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How to Manage Your Anxiety Like an
Olympic Champion?

Video Dated: Feb 05, 2022

All right, it looks like we are live. Can you guys hear me? Miss Heidi, thank you for letting me know you're going to be on today and bringing Susan with you how cool.

Yeah, you guys are so awesome. Okay, let's see, I need to jump over to the group. Because it says pending, I did see her membership checking to see where it is now.

All right, if you guys want to go ahead and share this as well, so that way others can see the kind of support that's available for them. I would absolutely love it. And so would they, I am sure lot of people do not realize that this kind of work is available. There's things that they want to find support and help with, but they don't realize that it's really out there. Right. And the same thing for me. I have done years and years and years of personal development. And the one thing that I didn't realize that I could do was change my mindset and change my programming. And as much as all of the courses that I did 1000s of dollars and 1000s of hours, I just could not get to the understanding of my own personal mindset and how I was programming that I will let her know she's been accepted. Okay, perfect. Her membership is been accepted.

All right, so those of you who are listening if you are not part of the freedom from negative thinking Facebook group, that's what I'm actually referring to right now. And that is what Miss Susan became a part of Ruth Ruth, how awesome is that. So you can take a look at the freedom from negative thinking Facebook group and become a part of that group. And be able to get the support that you need and be a part of a group of other people who are wanting to release anxiety, release stress, remove the conflict out of their life and just feel really good. Let's take a look here

all right. So we are live in the group we are live on sparks hope hope business page. So you guys should see it there. I'm gonna let Heidi know as well. It should be live darlin, if you want to share the link with her. I'm actually talking to you while I'm on the live. So you'll see me talking to you both ways. How funny is that? Right guys? Yeah. All right, awesome. So the idea is really being able to take a look at today, take a look at how we can remove the anxiety out of our lives. And one of the analogies that I like is with the Winter Olympics coming up and and watching them and they're so inspiring. They're just, you know, it seems like they're just doing things and not scared and just making it happen. And so it's important to take a look that the same things that they have to do are the same things that we have to do, right. So oftentimes, we think, Oh, they want the gold medal. They want the gold medal. Well, yeah, they do want the gold medal, just like you want your relationship to work, or you want your business to work, or you want to follow through or you want to remove procrastination, or you want whatever stressors going on in your life not to be too heavy. Do you want all those same things? Those are your gold medals, right? You want to be successful in your business, with your family with your relationship.

But there could be things that get in the way. And so I've actually worked with folks who are in sports, and we look at the development of where they want to go. And sometimes they can get so focused on wanting to succeed, that they begin to get in their own way. And they're, they're filled with anxiety and filled with worry and filled with fears of failure. Or maybe it's an artist too. They just have like this block. And so their mind is so filled with all of these negative things and worries and so they're not able to move forward. Oh great. So I see that you see it. Hello, Heidi and Susan, good to see you guys. And so one of the things that when I'm working with folks, whether they're with business, whether they're with families, whether it's about their own health, or whether it's about something in sports, being able to take a look at the process of it, being able to take a look at one step at a time, or like Dory says, just keeps swimming, swimming, swimming. So you're just looking at that next little spot in front of you. What is it that you need to do to accomplish that, and when you're accomplishing that the larger goal is just happening. Like if you're climbing Mount Everest, you're not looking at the top of there, you have to look at your next step, you have to look at the next pothole or the next route that's in front of you. And so as you're doing that, it's allowing you to be able to go fool and he focus on my breathing. Right, let me calm myself down.

And being able to be okay with the fact that you're going to be nervous, there's going to be stuff that comes up for you, right, so number one, you'll see here on the list of things that I put, you can look on the post just before this live, you'll see it right there. Know that you're going to be a little bit nervous or excited, you can allow yourself to use the terminology, I'm excited instead of I'm scared, because look at them. They're the either side of the coin, right? So you've got the coin. And you could call it scared, or you could call it excited. But either way, you're going to get that coin. So allow yourself to realize, if you're taking on your life, and you're taking on risks, you're gonna be excited about it, you're gonna be like, doo doo doo, or beachville. And, but you can help yourself by monitoring your breathing. It's a big part of what Olympians have to do, they have to take care of their breathing because their breathing controls their heartbeat, it can slow down their heartbeat, which slows down the blood pressure, which slows down the pressure, or the brain fog that might come up if it's just going all over the place. So allowing yourself to check in and calm all that down.

That's so so, so important. So being able to take a look and realizing that nervousness if you want to call it nervousness, if you want to call it anxiety, if you want to call it stress. Or if you want to call it excitement, which will allow you to enjoy it better to have a more positive experience of it. Then knowing that's coming is part of living life. Then you can be okay with it. Instead of thinking of it as a negative and afraid of it. When you feel like your heartbeats going crazy. And studying Oh, yeah, let me get mindful. Let me get mindful of my breathing. Let me focus on breathing in. And if you want to you can let yourself hold it as you hold it, everything's stretching all that tension that you might have been creating is released instead. And as you're breathing it out,
Letting go of any negative stress, any negative thoughts, and said, breathing in, what's my next step?

Okay, what am I going to do, and what a lot of Olympians do, and you've probably seen this, as they'll practice beforehand, they practice to the court, or they practice the slopes, or they practice shooting the gun before they got the rifles that they have to practice with with everybody there. So they know the course they know what they're going to need to do, just like in your life or in your business, you can allow yourself to think about what it is that you want to accomplish, and allowing the negative thought or the negative experience to be the guide. So if so, for example, if you're afraid of something happening, remembering that fear or anxiety is there to tell you, Oh, I need to create a safety plan. So if I'm afraid of this happening to this person, what can I do to create safety instead?

Oh, if I'm afraid of falling down this slope or not doing it fast enough, let me go down and see what are some things I need to be careful of, oh, there's that extra too. Oh, there's that extra bump? Oh, there's that little pot where the snow was dropped off. So it wasn't especially smooth. And so you can take a look and get to know what's needed. So instead of focusing on what you don't want or what you're afraid of, you're focusing on Yeah, okay, I want that I've got that this is feeling good. So it allows you to be able to walk through that process and feel prepared. It allows you to have the steps that you want to take already planned out. So it helps your subconscious mind already have this experience like oh, I've got that I already did that. I'm feeling really good about that. And so that gives you that timing that experience that knowing and that feeling good. please do comment. Let me know what you're thinking. Let me know how you can see that this applies to sports. This applies to yourself.

This applies to you Oh, yeah, I could see where I'm doing that or I could see where I could do that. Even more pleased to share what your thoughts are, share what your how you are applying this or if you have any questions like I think I'm applying it but I'm still finding stress in my life showing up this way, I'm still seeing anxiety coming out, you know, when I'm trying to be calm about something, share those things with me because I'll be able to address them even here now or in next Wednesday's live event. Alright, COVID. So then the second thing is really taking a look at to get into the top of the mountain, at this moment is out of your hands. Right? You're not there, you can't be there this second. So what is in your hands, like I mentioned before, is what you can do, what's that next step? And I actually do this with clients who feel overwhelmed with a goal, whether it's cleaning out their office, or whether it's talking to their boss, or talking to their clients or setting up ways that they're going to be calling out.

And I'll actually do it with them, helping them to see what's in the way to helping them to take a look at what's the negative thinking that's coming up? What are they getting overwhelmed with it? Has them hightail it out the other way? And being able to see that we don't have to take it so serious, right? Why? Why have ourselves getting all upset when that's only going to bog us down? All right, cool. Beans. Thank you guys, so much for the hearts, I appreciate that you're so awesome. Okay, so then what you can allow yourself to do so give permission for those negative thoughts to come in and see what they're telling you don't make them bad or wrong. Don't try to resist them. It'll exhaust you. You don't need that. Allow yourself to take a look and see. Okay, so what's it telling me? So it gives you a way to protect yourself by these negative thoughts like, oh my gosh, what if this happens? Oh, my gosh, what if this happens? Oh, my gosh. So instead of focusing on the Oh, my gosh, what if this happens? Instead, you say, okay, so if this happens, what would I do? And then you have a plan of action? If this happens, what would I do?

So for example, if you have a loved one who's sick, let yourselves talk about the worst case scenario, because that's what's in the back of their mind. You know, when people are getting COVID? What if I die? Right? Because other people have? And what if you're just sick and kind of miserable and not feeling so good? And what if nothing happens at all? Because that's also happened. So it allows you to be able to take a look at the worst case scenarios, without them feeling like, I can't, I can't, I can't, this is too much. It's like, hey, let's think about it. So you get comfortable with the idea of death, we're all going to have it right. We get comfortable with the idea of being miserable and losing income.

That's scary for some people. And that's all they have. Let's take a look at options. What are some other ways that we can bring in some income? You know, let's let's take a look at some things. What are some ways that we can save some income? What are some ways that we can kind of work with the money and just pay the primary things and just allows the conversation to be right? I used to have a group that was called suicide awareness party. Because if we talk about it in just like, it just is, it's just thoughts. You're not dead, right? You're living you're fine. It gives you the perspective to Okay, let's talk about these things. Because what if I am going to die tomorrow? What if I am going to die tomorrow? Right? Literally, guys, we don't know if we have tomorrow or today. I don't know if I, I could go right now talking to you. Like it's that real. And so when we allow ourselves being able to talk about the possibilities, we can relieve that stress, we can allow ourselves to feel so much better, and so much more relieved. Instead of fearful. Instead of oh my gosh, I can't breathe about this.

Oh my gosh, what's going to happen? What's going to happen to me what's going to happen to my family, all these scary thoughts. And instead of being into the negative, what ifs only we can come into? Okay, so what if and then what if and then and what event then. And then you have all these things that feel better, you can feel more confident, you can allow yourself to have this safety plan. So you're feeling good about yourself, you're feeling good about your results. You're feeling good about anything moving forward, even the most scariest stuff. Hey there, Maria, thank you so much for the heart Beautiful. So think about how now this is working out for you think about how this can be playing out into your future. And then also taking a look at what are some other ways that you can allow yourself to get the support that you need? You do not have to do these things by yourself. Right? And so let's kind of summarize the things that we talked about. You're going to be allowing yourself to know that it's okay.

If you have these emotions that come up are normal, allowing yourself to realize Yeah, I'm totally excited about this. Or I'm totally afraid about this, and what can I do to shift it allowing yourself to to pay attention to your breathing, that's so essential, allowing yourself to practice beforehand. So like with my clients, I roleplay. With my clients, I meditate with them and show them how with them, I'll actually talk them through how to talk to their loved one, or talk to their boss, or set boundaries. And these are the ways that we can set boundaries. Oh, Heidi, that reminds me of go to set you that boundary list. And, guys, if you don't know how to set boundaries, and you want the boundary list to let me know, it's five different statements of being able to walk through being able to set boundaries without feeling like you're a jerk, feeling like you have to be hostile before you can set boundaries. Because that's not the case. It's smooth, being able to say, hey, let's have a conversation. You know, when you said that, I felt like this. And I was thinking that, and I really need you to know this.

What do you think about that, it gets you

on the same page, it gets you connected, it helps you to feel like you're creating a connection versus pulling each other apart. Confrontation means to turn around and look at something, it doesn't mean to turn around and punch somebody in the face doesn't mean to turn around and say terrible things. It means hey, let's turn around and look at this together. So we can come up with some better options, because the way that it's working so far, isn't. That's it. And it really works, it really works, I can promise you, I can guarantee you 100% It works. Because there's just a practice of connecting just a practice of being able to speak to a person. Now it may not work to get the result you want. If the other person is totally obstinate, and rude and disrespectful, then it's going to look different, it's going to look like setting a boundary that says, hey, I'm sorry, but you don't get to treat me like that. Either, we can shift that, or I'm not able to spend time with you until you chill out. And you can come back in a respectful way. So either way it's going to work, it's going to create what you're needing. And you might think these things don't seem to be things that would happen for an Olympian champion, an Olympic champion they are because in the process of monitoring their breathing in the process of practicing beforehand, in the practice of being able to go okay, this is exciting.

I'm not like totally afraid, I'm totally stoked, I'm totally excited, this is so awesome. And being able to put in, check their thoughts and shift it to what it is they want what it is they desire, not having to look at the top of the mountain or the bottom of the mountain and said, I have to watch the tree that's in front of me. Instead, I have to watch for that curve that I know that's coming. Instead, I have to watch because I know my competitor might get a little bit close. And that might affect me. So instead, I'm focusing on meditating and really enjoying going down this slope, or firing this rifle. Right? So it allows them to stay focused on that next step, what's the process what's in my success in getting past this moment, which will get them to the gold, which will get them to the bottom of the slope, which will get them to the top of the mountain. And the same thing is true for you. So allow yourself to practice these things. And I know as you're going through them, you might think well, I know well that. But if you're not getting the result you want in a particular area, just because you know it on a conscious level doesn't mean that you've removed whatever subconscious barrier is going on. So take care of whatever subconscious barrier is going on, by finding out what other tools and what other supports you need.

When I work with people, they don't even know the tools that I have for them. But once they have them, they're like, Whoa, that feels so much better. I've got it, it's out of the way, I know where to go. Now I know the path to take, I know the tools to practice. And I also know that if I'm not sure, and I'm going to go practice with somebody who I'm not sure about, I know I can come back. And we can kind of figure out what the sticky parts were because as a coach, right? When you see the players out on the field, they're in it like this, but the coach can see everything the coach can see the moves, the coach can see what's in the way the coach can call out. If there's a particular attitude that's coming across that the person sharing it's not aware of, or a particular perspective that they have that's totally blocking them. And so it's okay to be able to get that support from somebody who can see outside of in a way that you can't. That's how we learn. And so allow yourself to know that if you don't have these things down in a way that's getting you the result you want yet, it just is a new way there's a new perspective you don't have yet. It's that simple. Doesn't mean there's something wrong with you doesn't mean that you're broken. It doesn't mean that Oh, well. You know, I've got it down. It just means this isn't going to work for me doesn't mean that

Allow yourself to try these things on. Try on these tools, try on these supports and See what's coming up for you? And share? Share in the group share in the comments, let me know. And even after this, those of you who are watching the replay, please do put in your replay. And if you have shared this with anybody, please do let me know like Miss Heidi let me know she shared with Susan, which is so great to have you guys here. And Miss Maria. She's sharing with folks all the time. So please do continue to share this, let me know because when you do share, you're also entered into a monthly raffle to be able to have a meditation with me. So just know that we're always practicing self hypnosis, we're always programming that mindset and that programming, and it can be in a negative way, if we're not aware of it. If it's something that's bogging you down, having you have negative thinking, whether it's about yourself, whether it's about others, and there's something going on that needs support, not bad, not wrong, just it can be better.

And why not? If this is the only life you have, why not if we can make things better, why not. So allow yourself to do that allow yourself to be able to have that because you deserve it. I want to thank you guys so much for being here with me, letting me know your comments, giving me your hearts and also allowing your mind to take in this new information and practice it and do know that just because you're here practicing it now doesn't mean that you have it down it you're learning it it's baby steps, give yourself some room to grow, be kind you can't just be born into something and go run and get the milk you're the little baby who is learning how to walk and take those steps. So don't expect that you go get the keys and you drive and you have a job now little baby steps and know that it's okay that if you don't know how to do something that there is somebody that can guide you and support you right and just think about me like your mind trash lady, right? We've got the mind trash going on and I'm here to help you take it out. Not difficult, right? Not difficult for me because I've been doing it but it might be difficult for you because you can't find it you could just smell it but you don't know where it is.

And that's okay. So reach out you can reach out here in the comments you can reach out through personal message you can even text me like Miss Heidi did. I'm here for you guys. You take care of yourselves have a super blessed day. And Miss Heidi I'm gonna get to you the boundary lists if any of you would like it as well let me know comment or text and I'll make sure you get it to you guys. Take care have a beautifully blessed day and know that your loved reading all the way all the way all the way big squishy hugs

You take care of you know that your loved

Ciao for now. Bye guys.

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