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Top 5 Regrets of the Dying: How to Prevent Them in Your Life

Video Dated: April 24, 2022

Good morning. Happy April. We are already halfway through April. Can you believe it? Oh my gosh. I know I say this every year. But it definitely works out the same way as I'm watching the year passed by, and seeing life pass by and seeing a new year of mine passed by. It's, it's just interesting. And it's sort of like, watching life go by so quickly we see another year ago, and especially parents who are watching it as their children are growing. 

And so today's topic is actually something on that. So for example, there was a study that was done of terminally ill patients, and they shared what were their top five regrets. And so today, we're going to actually talk about that. So you can take a look at Oh, well, if these are the Top Five Regrets of those who are looking at debt, how can I make sure that's not mine? Right. And so that's my goal today. And as a mindset reset coach, my idea is to be able to help you take a look at what might be in your way, what might be some of those blocks, what might be having you go, yeah, I can't do this. And I can't do that, or I'm not sure how to do this. And, and so the idea is to get yourself unstuck, those blocks that are there, let's just get them out of the way because you don't deserve them.

You don't deserve to be feeling like you're locked up or dealing with these issues. Why would you have to deal with that, right? And so, share this information with others, I'm going to share it right now as well. And as you're sharing it, it's letting other people get that experience and letting other people get this information. So they can go Oh, yeah, I don't have to have that I don't have to have that regret in my life. Nobody wants to be left with regrets at the end of their life. And those of you who are popping on big hearts, do you guys, big, Lumpy hearts. I really appreciate all your questions I appreciate when you're on. I appreciate your questions on my text message. I appreciate your questions in the freedom from negative thinking Facebook group, as well as your questions in the comments. So please do comment, don't hesitate.

And we're going to walk through what these are. And then we're going to take a look at how it is that you could possibly look at things differently and change things differently and not have this going on in your life. And these top five might not be yours, you might go well I have a few others, jot them in the comments, share them. So others can take a look and go oh shoot, yeah, if I don't change my life, that'll be a regret in my life. So please do share that as well. So the top five are, I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life that others expected of me. That's a big one. It's your whole life being handed over to somebody else. Or maybe to the thoughts that you believe you should be doing. Right or to what you believe are your dreams of someone else that you're that you've incorporated as your dreams because you thought you were supposed to. Number two, I wish I hadn't worked so hard. That one speaks to me loud and clear. Right? Number one, I can say that I am living the life that I love. I learned what I needed and what I wanted and have been going for it my whole life really ever since I ended up in foster care. And I saw how I saw how to make a difference. For other people, I saw how you could be a caseworker. Or you could be a case manager or you could be a foster parent, or you could work with the state. Or you could work with community programs or be in a community program or create your own program. I did every single one of those things, because I saw how each one worked.

And now I'm in my own program. And so I'm helping people release their negative thoughts and their negative beliefs in their subconscious things that are blocking them through the way that they're believing or the way that they're seeing or the way they're filtering through something. If I'm filtering through not good enough. That's all I'm going to see. That's all I'm going to respond to. And that's what I've had to work through these things. I've I did them as I was working through them myself in my life. And so I share these things out of experience not out of Well I learned it so let me share it with you. And here's the book I learned it from. It's been many, many books, and many, many classes and many, many trainings and, and just learning and learning and growing and developing and pushing through and until now. I can help you find ways to help yourself. Pull yourself through it, versus having to push through it and it be so hard. It doesn't have to be so hard.

So for me the working hard, that actually is something that I have to create a good balance of because having my own business and A living life is a really tough one. So that is that is its own topic. But there is a way as you're looking at your schedule, and I have to do this too, where can I make sure I create balance? And where do I make sure I let my husband know, hey, I'm taking this time to be with you, I'm not really caring about this show that I'm watching. I'm watching it, because I'm watching it with you. Let me hold your hand, let me sit close. You know, even if I'm sitting close with my laptop, doing some work, I'm sitting with him, I can give him a kiss, we can connect or, you know, there's different things of balancing, creating in for family and all of that. So there's ways to do it. We'll talk more about that specifically. So number three, I wish I had the courage to express my feelings. And that's a big one. And one of the areas that I share with you guys is knowing how to set boundaries, and being able to do it in a way that's fun, right, and I have to do it when I'm mad, I don't have to do it, when you pissed me off, I could do it all the time. And I could set boundaries to say, hey, the way you did that, I love that I need you to do more of that. Or I could set boundaries to say, Oh, the way you're doing that. That's really gonna mess up things for you. I suggest you not do that for yourself. But for me, I need you to at least not do that around me. Because not right.

And so you're able to set boundaries and feel so good. And feel connected to the other person. Because as you're setting boundaries for you, you can help find out what are their boundaries, and they might not know. So as you're going through that process, you're teaching them and helping to plant the seeds. So it's really good stuff. Number four, I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. Now it's a big one, right? And you might go like how, or I don't know how to talk to them, or we grew out of touch or, you know, life just got so busy. Well, there's different ways that you can do it. It could just be through a text, it could just be an emoji, it could just be a GIF, that says, hey, thinking about you, we tend to get these thoughts in our heads, and we make up stuff. And I am totally guilty for that. Totally, totally. And the thoughts could sound something like well, I don't have anything to say, or they're gonna want to talk forever. Or they're gonna ask me how I'm doing. I don't I don't know, I haven't really thought about I don't have anything to share. Everything's the same. Do you hear all those stories? Those are not true. Yes. You might say, Well, yeah, they seem to be true. But what about if nobody cares? I don't care if if you're going to tell me the same thing over and over again, I don't care if you have amnesia, or

Alzheimer's, or you just want to share the same story. Like it doesn't matter. I just want to connect with my friend, I just want to hear them. I just want to see that they're okay. I just want to feel their energy and let them feel mine and love on them. What if that's it? What if that's all the relationships needed? Now, of course, there is other things right? Like, they do want to see you, they do want to hug you. But it doesn't have to be that case all the time. So you could zoom them, you could text message them, you can connect to them. Now, if there's issues, then you know, you've got to find time to work through those issues. If there's boundaries that they won't follow, I work with clients all the time, where I'm helping them learn how to communicate, and learn how to set boundaries. And we can also bring in the other person and do it together. And so I can show them both at the same time. And then they can practice. And so I do that with clients. And it's it's doable, and it helps them to be able to communicate in ways they never were before. So it's not about oh, well, we can't, it's about learning. It's just skill. It's a skill that can be learned. That's it, right? And it's even, it's even discussed, right? It's discussed, even in the Bible, if you were to think about it, right, we're told to like cast down these things that we can imagine it these are talks about our own imagination, because we create, we make stuff up.

And so it reminds us that we are in control of all these things, we have the power over all these things, we can put them into the terms that is used as captivity, we can put it into a space of Oh, I am in control of this, and I can let it go. Not let it run around in my mind. Right? And so we're able to bring our thoughts into control, helping yourself to feel good, helping yourself to feel in power of your life. And then the last one, I wish that I had let myself be happier. Now here's an ironic when that one almost makes me want to cry. Because the other day a friend of mine said, are you happy? And in my mind, I was like, Yeah, I'm happy with my husband, I'm happy in my life. I'm happy with our house. I'm happy with the car, but I'm not quite happy yet with the progress of my business. I want it to be totally kind of like functioning on its own and have more passive income. Now I have my clients and that's coming in but if I got sick, they would all stop it So I want to have more around that. And so I couldn't. I couldn't. I literally couldn't make myself say, Yes, I'm happy. And that's been a couple of weeks now that that question was asked.

And so I've been going through the process of, you're allowed to be happy, you're allowed to look at all these things and know you're doing a great job, you're allowed to be happy about your business where it's at. It's okay, that it's not where you want it to be yet. You are happy. Yeah, I'm happy with my business, I'm happy with my clients, I'm happy with these resources that I'm being able to put out there. I'm happy with these webinars that I'm doing for you on Wednesdays I am, I am happy. And so I'm giving myself permission to say it, and I'm practicing it intentionally. I'm happy about this, I'm happy about this, I'm happy about this, I'm happy about this. And I am happy about everything in my life, I'm happy about my income, I'm happy about the results. For my clients, I'm happy about the referrals that they're sending, I'm happy about the group that I just started revive your relationship starting with yourself. So I am doing what I want to do, I'm happy with the recordings that I'm creating. So I can have recordings available for being able to create a new mindset for potential clients or current clients. So yeah, I'm happy, you're still resistance in here. Because here's the thing. And I apologize if I get a little emotional. We don't need to apologize for our emotions, that normal instance, but when I'm teaching, it's good to not have them. But I just might. I can tell I will. When I was a little kid, anytime I felt happy, and I would smile, or I would have joy, my mother would get upset with me, she would get so angry. Because she didn't feel that joy. She didn't. I was almost like a jealousy. Like, you can't have that because I don't have that. And the emotion I feel is like a sad and angry at the same time. And loneliness, because it's separated us so much. All I wanted was to have a love from her. But all I got was something else.

And that trained me to do, don't feel happy, don't show happy. And so I stayed flat. I taught myself, clap, don't go into the emotion. You can't be vulnerable. But I know in you guys I can be vulnerable. And with you guys, I'm transparent. And so I'm walking through these emotions so you can see what we can create for ourselves without meaning to. And it wasn't that little girl's fault, right? It wasn't my little niece fault. It was what kept her safe at the time. Because she wasn't safe with her mom. And so it's okay if you have these things blocking you. But allow yourself to be able to walk through them. And if you don't know how to walk through by yourself, then you can allow yourself to find someone, right. I work with clients on this all the time. But if I'm not that one, then you could find a really good friend who's already gone through it, you can find a pastor who's gone through it, you and I say gone through it, like they understand. And they can have empathy and they can help guide you. Not somebody who's just like, yep. Gotcha, right? Not somebody who's just able to listen. But somebody who can help guide you, to help you walk through it, to help you come out on the other side and feel safe. Like I feel safe with being able to share that with you guys. Because I know that was a scenario a long time ago. It's just sad. It's sad to think of a little girl having to go through that. And sad because I know how alone she felt and how desperate she wanted that love in that connection. And that she had to teach herself not to be happy there's there's like no words. It's just this right? It's just to have that emotion because it's just heavy.

Now, we don't have to stay in that heaviness. We can allow ourselves to experience an emotion and be able to come out right like be able to go Yeah, that was sad, that was angry and feel safe with anger feel safe with sad. I was stressed to the point of overwhelmed to the point of not even wanting to live and I'm being straight straight honest with you. Because I thought that that was what was needed to make everything okay to make things safe to make my life safe to make my mom happy. I didn't know how to do it differently. But I do now. And so being able to change that for yourself helps helps you to be able to walk through that. And, and I found a couple of really great quotes that I thought was awesome. This is from Leonardo da Vinci. As a day well spent brings happy sleep. A life well used brings a happy death. What if we get to the end of our death? The end of our life? Ready for death and go? I did great. I did the best that I could do. I did absolutely wonderful. I went forward every day, I hit all the potential that I thought I had. And then I let God show me what else my potential was. Right? Like, like happy tears. Why not?

This is your graduation. You want to get to your the end of your life going I'm graduating from this place. I did it I did all of these things. I accomplished all these things that I wanted to do. I got an A and everything or actually everybody got an A in this and the DNS and but I don't care. I want 100%. And then you could be at the end of life saying I have no regrets. That is how I've lived my life every day of my life. Now I can't say that I have no regrets. Because I can still look forward, I have future regrets. I look forward and go dang it. Why didn't I figure out how to invest for retirement way early, right like that? Or? Dang it? Why haven't I figured out how to have passive income just yet. And I've tried lots of different things. But none of it's been the best fit. So I do have regrets. But overall, I I've loved hard, I've lived hard I've done the best that I could with my friends. I've forgiven everywhere that I could letting myself live in forgiveness, not so much about letting that person off the hook. Because that's not what forgiveness is about. By the way. Forgiveness is about letting yourself be free and letting what belongs to that person, stay with that person and let them fix it. setting boundaries for yourself speaking up for yourself. Yeah, I've done all of that. So the only thing that I can look at my my end and regret is like, you know, I wish I would have planned life a little bit differently. So

Maybe I could have done things a little bit sooner. But then as I look at my life, you know, that's a thought, right? So I have that thought, but then as I look at my life, I'm like, You know what, but I did it the best I could, I didn't know how to do it soon. So it's not a full on regret, right? So it's just a regret thought. And then as you see me go through this process. I say, Well, you know what, that's actually not a real regret. Because I did live with every intention of living my best life and having no regrets at the end of my life. And that was how I knew how to do it at the time. That's it. And so it helps you to go. Okay, yeah, so by the time I get to the end of my life, and what if the end of my life is today? It could be possible, it could be right after this. It could even be during this. It happens. And so as we go through that process, we can go okay, so what if I didn't do today? Might I have that regret? And then you take a look and say, well, that I'm going to make sure I get that done today? And then you do. Or if there's something in your way you find out? Let's handle that emotion that's blocking me from getting that done. Let's handle that belief that's blocking me from getting that done. Let's handle that. What am I looking for? That have some conscious experience that I've incorporated that belong to somebody else that is running me behind the scenes. Right?

And so it helps you to get that subconscious thinking out of the way. And as you do the emotions go with it, because the emotions are guiding you on what your thoughts are. Yeah. So do share in the comments. What are some of the thoughts coming up for you? What are some regrets that you feel like you might have been thinking about that you're like, you know what, that wouldn't be a regret at the end of my life. So I can see this is just something I get to complete without making myself feel bad or guilty. And then let's say there is a regret. Well, let's say you could still handle it without feeling bad or guilty. You get to take these things on like, this is your next artwork. And you're not like oh, I didn't create this artwork. I'm such a terror. No, this is a new artwork. Oh, what am I going to do? What's the color gonna be? What's the canvas gonna be? How am I going to create it? And it's pulling you forward versus Oh, I gotta do this.

Otherwise, I'm a terrible person, or I gotta do this because this is what being a mom is supposed to look like. Or this is what being an entrepreneur is supposed to look like. Or this is what being a wife is supposed to look like. Same thing works for men. So helping yourself to see, oh, I don't have to live my life in these regrets. I just get to take on what's going on take on my blocks. I take all my limitations, grow those skills, grow those understandings, grow that communication, grow, letting go of that not good enough stuff and grow that I am amazing. I am doing a great job, I am helping people move forward into their lives, I am helping children know how to talk to their parents, I'm helping parents know how to talk to their kids, and have a bond they never had before. I'm helping people understand what's blocking them so they can have a business that they've never had before. Yeah, same thing goes for you. Now this quote by Terry Pratchett, no one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away. So knowing what you're doing, is making an impact in every single day.

And it could be something as simple as smiling at somebody. When I smile, it brings positive endorphins into my body. It brings positive endorphins into your body. And if you allow yourself to smile, if you give yourself permission to have joy, same thing happens. So you're walking down, seeing people pass by, I need to look down, I need to look away, I don't want them to talk to me. Instead, you could smile. Good morning, walk by. Have a blessed day. Take care of yourself. Be safe out there. Good to see you. Love your shoes. That's a great jacket. Love your hair. And of course you're not making it up. You look at what's true, right? I've looked at people sometimes and I'm like, Whoa, you have beautiful eyes. And I just can't like I'm just like, Okay, keep talking. I just want to look at your eyes. So it just lets you be you. Right. And then the last quote, this is Mae West, you only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough.

Yeah, you don't have to live with these regrets. And so what I'd like to do is just give you a little bit more, so you can you can kind of run with it right and practice this on purpose. Okay, so I'm gonna go through them again. But we're going to kind of look at some things and practice on purpose. So number one, I wish I would have lived my life true to myself, and not the life that others expected of me. And you might go well, how do I know if this is what I want? Then maybe it's not. Right. So take a look, is who I'm being in my life? Does it light me up? Does it make me excited? Does it feel like my passion? Does it feel like, Oh, I'm so glad that I'm doing this? Or am I going? Just another day getting through? paying my bills? Am I gonna do taking care? Okay, do it again. Does it feel like a Groundhog's Day, then maybe you're not living to your true self. Or maybe you're just not letting yourself be happy. I'm going to pull that one in. That one's actually the fifth one. But I'm gonna pull that in together. You might be doing all these things. And they might be like, Yeah, this is what I want to do with my life. I want to be a parent, right? Or I want to be a mom or a husband. I want to be a mom or a dad. I want to do the things that I'm doing in my business. I love it or my career. These are the things I love. Because I have not allowed myself to be happy. I'm flat. I feel flat. I feel empty. I feel right.

And so allow yourself to think about what you love about your life. And let yourself smile about it. Even if you feel fake at first. It's okay. You're practicing. It's like acting, you're practicing. Can you bring it up for real? Right? Like, okay, when you smile, and I'm going to now you could probably tell this is a fake smile. If you don't know me, you don't know but right. So I'm gonna smile, and I'm gonna be happy about my job. Because I really love my job. I love what I'm doing. And then tell why you love your job keeps a smile. Well, I love my job because I love helping my clients. I love helping people problem solve these things, and I love helping them. And you might notice you get even more excited. You get even more into what it is that's making you happy into what it is that's filling you with joy and with life. And it helps you to give yourself that permission that you're looking for. So try it on, do this smile.

Help yourself to practice looking at what you're excited for. And you'll begin to see oh yes, this is what I love. This is what I want to do. Or as you're doing it you might just find and all this continues to feel fake. This continues to be not me. So then you start to ask yourself, what is your passion? What would feel good? What what makes this you? Okay? Why am I doing this? Right? You'll hear people say, What's your why? Well, what does that mean? Why do you want to do it? What moves you? And you might say, well, I want to earn an income, what's under that? So like when I do this work with you guys my why? My why is because when I was a little girl at six, seven years old, and my mom used to just say terrible things to me, I would just say to myself, remember how much this hurts, so others don't have to feel this pain from you? Well, that has changed into, I don't want others to feel that pain period. I have grown through so many tools and throat, so many experiences.

And I've helped so many people, I now am able to help people and help children not have to be stuck there. help parents not have to be those miserable people with their kids, or maybe pushing too hard or maybe not pushing enough or maybe so busy with work. They think they don't have time to spend with their kids talk about that one. So instead are like, whoa, what can I create? What do I want to create? Who do I want to be and why? That will help you to be able to see how you can live your true life for yourself. And again, you don't have to feel like you have to do this by yourself. That's what I'm here for. So if you need to reach out to me, you'll see my contact information here. My number 954-657-3407 You can personal message me text message me Call me. We can help you get these things squared away with you, with your family, with your children with a spouse with somebody you're just dating. It was oh, we're just dating. Why would I? Edge weird? If, why? Because even if you're not going to stay with that person, you both are learning these amazing skills into your lives for the next experience. Yeah, so yeah, why not?

So we talked about the other one about working too hard. This is part of what your passion is. Now, there may be spots in life, like I've had to work hard over the last five years, pretty much. But I'm always working on creating balance with my relationship and balance with my life and balance with family imbalance with all these things. But the only reason why I stay clear on it one, my husband reminds me and I have to give him kudos. And two, I keep coming back and looking at the you could look up wheel of life, I look at that. And I can measure and I actually help clients go through that as well. So you don't have to do that on your own either. But you look at what's the balance in your life, and you try to keep it even the ideas. It doesn't have to be even all the time. Like there are times when I have to work more. And but I'm letting my husband know, like, hey, this stuff's happening. I got a new client got this, this group that I'm working on, and so he's aware. So there's balance there. But I'm also taking time to do things for the holiday and taking time to do things. And so you're able to do that. So you don't have to feel like you always have to work plan in your calendar, where you're going to relax plan in your calendar, your lunches, take lunch, planning your calendar, where your breaks are, you get a cigarette break, whether you smoke or not.

And it would actually be who view if you're somebody who wants to quit smoking, take the quote, cigarette break. Go outside, breathe, just like you breathe when you're smoking. And find that it's not the cigarette that makes you feel better. It's all the activities around the cigarette that make you feel better. And that's a big part of how I help my clients quit smoking. So help yourself to begin to see oh, okay, I don't have to work as hard as I thought I did. The more I'm relaxed, the more work I get done. And it just feels really good. Right? And that gives you also what we were talking about. You're calming your body, you're calming your mind, you're able to check in what am I emotions need? What am I feeling, you can't express your feelings if you don't know what they are. And I have a whole course of being able to go over them and feel them and understand them. Where do I feel that? How do I express that? And being able to walk through that? You deserve that? We are emotional beings. You get to feel safe with your emotions, right?

Right when I'm talking to somebody about crying and like I said to you I apologize about my getting emotional just because I'm teaching you now because I'm apologizing about my emotions. So the idea is to be able to say I have these emotions just to let you know they're coming up. That's it. I'm just I'm sad and I'm okay with being sad. So I don't have to stop crying. That's okay. You could let me be sad. You don't have to do anything. Just sit here with me. And so you're helping that person understand how to deal with that. Because they may not know, they may be uncomfortable. That's why people go, Oh, don't cry, stop growing. It's okay. Because they're uncomfortable. They don't know what to do they want to comfort you. And you could let them know, Hey, you can comfort me, give me a hug. It's okay, if I cry, cry helps me get it out. Right? Same thing with being angry, angry, he's there to tell us that something's unfair and unjust in these boundaries to be set doesn't mean that we're supposed to be like, Ah, you're this and that, and I can't stand you and Robert, Rob, get away from me, I hate you. So with anger means we've tied in being mean and aggressive and hostile with anger. Anger means, hey, you've been angry, you've been angry, you've been unfair or unjust. And I'm calling it out. And I'm setting these boundaries. That's what anger is, therefore, we're just misusing it. That's why it's not safe. Anger itself is not the problem. It's what we're doing. to misuse it. Confirmation. Okay, staying in touch with your friends as part of that balance. So if you're keeping the intention of keeping that balance that we've talked about, then also put in your calendar where you're going to connect with friends. So for example,

I used to connect with friends whenever I drove, and I drove a lot because I traveled a lot with my job. Well, now I don't. And so I was realizing I'm not staying in touch with my friends. There's a few that I stay in touch with, they reach out to me, I reached out to them. But I was not overall staying in touch. And so what I'm doing now is I am finding times where there's little breaks. And when I call them, I say, Hey, I got 10 minutes. So they know we've got 10 minutes, and then we got to get off the phone. Or, Hey, I got five minutes, I wanted to touch base, or send a text message and say, Hey, I don't have time to talk, but I want you to know, I'm thinking about you, and send an emoji or one of those Bitmojis that looks like me. So there's a way to do it that it doesn't have to be a lot of work. And a lot of times we have this idea that our friends are going to be a lot of work. Now. The other thing also is to pay attention to Red Flag friends, and find more green flag friends. And what I'm saying is, if you have a person whose red flag friend, they've got all these negative things. And I also this is also a course that I share, or a session that I share this information with. on what's red flag which green flag what I'm what am I allowing what have I been ignoring and not seeing as red flags. And as you grow up in your relationships, you become adapted to red flags. And so you don't see them anymore. You're just like, oh, that's just who they are. No, that's a red flag that's harming you, or harming the relationship and it needs to be addressed. But a red flag person won't address it. They won't hear you, they won't acknowledge it.

Now, I want to give a little note into that you may not know how to express yourself to for them to hear you. That could also be you want to make sure that you also attempt at being able to have them help hear you. So I helped my clients, they share with me what they said, and I share with them back. Well, this is why you got that response. Because these words would create that, oh, this tone definitely is going to create that. Oh, right. And so they're not hearing themselves. But when I hear them, I can give them the feedback of what's going on. That's what coaches are for. They can see out here where you can't, right. And so that helps you then to be able to connect and help that friend hear you. Or we can bring them into session. And then I can see how they learn and how they hear and then teach the two of you how to speak to each other. It's simple. It's just skill. Right? Okay. And then the last one, and we talked about this, throughout all of them is letting yourself be happier. And sometimes you actually actually have to practice just like I'm doing right now. I'm happy. And I am I'm actually having to do some reprogramming. And helping myself get Yeah, I'm happy because there's every part of my body that wants to stay away from that every part of my body says it's not safe to be happy.

Because like I shared with you when I was that little kid, it wasn't safe to be happy. It literally was not safe. And so being able to clean that up is where my practice gets to be right now. And I'm okay with that. I know that emotions are safe. I know that they're all good. I know that they're guiding me. And so that process can help you as well. So I hope that going through this has helped you as well as helped you to be able to see how you can make sure that you're not living a life of regrets and how you can start today and how you can live into that each week. And just so you know I am here every Wednesday at 8:15am. I'm also on clubhouse every Wednesday at 7am clubhouse. Let me see I think there's like a little link for you to be able to take a look at it. So so what you can request from me, clubhouse, I think there's like a code

That I can send you if you want to have access to clubhouse or access to the room. It's mindset reset, right? It's morning mindset reset. It's myself, Miriam and Brenda. So if you're not able to find it, just let me know. And I could send you the link for it. I'm still kind of new to clubhouse, so I'm not exactly sure how, but I'll figure it out. I know, oh, I do remember how you just go into the room and share it. So yeah. So these, these are tools that you can use, you do not have to be stuck on your own, you could also work with me one on one through coaching, I also started a group which is even more affordable. So there's different things that you can do to make sure that you get the support you need, that you're getting these skills. These are just skills, guys. You're not broken, your relationships aren't broken, your mind is not broken, your emotions are not broken. You are not a broken individual. You're amazing. You're a miracle, right. And maybe you don't know that yet. Maybe you can't live into that yet. Maybe that's not a truth you can own yet maybe being happy is something you got to work on like me. Although I actually am happy, it's getting my brain to see that I'm saved, to be happy. It's pretty weird stuff. But it's it's the dichotomy that we live in. So just know that you can know that you're amazing. See yourself through God's eyes, to yourself through my eyes. Let yourself know that you're beautiful that you're loved. Whether you like it or not. See that you can do these things. Just have to learn you haven't learned yet you haven't practiced yet. That's it. So get your practice on baby. And know that you've got this.

Know that you don't have to end your life with these regrets. You don't have to end your day with these regrets. You take care of you know that your loved. Bring it in and consider yourself hug and I'm gonna send an extra special hug for Bill and Elisa. Congrats, you're going through a hard time right now. Going through grief. Let yourself be loved. Let yourself know that you're amazing. Let yourself know that what you're experiencing is okay and safe and beautiful. means that you're living and you're experiencing life. It means that there's things that have been so beautiful that you don't have in your life, but you can remember the beauty of them. You can remember the beauty that's coming to you because of the learning and the growth and the development and all the blessings that come from it.

Be well take care of yourselves and stay safe out there. Have fun. Bye, guys. See you next Wednesday.

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