitude and thanksgiving. Read that continues to overflow into the rest of your body to pour into your body over and over again as you imagined now it's a flow in the floor into the top of your head.

Imagine it's rolling down over your shoulders, your arms. If it's hard to imagine, think about a shower and about when the water runs over your body. Just imagine that gratefulness flow into your body like a shower. And it's even better because it flows over the inside of your body to allow and notice, are you practicing bigger thank you for the more you practice, you can feel actually getting bigger than you bigger than your body flowing out. When you feel really hot, somebody says, Wow, I can feel the same energy works the same only goes even farther than you can imagine.

Just allow yourself to feel it going out. And it resonates with others around you, whether they're aware of it or not, it brings calm and peace, and gratitude to the plants to the animals to take in a nice, deep breaths just allow yourself to continue. You can practice the time you want to, you can take this recorded, I give you permission to allow yourself to be in that gratitude every day.

Feel that frequency happening. As you're creating that frequency, that vibration, literally, she listened to us. And let your mind be heated. And grateful for you. I'm thankful that you guys are here and that you're taking on your lives. Bring it in one more deep breath. Big squishy hug at the same time. Allow yourself to just come back in your day, you can count with me 1234 And five, and it just kind of brings you back up as you do the counting.

Let your sister have a wonderful, thanksgiving, and know that you are loved and appreciated it. I am here for you guys, every Wednesday. I hear I'm here live on Facebook. I also share this in different places. So you can make sure that you can find it, and we can share it. And if you have questions or topics that you'd like to be addressed around mindset and feel like where you're stuck, and then like there's conflict or self-doubt or inadequacy, or perfectionism anywhere you feel stuck in the thinking or your emotions.

Let me know, I do this work because I've been there. And there are times I'm still there, right? I'm still going through challenges this second. And I have various tools and various supports that I've learned how to use and you want you to do it too. Doesn't make some days they're just as hard.

But when you know you have tools, you know you have the support you can get through the hardest day. And I want everyone to know that so there was no person who feels like they're stuck and they can't get out of this. Right? Life gets to be beautiful like gets to be amazing. You get to know how to do that. So you take care of yourself have a wonderful thanksgiving or have a wonderful week of thankfulness, depending on where you're living and take care of yourself and as always know that you're loved whether you like it or not. Ciao for now, guys. Bye

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