Meditation & Prayer to Lower the Effects
of Hurricane Ian

Video Dated: Oct 11, 2022

Good morning. Three, two, and one. and we are live. All right you guys. My name is Tammy workman Lopez, my company is sparks hope dot life ( Today we are talking about meditation, we're talking about prayer, we're talking about taking the stress out of the stress intention, and all the effects that have been going on with hurricanes and so I'm going to take a couple of minutes and describe to you a few things that may, in addition, support you throughout this, as well as then go into the meditation and prayer. Please do share this information with others. If you feel like it's helpful to you, it's certainly helpful to others.

And we want to make sure that we're getting people this information, nobody gets to feel like they're alone, everyone gets to feel like hey, I can feel good, I can release these things, I can go through this. And it just allows them to be able to be like I can do this I can do it today, it gives them a little bit more hope gives them a little bit more support. And it also gives them a real option that they can continue to practice every single day. And so please do share this now go ahead, and click the share button, I'm actually going to do the same thing. You can click and share it to groups, you can click and share it to a page, or whatever is what it is that is going to work for you go ahead and share it now.

All right, cool beans. So let's see. I'm sharing it on my profile. And I'm also sharing it with my group. And so the idea, the very first resource I want to share with you is called relief from anxiety and negative thinking for entrepreneurs. The idea of today is to give you various tools that you can use throughout stressors like this, as well as your normal everyday, there are stressors going on, and there are things that have you feeling like I can't figure this out, I keep having this problem, I don't have enough time, I don't have enough help.

I feel like I'm in this alone. There are different things going on and draining, draining, draining, draining. Well, my whole goal is to help people create that freedom. So they can be like, Oh my gosh, I feel so much better. I can create the abundance I want to create, I have the time that I wanted to which we do create, and by the way, I have the time I want to create.

And it just feels good and feels better in every single way. And so when we're learning these tools, and these are tools, by the way, that I've done years of therapy, I did years of personal development, I did years of my own spiritual growth, I did years of my own education. And there were still missing pieces. And so what I did is I took the missing pieces, and I filled them in.

And so my goal is to give you this information, so you can see, oh, there are ways that I can fill this stuff in totally. So very first thing, if you are not in the Facebook group, I want you to get there. Now, the idea is you're going to get these tools that I'm talking about because it's very tough to get them all in one swoop. Right? So I want you to take a look at it. If you have any questions, let me know, you.

Actually, I'm going to put the link here for you. Right in the comments. And you can see it in my other posts. So you're able to go in there, and you're able to find all these resources that I'm about to mention to you. Okay, so you don't ever have to feel like you're in this stuff alone.

You don't deserve to feel that way. Right, you know that it feels really good to be able to help others. So why not allow yourself to feel that way? For you? Hey, if it feels good for me to help others, then maybe I can let them feel good to help me. Yeah, maybe you can't. All right.

Okay, cool beans. So if you're not in the group, now, go ahead in there now and request in, and I'll make sure that you do and also make sure that you get the information that I'm about to share with you, you're going to see it in there in the files. There are two blueprints, one is going to help you learn how to have negative thinking and declutter it without judging it. You're going to be able to have emotions negative and positive and realize just like this battery, negative and positive. They're both good.

They help the energy flow through this battery. God gave you these emotions. And even if you don't believe in God, and you might say universe or spirit, you can tell these emotions are here to talk to you if you let yourself learn them. Right? So don't get caught up in the words I use. Stick with what's going to work for you. Okay.

Now, when you understand how to declutter your mind from the negative thinking, the blocks that you have, the frustrations, or the incorrect beliefs, everything feels so much better. That tightness you have in your body relieves the negative emotions that are there are relieved, they are there to speak with you, and you will learn how to hear them. So those are two tools, two blueprints that I've created for you to walk through. The second one is you're going to see this on my website: sparks, hope, dot life under Resources, you can see it there. And you'll also see it in the group, I break it down a lot more. So you can find it in the group recordings as well, which I do every Wednesday.

The second one goes over how to set boundaries without being a jerk, without being aggressive, or without overreacting, and how to be able to have your emotions and have a conversation and feel heard and feel respected. So every Wednesday, I have these different groups where you can come and you can meet in the Facebook group I was just telling you about. You can come and you can ask any questions, you can also interject on what you've been learning and what's making a difference for you. So other people can see what that is. Give yourself that opportunity to learn these things, you deserve it.

Now also this week, the first Friday of the month, I have what's called revive your relationship, starting with yourself. If you do not feel you're at your 100% for you, as much as you might think you're 100%. For other people, you can't be, you literally cannot be if I'm not at 100% for myself, and I'm not at 100%, I can't be 100% for somebody else, even if I'm like I'm giving them 100% I'm giving them 100% of the ad that I might be feeling, or the 70 or the 50. But I'm not really at the 100% I believe that I am. And so when you get you to 100% because it feels good for you because you're applying self-care because you're applying self-love. Because you're making that difference, then you're at that 100%.

And you can be that you overflow that into others. All right. So just wanted to give you a quick overview. And now what I'd like you to do, if you're driving or doing anything, you have to pay attention. Go ahead and pay attention. If you are driving, do not follow the idea of relaxing or closing your eyes.

Instead, you're just going to keep doing what you're doing, and listening to the other tools that I'm going to be sharing with you. If you feel like Nah, I can't really do that it's going to have me relaxed, and don't listen to driving at all. It's just important because part of this is going to be about just relaxing and letting stress go. Some people can do that when they're driving, I can. Other people cannot lose focus, they miss their exits, they're not paying attention, nor be safe.

Okay. All right. So for those of you who can close your eyes. And as you do, I'd like for you to imagine any stress in your body is going to melt out of your body and the earth is ready to take it away, because energy is just energy for us. It can be negative energy, but out into the universe into the earth. It's just energy.

So as you breathe in, I want you to breathe in love. Breathe in connection, breathe in whatever words you want to use. So if you want to use the word healing, if you want to use the word confidence, if you want to use the word joy, if you want to use the word peace, whatever it is, so for me,
for me, I want to breathe and calm and ease. So those will be my words. So breathe in, speak your words, mine are calm and at ease, and breathe out.

Imagine sending all that energy down through your body down into your feet, whether they're flat on the floor or whether they're crossed, you're just imagining it spilling out of your body into the earth and its energy. It's not good or bad once it leaves your body and you allow yourself to notice already you're feeling looser already your muscles are starting to let go because you've given that permission. So continue to do that. Continue to breathe now. If it feels uncomfortable deep breathe and just breathe normally.

But if it feels comfortable to deep breathe, allow yourself to take a nice deep breath. Breathing in calm and E is breathing out. Relaxation. Now as you breathe in, I'd like for you to give it a color. Colors are very are amazing tools that we can use and we connect with it can be white, it can be gold, whatever beautiful color you want to breathe in, it can be blue, it can be yellow, it can be green, it can be turquoise.

For some if say if Black feels like a safe color, you can even breathe in black. Now for others, black is not asleep color. So that's different. For others, Black is like soothing like velvet. And for the black is okay.

So even void of color is perfect. So there is no right or wrong, right? If you want to breathe in clear and transparent because that's cool. If you want to breathe in multi colors. Allow yourself to know that there is no wrong with you just imagine.

And if you can't imagine colors, just think about colors, things that you've seen the green tree, the yellow sun, the red shirt, the red heart, the pink flowers, the pink shirt, think of those things that you've seen as you think of the colors you're breathing in. So if you have trouble imagining, just think of those colors, and you've seen them. So you don't have to imagine it, you actually just remember, and it still helps the process. It's really cool. Your mind is so cool.

Just notice as you're doing that you're filling up your mind with senses, you're filling up your body with reaction to colors and emotions, and peaceful thoughts. You're breathing in your mind. Clear breaths. Oftentimes, when we're stressed will forget to breathe, and the body goes into fight or flight automatically, because it's not breathing. So as you're allowing this process, you can notice your breath if you like.

So I like to notice where I feel like I can't hold my breath. And so I count. So I count in and you'll see this as I do this, I count into whatever number feels good. I hold to whatever number feels good. I breathe out to whatever number feels good. Turn to breathe out, 18, that was a little too much holding 10.

Now, you don't have to remember the numbers. The idea is I'm just counting as I'm holding. It also helps my mind to think about that process. It fills it up with sensitivity. Let's do it again. Ready. 

Folding and out 14, folding the numbers don't matter. It just helps you to do it fills up your mind as you pay attention to your body. And that's it. And the cool thing is as you hold it breathe in stretching` your chest, and your lungs, it's releasing the tension that's in your shoulders, it's giving you more oxygen than you normally get. And you might feel a little dizzy, which again, is why you don't do this while you're driving because you're getting more oxygen than you ever get.

And so you might feel a little lightheaded, that's normal, you might feel a little tingly. That's normal to you're giving your body more oxygen, and maybe you have ever. So now that's okay. Right. So that's why you want to be seated and relaxed. I'm sitting forward. But let's say even if I felt faint, I could touch the desk and just breathe normally.

Okay, feel a little dizzy. And I know I'm gonna do it because there's the breathing. Or I could sit back and just feel it. No, that's happening, getting more oxygen. So that's how you do that process. Let's do it again together. Again, it takes that time all 10 out of 10. They'll squeeze your tummy make sure your tummy squeezing in and I'm holding back, okay, it was a little more than five.

But when your tummy is holding in, it's squeezing all those muscles squeezing all those organs, squeezing your diaphragm. So as the muscles squeeze, they teach you these kinds of things in massage school, but we don't realize them. Oftentimes when we're stressed, it's held. But when we're squeezing it on purpose, it's contracting all the muscles so when you relax all they feel that relaxation. You also without noticing if they're tense, when you're squeezing it in on purpose, you're forcing the tends to stop.

And instead, you're forcing a full contraction. And so it helps you feel what your body is chewing on. So the other option that you can do is just breathe in for, hold it for breathe out it or hold it for whatever number feels good you could do it too, if you have asthma or breathing issues, it could be breathing in, holding, breathe out. Or that could be if you have shallow breathing, and you can allow yourself to practice to notice you can get to three, and four, because you can learn to expand your lungs and get your body used.

So although I'm speaking to you during this meditation, your mind and body are still in the space of meditation and relaxation, as it's thinking of all these things, and can't be thinking about anything else that may be stressing it out. So allow yourself to realize, wow, meditation, this is so cool, I can do this with my eyes open, I can do this with my eyes closed, I can do this driving because I don't have to deeply relax. Now, if you are deeply relaxing, again, I want to reiterate, do not do it while you're driving. Continue to allow yourself to do this. And number one, guys. Super cool, the magnificent thing is You were created to do this.

So as you're going through this process, my favorite thing is to connect with God at the same time. And so when I'm breathing in, I'm breathing in his love, I'm breathing in his life, I'm breathing in his comfort in his ease. I'm plugging in, I'm imagining that I have an extension cord. And it's a utility one because we're super cool machines. And those utility corridors plugging right in.

And that flow is coming right in, into your body into your heart into your DNA into your RNA, every bit of it is being filled up, build up, build up, build up. And now you're so folder, it's overflowing. I'm feeling so filled with God's lungs, I'm practicing this breathing, and I'm filling up so much with forgiveness. I didn't mean to do these things. I didn't mean to stress myself out I didn't mean to, you know, depend on myself. I didn't mean to not ask for help. I didn't mean to stress myself out. Okay, I forgive myself for doing that.

There was just something that I was practicing. I remember now that I can release these things and give these things back to God, I can realize that in my situation, I can either be really stressed or really panicked, are the same exact situation, I can be calm, because I know I have to do the same steps either way. But oftentimes, we don't know how to do that. So now anytime you find yourself, and this is including now during this hurricane, it's been very hard. There have been so many things and without going into detail to have you rethink them again, what I would like for you to do is think about where you're holding an intention and where you're carrying any thoughts, maybe about your home, about your finances, about your kids about your health, about any damages about any claims not accepted about anything.

Notice where any of that's being held in your body. And I want you to think those words, think it coming from God. So it's powerful. It's Supernatural and powerful. So it helps you to release it.

It's not just on your own. Breathe in and I released that. And breathe it out. Breathe in peace, love connection. Forgiveness. Breathe it down and out of your body down into your notice the colors whatever they are for me I love turquoise. I love pink. Purple. Breathing that and as you can tell with my logo. Leaving it out. It feels a pink going toward my heart in my brain.

Build a turquoise just everywhere fun. Beautiful Life waters, purple. Just everything's okay soothing velvety. God reminds us we are our children and love him. He's the king. That makes us kings and queens, princes and princesses. All of that flowing through you. Oh yeah. I don't have to worry. I just get to take care of these things. I get to give myself permission to ask for help. I get to give myself permission to get professional help.

I get to give myself permission to ask her things that I need, whether it's monies or food or just extra support or a listening ear. I get to allow myself to help others even when I'm in need because it helps me see that. Others need help too. And I feel good, helping them. And I allow them to feel good helping me. Yeah.

Third, there it is releasing that stress releasing that better words it is overwhelming anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration, panic, anxiety, anger, rage, whatever's coming up. I can feel it. There it is, I feel it. I'm not making it worse. I'm helping myself see whatever it is I need and bringing, nurturing and care, bringing abundance, confidence, love forgiveness.

I am realizing I can make a situation scary for myself with scary stories, and scary what-ifs. Or I can help myself take a look at the positive what it's what if everything's going to turn out? Okay. What if I can look at every situation of every hurricane of the past? And see that they do rebuild? Confirmation?

And what if I have proof? What if I have confirmed that this is true? What if I can look at history and see that this is true? And what if I can look at my past and see all that I've accomplished?

And I can allow myself to play beautiful music. I can allow myself to dance, I can allow myself to have joy, and allow myself to connect even in situations that are scary. Yeah.

And you allow yourself to think about times that were hard. And where you thought you'd never get through. You did yoga, though, allow yourself to smile, allow yourself to be like, oh, yeah, I did. I didn't think I would get through but I did. And allow yourself now to notice that thought if there's a thought that says I can't get through this, release that thought.

Just like that thought from the past, you see that it was incorrect. It was just a thought it was just like blowing a bubble. You see that. But when you're like, that's not a true thought. And you pop that bubble, and you create a new bubble, a new thought, oh, I can totally do this.

It does feel heavy. But I'm going to ask for help. It does feel strenuous, but I'm going to allow myself to feel or allow myself to go through this even differently than I did last time. That's why I'm even here listening to this. Breeze, all of that truth in Breathe in. Breathe out.

Let your body feel loose and relaxed, free of all of that stress, strain, and overwhelm. What if fears, any of those negative emotions that sadness, that loneliness, that frustration, or the detached can't feel feelings, or I've just got to be super busy and just focus, focus, focus, focus? And allow me to notice my thoughts and feel my emotions. And my understanding. There are these blueprints I can look at for help.

I understand that there are live Wednesdays and live every first Friday. And actually, I can even connect directly. I'm gonna get through this. And there are other supports as well all around. Allow yourself to relax and breathe all of that. And notice instead the beauty that's around you. Notice instead the life, the life in your heartbeat, life in your breath.

Notice how you are strong and wise. And although this may be difficult, although this may be so many emotions coming up. You're allowing yourself now to see that all emotions are good and you're getting the support you need to help walk through them. So you can do this with more ease and calmer than you've ever done before.

Give yourself a high five. Ready, bring it in. Great big squishy hugs guys. You get to be so proud of yourself. You get to realize the big work you've done today just by being here. Allow yourself to know that all emotions are good and that you can set boundaries as you're doing right now in taking care of yourself.

You can ask for what you need. And you can give yourself permission to give yourself when you've got this if you would like more of this when you think to yourself, I can't have that I don't, I can't think instead, I can. And I will. And I deserve it. And I'm going to share it with others. Reach out to me,

I'm here, you can personal message me to comment on how this has affected you. Or if it even hasn't, that's okay. Because for some of us, sometimes it takes time, you can come back to this and keep listening. I'm going to also put it on my YouTube channel. So it is here for you on every platform. And if you say I can't access even those, let me know I'll send it you as an mp3.

I want to make sure you get this support. I want to make sure that you handle this storm and any storms to come in a way that has you go look at how I'm doing this. Yeah, baby. These are permanent changes, guys, not just for this storm. For every storm that comes into your life.

God helped me to find these things through my storms. And they were tumultuous. Some of them I thought I wouldn't make some of them I prayed I wouldn't make. I'm glad I did. I'm glad I made it through. And I'm glad I realized those were just thoughts. Because I was in such pain.

Sometimes we're in so much pain, we have thoughts like that. They're just thoughts. You're okay, you're safe. You're not acting on the thought. It's just a thought.

And you can allow yourself to reframe, see what you need, clean it up, and then replace it with new thoughts. So you feel amazing. You fall in love with yourself. You create beautiful relationships, and you create abundance in your life, in your career, and in your business. Things just feel like oh my gosh, I didn't know life could feel like this.

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And it gets better. And there are different challenges that come up along the way. And so that's why when I let you know, you know, have yourself your own mindset reset coach. It's not something you just do once and you don't come back to retrain, reframe, grow, or develop because you're always pushing through new things in life.

So once you have me as your coach, you always have me as your coach. You're not in this alone. I have my coaches I have my therapist. I do my training are all in this together.  You take care of yourself and know that you are loved whether you like it or not. Take care. Bye for now.