How's your mental health?

Video Dated: May 08, 2022

Hello and Happy Wednesday, it is May, we are in spring, and watching things change, watching things grow watching things become beautiful. A friend of mine has a garden. And she was sharing pictures of the beautiful sunflowers. It's like, Oh, I love sunflowers. It's like a flower, that you take the sun itself. And you see the flower actually shining that great sun. I know that's not the case. I know. It's just a flower. But when I see a sunflower, it's like, oh, look, the sun encompassed in this pretty flower. So yeah, I do love sunflowers. And so that goes to say that you are a beautiful sunflower, you're a beautiful being. You're absolutely wonderful. And it's so important that you know that. And as we're looking in May, as far as it being mental health month, the idea of being able to take a look and do a checkup. How is your mental health? Right? So when you go to the doctor, and you you know, for the ladies, we get our Lady checkup and our mammograms and your for all of us as we're getting older, and even some of us that are younger, who have to check into it, we check into our hormones, and we do different things.

But very rarely do we check in to see how our mental health is doing. We just think that's always supposed to be okay. But you know, it's like my little hedgehog, right? Pet dogs don't usually have ear problems, like we don't usually have ear problems. But sometimes we do. And my little guy, he's got something going on with his ears. And so I've got to go to the vet, and he's an exotic animal. So it's going to be an expensive visit, as always, and I've got to figure out what's going on with his little ears. Now I know moving forward, this is my second year with him, I need to keep an eye on his ears, you know, there's something for him that has an issue for his ears. For most hedgehogs ears are not an issue, you don't have to check. You have to keep an eye on their little toes if there's anything wrapped around them or any of that. So sometimes his little bedding might get around his toes or you know, things like that, that we don't even think about until we learn that we need to think about it. And so today, I really want to share with you how essential it is to continue to do a mental health checkup. And you'll see on my posts before, before the live here, you'll see on the post that I have infographics that you can take a look at and I want you to save those infographics, all these infographics they do for you because they're fun, and they're easy ways for you to have these tools to remember.

So these are tools, guys. You can save them, you can laminate them, you can just put them on your hard drive, you could take a picture on your phone or or save it from the Facebook on your phone. Either way, keep these little step by step. So you go oh, yeah, what what was that one again, you come right back to it. And each Wednesday, you'll see that I have something like that in my assistant, she helps me to create them. And she takes my ideas and she runs with it. And I love it. And then she and I get together we review it and we make any changes that we need to so this is we put a lot of effort into these. So I want to make sure that you're really seeing them as the valuable tools that they are. Okay, so that said, you're going to see how it breaks down into 12 daily activities plus one secret to be able to improve your health. And so walk through it with me. So number one, being able to recognize and acknowledge your emotions, what am I feeling? Where do I feel it in my body? What does that feeling feel like? Right? And so sometimes we don't know we've never asked ourselves that question before.

And so there's nothing wrong with you. If you haven't done that before. Give yourself a flippin break. You're not professional at doing this until you've gotten used to doing it. So be kind with yourself. Don't expect that you're supposed to have it all down, because it doesn't work like that. Okay, so the other thing, let me take a look. It looks like hang on for me one second. I want to make sure I'm live in the right group or in the right room. It was supposed to be going to my profile, but I'm getting messages that it's not being seen. So give me a second. So I can make sure that it is being seen in the right place. If you can see it give me a heads up thumbs up something like that so I can make sure that it's being seen. It could just be that one person isn't seeing it properly. And that does

happen. Okay, so I am seeing it. So quite possibly, it's just not showing up yet on your feed. So if you go into my page Yep. If you go into my page, you should be able to see it right there. And then you can use it from there. Either way, I'm going to, I'm recording this one zoom. So once I'm done, I'll be putting it up again, if there's any issues, so don't worry, if you're not seeing it, you will be able to see it later. And obviously, if you're not seeing it, you don't know what I'm saying. So anyway, okay, so jumping back on track. Checking in. Now, if you don't know how to do this, this is totally okay. You see my contact information over here. If you don't know how to check in with what you're feeling, or you're like, I haven't, I haven't, I don't know what I'm feeling. I usually feel numb, or I'm just so busy, I don't connect to what I'm feeling or growing up turning, talking about feelings and turning off my feelings was how I functioned. So it's okay, if any of those things are coming up for you, or you're like, you know, all I ever feel is sad, or all I ever feel is down or all I ever feel is overwhelmed, or I'll ever feel as anxious, or all I ever feel is so freakin busy. I don't feel a thing, right?

Whatever it is, don't worry. And some people are like, I don't feel anything, I don't know what you're talking about. If you fit any one of those, you're just not sure how to go through this process, or you'd like help to go through this process. Reach out to me, you'll see my number here. 954-657-3407. And I do mindset reset coaching. I do Hypno coaching, I do NLP, basically, I help people to take a look at how they are practicing their mindset currently, what programming Do you have currently? So if you're not able to connect and go, I feel I don't know where I feel it. I don't know what that connection is, then just let me know. And we'll be able to work on it together. So no, no worries, right. All right, cool beans. So then the next thing that we're taking a look at. Okay, so I'm getting some more that they can see it. So hey there, Dora. Hey, Tony. Thank you guys so much for your hearts, I appreciate you so much. I'm going to go ahead and reshare this out. So that way it's in. It's in the groups that need to be seeing. There we go. reshare it out again, guys, you have it. Okay.

So number two, you can look back at the infographic, you can save it to your computer and pop it up. So look at number two, the idea as you're going through these is not like they have to be in any particular order. So please don't make that like the thing that you have to do. The idea is to allow yourself to see that you can pull from these, right? Okay. So for myself, I have to acknowledge and admit that this is something for me. So when I am thinking I have to get things done, I tell myself, well, you can't do this thing until this thing is done. And that's great if this thing gets done. But there are times when something takes a while to get done. So break it down into little baby steps. So for example, I said I couldn't get a massage until my budget got done. And it's just been taking a while. So but I am getting pieces of it done. So what I decided to do was okay, I did a big chunk of it. So I'm okay. And really, it's just a couple months. So it's not going to take all that long, much more after that. So I could say okay, you know what you did most of it, you can go ahead and get a massage and you can finish the rest. So the idea of number two is allow yourself to have those simple pleasures in life. And it just depends on what it is for you. Now, if there are some simple pleasures that you say are not good for you like oh, well

The simple pleasure for me is to have beer when I should never drink alcohol, or a simple pleasure for me is to have chocolate when I'm diabetic or things like that. So make sure these are things that are healthy for you. That's what I'm referring to simple pleasures like let yourself go for a walk. Let yourself have like I can't drink coffee very much but I can let myself have a coffee every once in a while because the caffeine actually messes with my system. So I can let myself have it once in a while and it's it doesn't have a bad impact it actually can be beneficial. Or I'm also doing where I take more vitamin B's. In my I'm actually drinking it now. In my vitamins I have I can drink my vitamins and so I take them more in the morning instead of in in the evening. Or the afternoon I can't take them in the evening because the bees so my simple pleasures whenever I feel like I want sugar. I take my vitamins when Never, I feel tired. I take my vitamins. And so that actually can help in Oh, I feel so much better now, right? Allowing yourself some of these other things you're going to see are actually simple pleasures. So allowing yourself number three, being able to practice sitting and seeing your wiser selves.

So what does that even mean? So let yourself for a moment, just connect, take a deep breath. And I want you to connect to that part of you. That feels confident and loving and nurturing. That part of you that connects to God or the universe, whichever term you use, connects and goes, Yeah, I feel peace. Yep, everything is good. I feel and see the bigger picture. All this stuff I've been worrying about isn't to worry, I can lay it at your feet. Feel good. And then you're ready. You're ready to go into your day with that feeling good feeling. And so you can allow yourself to have that, and you deserve it. Right. That's what you're here for to practice that to being more into that superconscious part of you that intuitive part of you feeling good feeling connected. Right. Okay. So, again, that could be also considered a simple pleasure. So notice these things, like I said, they don't have to go in a particular order. But that was number three, number four, practicing breathwork. What does that mean? So there's different things that you can do in practicing breathwork. You can just do regular like taking your breaths in and taking your breath out slowing things down.

You do it with sound right? Ah, that actually creates that vibration to release that you could do it with a yawn, ready, do it with eon

That was a yawn and sound. And that stretches your jaw stretches your neck, it also allows for your brain to get more oxygen, people think oh, well, it means I'm bored when a yawn. No, it means you need stimulation and oxygen when you yawn. Right, there's also you can allow yourself to breathe in and count see what feels good and hold for a second to breathe in.

Okay, so my breathing was at a count of five, my hold was at a count of 10. And my breathe out was at a count of 10. I feel really like way more relaxed. And so for me, I would say Okay, so 510 and 10, I'm going to practice that when I want you. Or you can pick another number, whatever works better for you. So let's say the idea is you want when you breathe in, you want to breathe out slower, to kind of slows things down. And when you breathe in, excuse me, this is making the yard when you breathe in and hold, it actually creates more of a stretch. So I'm gonna do it and notice do it with me. And it's sort of like you relax, and you feel pressure here kind of pushing the throat pressure here, kind of pushing the lungs and the diaphragm. And the idea when you relax as you're holding is it stretches all of that out where you're holding tension. And it feels really good. You may actually also notice it in your lungs and your ribs, which actually forces the tension out of the shoulders, the ribs, the intercostals the muscles in between the ribs really good for you. So in practicing all those things, it helps the body to relax. It helps you to be able to go. Ah, okay, cool.

So this is how I'm helping my mental health. This is how I'm helping my mind go who. And it calms the thinking down especially for those of you who are over analyzers, you're busy focusing on your breathing, you're busy focusing on relaxing, and so it calms that down. Alright, cool beans. So I'm going to walk through these other things and then I'm going to spend time on the the the nice, secret goal for you. Now, each one of these does need a specific amount of time for you to walk through. But I don't have the full amount of time to walk through them all today. So if you have any questions on any particular one on how to do it, then let me know. Okay, so number five, super simple walking through, outside into the sun, noticing the beauty all around you connecting to the trees, the air, the sounds, how the sun feels on your body, how your feet feel walking, how you feel, just giving yourself a break, allowing that right number six, creating a self nurturing morning routine.

So everything I just shared with you, you can make that a routine like I'm going to do two of those things every day. So pick out of here could be two things, three things, four things and that could be your Morning Routine, right? We just did the briefing in just a matter of seconds, right? We have already walked through each one of these. And it's not even been 15 minutes yet. So you could do a 15 minute routine, and have yourself set. Now, here's a couple others that you can include in there. Number seven, first 60 seconds of your morning. And so we're gonna practice this real quick. I'm waking up, my eyes are opening, thinking about things that I'm grateful for thinking about the sun and how beautiful it is thinking about the sky, thinking about how God has created me being so grateful that I'm living today. So grateful for the my loved ones that I had so grateful for my body that it's up and well and able to do things, grateful for the fact that I can go pick my clothes, and I can do what I need to do. And I have my clients to work with me and, and so that was just 10 seconds. And so continue to do that and allow your soul to just be in that you're creating a higher frequency of all of those things. And it's just like, yay.

And it starts your day in a beautiful place. And it takes you into practicing this on a consistent basis. So number eight Daydream on something that's fun for five minutes. We've already been doing this, and it's daydreaming. We're daydreaming on how we're going to do things for daydreaming on our breathing and doing it where it does. Daydream doesn't mean you can't do it with it in the moment, you can actually write stuff down and write down goals and and do your breath, work and do all these things as you're daydreaming about how beautiful you're making your day. And daydreaming is the exact same thing as meditating. And so I want you to think about like that, because they dreaming we're like, oh, that's for fun. No do for fun, right? We think meditation has to be this weird thing out there. The idea is you're letting yourself, have fun, you're letting yourself create the changes you want in your life. Excuse me, I have hiccups. And that gets to be fun. Now, if you feel any kind of overwhelm in this process, or a thought keeps coming back, jot it down. You want to be able to declutter your mind. And so that's actually number nine, as you're jotting down any thoughts that you have? You're taking out the clutter, and you're putting it down here so your mind can be more in its creative space. We think that our mind can loop all these thoughts all day long. Oh, it's okay. I don't need to write it down.

I can think oh, no, honey, you can? Not specifically and not clearly, with everything else that might come up with it. If it's just one thought, sure to maybe. But as you get into thinking, different bits are going to come up oh, I need to do that, Oh, I gotta do this, or I got to talk to that person. Or I got to do that. Oh, yeah, I need to do this. It's just going to happen. Because that's the way the mind is, if you jot it all down all those Oh, yes, are over here. Not needing to be over here. Number 10. Allowing yourself to learn what you're doing right now is you're learning and so your mind is flourished. And your body's like, oh yeah, this is great. Your mind is calming down and feeling good. You're learning new things to help yourself flourish and thrive. Continue to do that every day. And you can look at all of my lives. They are to teach you guide you support you. They are real life tools. I'm basically giving you free sessions in this work, right? So go back and practice them. Now. It's also important to realize if you can't do it on your own, that's okay. I give you the work for free. Because I want you to see how you can begin to do it. But I know I want to share with you that there's lots of stuff you can't do on your own. We need a coach, I need a coach, I have a coach guiding me for things I need, I get stuck in my stuff, even after all the tools that I've practiced.

So we each need a coach and that's perfectly fine. So it's okay, go into these things and practice and what you feel like you're not catching. That's where you want to do the work. That's where you need to learn to flourish. So don't worry about it like oh, it means that there's something wrong with me or I can't do it. That's actually just negative self hypnosis talk that some programming that you began to practice, from a young age and maybe something you saw other people doing, or how you learn to cope, and you're still doing it. That's the thing that's not working for you. Okay, number 11. Plan ahead for healthy eating, and drinking and sleeping. I know just as eating, but I want you to include that to think about it like you've got a kid, right? If you've got a baby, you're like, Oh, I've got to do this. And I've got a plan for that. And I gotta get the right formula, and I gotta get the right food and I better make sure I've got diapers, and I've got to make sure I've got enough. Throw up bibs. I know it's gross.

And so you plan these things. That's where you have a diaper bag, you have the bag of planning because you're going out into the day and you're going to need these things. You're going to need the right foods to make sure that babies okay, you're going to need the right formula to make sure that their tummies okay, you're going to need to know the right time of naptime and the right time of potty time. So you're making sure hey, they didn't party. Something's going on. Let me do the little leg exercises to help them get things moving along. There's things that you plan for. Imagine that you are taking care have a baby because your body can't do anything without you, your mind cannot be handled properly without you the activities you want to accomplish, they're not going to get done without you, you can't even your body can't even wipe its own behind without you. You have this being needs you.

And so as you allow yourself to love it, and take care of it and plan for it, it just becomes so easy to accomplish the things you want to accomplish. Because you're creating, you're coming from a place of creating all the time, you're coming from a place of planning. And it doesn't have to be extensive planning. But hey, I need to make sure I've got this food at this time. So my body can be functioning right, and I'm not cranky. Because think about it when a baby's cranky, they don't feel good. They might even run a fever, right? Just like wait a second, just from not eating Yep. If the body doesn't get what it needs, it could get sick. Knowing that same thing about yourself is essential. We often don't think about ourselves as a being to take care of and nurture in that way. Okay, number 12, you're going to create a way to spread joy, whatever that is. And you're not just doing it for others, you're doing it for yourself. Because when you're creating that joy, you're feeling that joy, right? Yeah, absolutely. And so right now I'm actually spreading joy. And you don't even know because I didn't say, but I'm smiling. And my smile is actually bringing positive endorphins into your brain and into your body. Because that's how the brain works. And you don't even know it if you haven't learned that. And so just by smiling, it's helping you feel better. And just by me seeing my own smile is helping me feel better. And it's kind of like, you feel so I feel so silly. I'm holding this smile and but the more you practice it,

The better it is why not? We practice smiling while we're talking. Because we've never been taught to do it like that. Because we've been taught well, if you do that, then people are gonna think you're fake. People are gonna think you're you're just faking the whole thing. Well, if I'm just choosing to smile, and I'm not faking anything, because I'm choosing to smile, I feel the difference as I'm doing it, you can feel the difference as you're watching it. Spread that joy just because you can't. And here's the big secret guys, your emotions are here to guide you. And people don't know that, then I'm going to give you some examples, I'm gonna give you three examples that are really important. The emotion of anxiety, is telling you that there's an experience around you that's not safe. So you're telling yourself that something is not safe? Or there is something around you that's not see. And so you get to allow yourself to take a look, is there something around me? That's not saying? Okay, then I get to handle that and create a safety plan. Is there something that I'm thinking that's not safe? Like, I'm going to not be safe? Like, what if? What if that happens? What if this person says that what if so then I'm creating an unsafe experience that doesn't exist? I need to put that in check. And stop that and shift that to positive waters? Because guess what, neither one is true.

Neither one has happened yet. So you can allow yourself to say what if I succeed? What if I can do this? What if I'm able to and fill in the blank? Awesome stuff. So number two, this is another big one. When we go into the experience of anger, we tend to think that anger means we're going to lash out anger means we're going to be bad anger means that we're going to hurt somebody or we're going to be hurt. What if anger means that something is unjust and unfair. And it's there to help us set boundaries for either unfair thinking that we're having, or unfair behavior and thinking that someone else is having? What if we handle it like that? And anger doesn't mean that somebody's gonna get hurt? What if anger is meant to be safe? Because anger is supposed to be there to say, hey, something's happening. That's not fair. Totally awesome. Totally awesome. When we can help ourselves and others get that. And as you learn this information, you can do that. You might think, Oh, well, I can't other person. What was it? No, there's a way. There is a way I've done this with clients over and over and over again. Now, if there's somebody who is just set on being angry and aggressive, and hurtful, that's a different kind of person, and that's a different conversation. That person's being abusive, totally different. But if they have issues with anger, and they want to do better, and they want to express themselves differently, and they just don't know how this helps, this will guide them. This will show them right. And then the last one, this one we talked a little bit about before.

If you are in the experience of overthinking braid and into overwhelm. Now some of these two might cause overthinking too. But overwhelm and overthinking, take a piece of paper, take a pen, or if you don't like to write, take your phone and in your notes, speak, what's going on. And allow yourself to create the experience confirmation sounds, allow yourself to create like maybe bullet points. So it's easy to go through, allow yourself to create this new experience of I'm jotting things down when I feel overwhelmed, or over analyzing things. Because as now it's all out right, kind of like you just want. It's all out here. Now I can look at it. And now I can feel better because I can go through and I can see what are the pros and cons of this situation? What is it that I am missing here? And as you're looking at it, you're like, Okay, so I can see this goes with this. And this goes with that. And I could see I was being unfair in my thinking there. And I can see how this was there. And because it's all written down, and let's say you just do it into your notes, send it to yourself in a Word document and do your notes.

They're getting it out of your head. That is what that overanalyzing overwhelm is telling you, so then you can become aware of what's going on. And you can even use what I'm sharing with you, oh, this emotion is happening. So this is what I need. This emotion is also happening. So this is what I need. This emotion is also happening. So this is what I need. And that's how you're able to understand how your emotions are guiding you. Yeah, cool stuff, right. So allow yourself to practice this experience this. And thank you so much for this time that you've spent with me, this is the best 30 minutes that you've had to be able to create a new space for your mental health and check in on what's needed. Now you know how to check in now you know how to feel. Now you know how to see where you're feeling. Now you know that those emotions are safe, and that they're to guide you. And now you know how to practice with breath work, setting a morning routine, just feeling good. Let me know if you've had any questions, please do share this with others. As you're walking through you might think oh, well this is all stuff I already know well it's stuff other people have never heard before.

So share it, put it out on your timeline and share it put it out into your messages and share it with friends like hey, as you're going into May this is you know check in on your mental health. Watch this so it'll help you see how you can check in on your mental health and feel even better this month. Mental health is doesn't need the stigma of Oh, mental health means bad. No mental health is like physical health. You check in just like you check in on your spiritual health. You check in and you get to and here's my contact information over here 954-657-3407 You can reach me at Tammyatsparkshopedotlife. It's always best to reach me on my phone or text me that way I get it right away. Sounds good. Thank you guys so much. What do we do bring it in like squishy hugs. Make sure you're taking care of you this month. I will see you next week. I'm here every week, Wednesday 8:15am. I'm also doing clubhouse now at reset your mindset on Wednesday at 7am Eastern time.

And there are replays for both so if you miss it, jump on. Hashtag replay lets me know that you're there and I can say hello, and any questions that you have. You can still ask those questions, because those will guide me into my future recordings. Because my recordings are based on what you've said that you need. Next week we're actually going to be talking about decluttering your home and decluttering your mind and I'm going to have a special guest Miss Buffy relief from be organized today. A lot of you have been talking about spring cleaning, but also overanalyzing and so this is for you. You take care of yourself and Ciao for now and thank you again for the hearts guys. Hearts back. Oh by the way, whether you like it or not.