How to set intentions – Step by step

Video Dated: June 30, 2022

Good morning, I hope you're having a beautiful day getting things started feeling very good. Happy Wednesday. My name is Tammy Lopez and my company has sparked hope. And my goal in coming here to work with you is to help you to release negative thinking to help you release different things that might be blocking you different limits. And today we're going to be talking about setting intentions and what that looks like. And I've actually been learning quite a lot about this this year, as I've been getting clearer and clearer about my intentions, and I wanted to share that with you.

So you could do the same thing in your life because setting intentions is so important. Oftentimes we think that setting goals is the same as setting intentions. That can get things a little bit confusing. So I have a clubhouse on Wednesday at 7am. It's Morning mindset reset and the idea is we can get off track.

When you find yourself off track and you catch it right away, it's not a big deal. But if you catch it way down the road, it's going to be much harder to fix. So for example, even like dealing with weight loss, or dealing with an illness or dealing with a communication problem, if you deal with it right when it comes up, it's like, okay, we've got this, we've got to figure it out, we're working on it. But when it's something that keeps going and going, there are other habits that build up around that create problems, create resentments and create a lot of stuff that you're not wanting to happen. So, then it can get in your way and it can get in the way of your relationship.

And one of the big focuses that I work with is couples, entrepreneur couples, because if things are not taken care of right away, if our intentions are not clear, then we actually come across in a way we don't mean to, with our partner, with our business partners, with our family members and with our customers. And so those are things that we want to make sure we are cleared out right away. So today, I'm giving you five steps like a guide, to be able to create your intentions and get clear about them. So please do take a moment and share this with others so they can jump on to and they can see oh, okay, so this is something that I can do. It seems like it's common sense. But I like to say there is nothing that's common, right?

There's no common sense because we're all been raised differently, and that's just going to be the way it is. And that's okay. So go ahead, jump on share this information, I'm actually doing that right this second as well sharing it into my personal group. And I'm also sharing it over to my business. And so we can get this information out there and let other people know, hey, this is this is definitely something that we can create out there. And it's something that other people get to have clarity with in their lives.

All right, you ready? Grab a pen, grab paper, this is for you, right? And if you have any questions, jot them in the comments, because I want to make sure I address those. And if by chance you're watching the replay, just put hashtag replay and write those questions anyways, because I still want to make sure that they get answered for you. All right, cool beans. So write it down. And tomorrow, you're going to see an infographic about this as well. So, number one, what you want to take a look at is getting real clear on what your limiting beliefs currently are.

And you might be like, what does that mean? Exactly? So when you think about what it is you want to do, if there's something in the way that says that's just going to be too hard. I don't think I can do that yet. That's definitely stopping me already. Then those are your limiting beliefs, jot those down, put them in the comments.

What are those limits that stop you? And it might sound like I can't do it or it might sound like it's gonna be too hard or it might sound like I've been doing this for so long and I'm not getting the results that I want. It might sound like you know, I need help, I need more money, I need more whatever it is. So allow yourself to take a look at what you see see that might be blocking you and then write it down. And my goal for you and doing this by the way is to do it with judgment free.

So you're taking a look at it more like a scientist that goes, "Oh, look at that!" That's in my way! Hmm, I could see that emotion coming up and that stops me that throws me into procrastination. Oh I could see that comes up and that throws me right in the kitchen wanting to eat a snack. Oh, I can see that coming up and that causes me resistance, you're calling more customers or I could see that comes up and that causes resistance for me to talk, want to talk to my kid because of their behavior. They're these, they're those, fill it in.

And that's where you're able to take a look at all. My Gosh, no wonder I'm having trouble moving forward. This is some big stuff that's stopping me. And it gives you room to breathe, it gives you room to understand yourself, it also gives you room to say, Ooh, this is not where I want to be stuck. And it allows you to start to make those changes.

You deserve to have freedom from those things. And the only way to do it is to become aware of what those limiting beliefs are. And some of them, by the way, are subconscious. You've got them going on, and you're not sure what they are. But you see the results, results or you're blocked the results are you keep showing up with the same problems over and over again, you know, the problems are that you can't quite figure it out.

Well, that's why these limiting beliefs are in your way. And so when you're able to take a look at what's going on, you can remove them, we can take a look at what's the what's got it going on, we can take a look at what is it you want to create instead. And that actually leads us to number two, you want to take a look at what's your intention versus your goal. And some people don't know that there's a difference in that. And so I'll give you an example, so today, my goal is to get some scripting done for my business, there's some new things that I want to do. And so there's some new scripts that I want to have.

So I can get comfortable with them and have them set up for myself and my virtual assistants. So when we're ready to post them, we just post them creating my calendar for the month and that kind of thing for July. And as I'm doing that, that's my goal, right? But I used to think, well, that's my intention, my intention is to get that done, okay. But there's really not so much satisfaction in that there's really not so much of who am I being?

Okay? So let's look at intention in a different way. Let's look at it like who are you being? And what do you want to create? What's the end result at the end of this, and you might go? Well, by doing this, for me anyways, within my business, I want to create families that are communicating with each other I want to create relationships with with husband or wife who maybe our business partner or maybe not, but they're entrepreneurs doing their own thing, and keeping them in communication, keeping them where there's no limiting beliefs, or negative thinking in their way affecting their relationship or affecting their business.

And so that's my end result. Seeing them communicating, seeing them coming from creation, seeing them in a really great space, seeing people who are dealing with anxiety and limiting beliefs, having that moved out of the way. So their life is like, Whoa, this is what life is like without anxiety. This is what life is like having a really great communicative relationship. This is what life is like when I'm taking on my business without any of these procrastination dreads in my way, whoa, that's my intention. And in that then also in my intention is that creates for me in my life, more abundance that creates for me in my life even more as I'm practicing it in my relationship.

So it's like all of those like, Whoa, I like that. And so it helps you to see there's the goal that the task you're going to accomplish, and your intention. And when you're in it that way, do you notice how the feeling is different? Do you notice how the energy is different? It pulls you forward versus all this thing. I've got to get done that I really don't want to get done that I could do that later. With your intention and that powerful creation. There's no doing that later.

That's like, yeah, I want that. I gotta have that right now. All right. So let me know if you have any questions about that. And let me know. Okay, so I get this is my goal, jot down what your goal is, and jot down what your intention is, and how you now see that they're different. I really want to see how you're able to use this in your making this change in your life, because that's the goal of this for you. That's my vision and doing this each week.

Okay, so now what you want to take a look at is number three, and these can go in different order. They're not exactly like it has to go like this, but it helps to have them in this particular order, because you're removing the negative stuff out of your way, so you can create even easier. Okay, so number three, what you want to do now is get really clear on your intention. And as you're getting clear on your intention, you're creating measurable results for yourself.

So that's how you're able to get clear. So basically, you're going to be setting deadlines for yourself, writing them in your calendar, but also giving yourself a little bit of room that these can be flexible. So that way you don't like berate yourself if you don't meet the deadline. But your goal is to try to make that your deadline. So for instance, these scripts, I've been working on them, but today is my deadline to have it done.

I have a little bit of wiggle room to be able to work on it tomorrow, early morning. But today is my day, right? Because I'm going to be working with a group tomorrow. So I even set up an event tomorrow to motivate me even more to make sure my deadline is done. So I gave myself an additional deadline by having that group. So for example, there's times when I'll have a meeting I'm here at my home. And that motivates me to clean the house.

I should need that motivation, right? But as an entrepreneur, you know how it goes, you know that things can get really busy. And even though I keep things clean, and I keep things picked up and everything has a home, there are times when if I showed you right now there's this that's got to get filed. And that's that got to get wild nuts, it got to go over there. And then this is got to, you know, they asked for another brought out, gotta go back to the room and the lipstick that I brought out is gotta go back into my purse, there's stuff that comes out, it's got to find a new home.

And so in doing that, there's these deadlines. So at the end of the night, there's the, you know, put everything in its home deadline. But there are sometimes things that happen to where you work until the end of the night. So then if I have a meeting that's here at the house, that's going to happen really quickly. There's no more procrastination.

So, there are ways that you can help yourself move out of that procrastination to have that motivator. So using energy from something else, write it down, there's also things that we tend to do in life is we write down a to do list that's a mile long. And there's nothing wrong with doing that, except you expect yourself to do it all today, take a look at your list and prioritize your list. Give yourself three primary things. Now there's a whole bunch of stuff you have to do, you might have to get the kids ready, you might have to, you know, make breakfast, you might have to get yourself ready, you might have to all that stuff, those little itty bitty to do's still put them on your to do list, but realize those are going to be done automatically in your day.

So, you're just checking them off, you're seeing what you've accomplished, you're writing them on there to remind yourself, you didn't waste your morning, you didn't waste your afternoon it was filled, but have your primary goals, those are your number one goals of what you have to get done for either your career, your business, your family, whatever it is, and you might have to read for each section, right? It has to be that the kids got to get their project done today, it has to be that you've got to make a certain amount of calls for your clients or for your for your employer today. So you're able to put that in there and make sure it's getting done. And I say do three, you can do three to five. But the idea is, those are primary and make sure it's a task versus a project.

If you say to yourself, I've got to do this one thing, but that one thing includes five or six different steps, that's a project. So give yourself room to breathe, that that might be the only thing you're able to accomplish as your primary goal that day. So it just allows you to really be realistic with your goals. So then they can really be measurable. And you're not coming to the end of your day going. You didn't do anything.

Instead, you get to take a look at that. And you allow yourself and we kind of jump back right? You want to jump back to that. Number one, shake off those negative thoughts and those limiting beliefs. At the end of your day, you're filling yourself up with Mahkota nuts, break that, break that cycle, shake that off, literally shake that off instead, look at what I did, you look at what he did, you hear what I did, you hear what he did, you hear that's frickin' awesome.

And if somebody else was doing that with their day, I'd say you're totally awesome, you're doing a great job, look at all that you're doing. And you would support them, and you would uplift them, you get to do that with yourself as well. And so you can see that these areas you're jumping back and forth to if you need to. Okay, so number four, you're going to be creating accountability. And so as I'm doing this with you guys, I this is also a benefit for me, it creates accountability for me because I continue to learn, and I continue to develop. And I also continue to get the information out there to people because my vision is my mission is to share this information to as many people as possible.

Because people just don't know this stuff. And they're beating themselves up and they're hurting. And they're in anxiety and they're in stress. And they're thinking they're not good enough all the time. And they don't need to have that. Instead, we create accountability.

And so by doing that, we write things down. Like I've also shared with you already giving yourself deadlines, but sharing that with other people. So for example, tomorrow, I have a group I'm meeting with the Small Business Administration. And the university is going to be meeting with me to go over the scripting that I've been working on to see how it's working, working with me on a marketing plan. And so that's because I want to move things to another level.

And so that is my accountability, I was like I'm gonna get this done. And then I have this group, so I have to get it done. So I'm staying. I'm staying focused on these tasks today until it's complete. And I've got a little bit of wiggle room to work on it early morning when I wake up around 435. Actually, no, I don't because I have something else I'm doing as far as training tomorrow morning.

So you got to keep those things in mind. So tonight is my scripting got to be done night. And so that helps me with my accountability. So bringing in others and writing things down writing things down is essential, especially if you're like me, we're full This is an issue, writing it down keeping it in front of you, right?

I have, I have a couple of different lists, do I have this list, right, I have to do rewrite this grocery list, this one's all squashed up. And I have my Google Calendar to remind me the things I have to do today, there's a couple appointments that I have. And I have a list over here, right? This is what is called my lenses, which I'll be sharing with you guys on another live lenses is actually what helps you to continue to stay focused on what you're doing. And in doing so you stay focused on what it is you want to create.

Like, for me, what I'm focusing on is I choose the end results of being the predominant creator in my life. And you're like, what the heck does that mean? That's another that's another session. But really, it's knowing that I am the creator of my life, life isn't just happening, unless I don't do the things I need to do. And then I'm just choosing to let life happen around me.

And I'm just dealing with the results and responses, that's not, that's not necessary. I need to be out there making a difference. I need to be out there reaching my clients, I need to be out here reaching you. I need to be working in my relationship and making changes and spending time and doing the things that bring quality, I need to make sure that I take care of the things I need to hear in my home, I need to make sure I take care of the things like my car and my health and my little hedgehog. Like there's things that we need to keep in mind that we're keeping upkeep on.

And so that helps us to stay accountable. Okay, please let me know if you have any questions, please let me know if you're like, Oh, I could see how this works. I want to apply it. I'm not seeing things come through. Sometimes Facebook is really slow on that I do see your heart. So thank you so much for that hearts back to you. But your comments sometimes come a little bit later.

So I will still respond to those. So don't hesitate to write in here. This is very interactive. These I do for you. Okay, number five. So number five, the idea is make sure that you're connecting to your intention in a way that you continue to do it. So for example, I don't know if you've ever heard of the word of anchor.

But if you tie a string around your finger, like in the past that you would see that, that's to remind you of something, I have a little note here to remind me to call Don Ward, I have some notes in my calendar to remind me to call about a prescription. There's things that you can do to put in reminders that you use, or tie it to a routine that you already do. So for example, when I'm brushing my teeth, I sometimes will do some exercising, that I tie in, I bring that routine in. So I might do some squats, or I might do some leg lifts. Those are primarily what I do. Sometimes I might do some toe lifts right for my cat.

So there's some things that I tie into doing that. I'll also put on some trainings that I'm doing. So I'll be listening to that as I'm doing those. So you can do these more, more than one thing at a time. And you're getting multiple things done. Or you can have it to where one thing at a time, like, Okay, I'm just going to be doing meditation.

And meditation can look like very many things, right? So meditation is just focusing on things. So meditation can be like prayer, like, thank you so much, Lord, for this day. Thank you, as I'm opening my eyes, it's another beautiful day, thank you for the birds that I hear. Thank you for the body that you've given me and all the parts that are working, please help the parts that are in pain.

Thank you for everything that you bless into my life and doing that for the first 60 seconds of your day. It raises your energy raises your frequency raises your thought level. And so those are things that you can tie to your day, I tie that to opening my eyes, I have a I have a tendency to forget things. But when I tie it to something that has to happen, I have to open my eyes in the morning. There's no forgetting that it's going to happen. So now I tie that gratitude practice.

Now, I may not do it for 60 seconds, I'll do it for as long as it is that I'm getting up. So sometimes it's 30 seconds. But sometimes it's 60 seconds. Sometimes I sit and I stretch. And I keep going through that. Oh, yawns are meaning your brain needs more oxygen. So I'm probably talking and not breathing in deeply enough.

There we go! So the idea is you go through these points and I'm gonna summarize them for you again, is for you continue to get yourself into intention. Get yourself into creation, get yourself into what you want. So it's pulling you forward. And as you do that, you're shifting out of that negative thinking, you're shifting out of those negative habits, because you're taking on new habits to replace the negative habits, or what you might feel like is an empty habit doesn't even have to feel negative. It could just feel like oh, this is just not really moving me forward. Right? And so those positive habits coming in fill in that void that would be their future. just got rid of it without replacing, so you replace it automatically and it shifts away.

And that's the best way to be able to change your your mindset because you bring in what you want. And it's way easier than to let go of what you don't. Okay, so I'm gonna review these with you. Number one, you're going to shake off those negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, but like I shared with you, these might come up many times. So you might implement one into every single one of these goals.

Number two, you're going to determine your intention versus your goal. Number three, you're going to get clear with your intention and create measurables you can measure that intention, creating deadlines, creating focus for yourself. Number four, you're going to create accountability and focus by writing things down, that reinforces the deadlines, but also just having your list in front of you keeping it to between three to five primary things you're going to be doing and jot down the other stuff you're going to be doing to so you can go Wow, no wonder my day is filled. No wonder I'm not getting as much done as I thought I should. This is not humanly possible. Okay, I'm setting correct expectations for myself.

And number five, you're going to connect your intention to current habits that you're doing. So it easily becomes a habit tied to it. So like with breakfast, for example, you might say, Well, I have to eat breakfast. So I'm going to be choosing a healthier meal. Now you might start with just Thursday, right Thursday for me, and a friend of mine is fasting Thursday. Now, I'm not fasting food entirely.

That doesn't work well for my body, I listen to what my body needs. But I'm fasting sugars and fasting bread, I might eat potato, but I'm not going to eat breads and the empty pastas. Let's see what else I'm choosing to eat healthier that day, I'm choosing to eat more lean protein. So it's really about choosing healthier, I'm not choosing any sugary drink just water or lemon water. So that's my fasting by taking out those things.

Sometimes I'm fasting but I'm not going to complain at all, so that day, I'm only going to be grateful. So, however it is you choose, as you're bringing in the positive habits, the negative ones, the negative ones just slowly melt away because you're like, Oh, I no longer need that. It's no longer away, I need to cope or no longer away, I need to handle that. No longer a way that I think that's helping me or creating safety for me this other ways doing that. So I can let this go easily. If this is sounding great for you, and you'd like to learn more, please reach out to me, you've got my information over here.

But practice these steps, these steps will already get you results. They're going to get your result immediately, even as you're thinking that your mind is starting to shift how you think things and how you practice things. Because it's already being put into your subconscious mind because it's it's your recording, bank records, everything that you're learning, thinking developing an edge going, Ooh, I like that. Yummy. I'm going to try that. So let your mind do that work. 

Keep coming back to this. This is here you'll be able to see the replay. Continue to let me know how you're doing continue any day you come back to it. Oh yeah, I got this too. Oh, I see that. And so that helps me to continue to reinforce support you celebrate you and then add to any questions you have to my next live. My lives that I do here Wednesday are based on your questions and your results. So keep it coming guys. I look forward to it.

Continue to look over these continue to work over them. They will change your life. The tools I bring here are sessions for you to change your life. So practice them and let me know how you're doing. And as always bring it in.

Big squishy hugs, your take care of you know that you're loved share this information, get it out there. And let me know if this is something for you. I'd love to help you even further reach out to me by phone or by text message or by any of these social media methods that you might be seeing this, I will be here for you because that is my goal, my mission to help you make the change in your life releasing negative thinking, releasing any limiting beliefs or bad habits that have locked you down and help you get the health the healthy relationships and the healthy business or career. You are so striving for and you deserve.

You take care of you and I will see you next week. Talk to you soon. Ciao for now.