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Forgiving Your Mind & Body
For Failing You

Video Dated: Nov. 11, 2021

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Happy Wednesday. I hope you guys are doing well and taking care of yourselves. So today we are talking about forgiving our mind and body for failure. 

Yes. Before I get started I wanted to show you this such beautiful news. I started a little bit early. So you can see the beautiful water with me today. Just looking at it makes me angry predator. It's just so awesome. The last couple of days have been super super super cold. It was 51 than it was six. I think today is much warmer make sure you get a nice look at that. Hey, Ricky. Hey, they're making good to see you. Beautiful. I hope you are having a lovely day. Thank you for your comments Ricky. For know his birthday yesterday was super cute. Sinister Rex Carter. Good morning, guys. Okay, so today we're going to be talking about how it's a forgive our mind and our bodies for failing. And the very first thing is taking a look at even that thought, how can we work with that thought?

How is that thought bringing us down? How is it affecting us? So let's take a look. When I say the thought my body's you know, it's just in so much pain, I'm so tired of this. So in my mind is always, you know, I'm always struggling, I'm always going through these things. Do you notice that it's more of a heavy tone, you notice that it's more of a maybe a complaining or a disgruntled tone? Well, when we have that energy, it affects our mind and affects our body. So when we can allow ourselves to take a look at what we're thinking, how it causes us to feel what we can change, then, before we even know it that gives us permission to release what it is that we're doing. And it may not even need a deep level of forgiveness, it may not need a whole process and may just be like,

Oh, I didn't mean to say it like that shoot, I can see how painful that can be. And if this rings true for any of you share what might be a thought that you said to yourself, and you're like, Ooh, yeah, or even one that you might be noticing. So for instance, for me, one thing that I have to deal with every day, even talking about it right now I can feel the weight coming in, because I don't think of it in a kind way is the pain that I have in my neck, all the vertebrae in my neck and kind of down into the top level of my back part of the rascals Well, it's not possible. But instead of shifting out, it's a pain in the neck is doing the best it can and taking care of him taking the steps that I need, and then my shift. And so then it's already taken care of without any meat. You know, like, I need to forgive myself, because it's another confirmation that it was. Sorry, I'm distracted.

Anyways. So one of the first things you want to do, just as I went through that process of you, is you want to notice, what is the particular thing? What is the mistake? What is the pain? What is the illness? What is it that you have going on that it really feels like the mind or the body is failing you? And so a big one for me as I deal with negative thinking all the time every day. And there's times when sometimes that negative thinking can have me feel instantly frustrated, instantly feeling depressed, instantly feeling not good enough. Also, like I mentioned to the physical pain. And so you add those two together, and it could be very heavy. So what are your things, take a look, you can share those things here in the group. Comments are slower for me to see them. But we can add individual support for you, as you're mentioning.

So I'd like for you instead of thinking about them in a head. So today, we're going to do it a little bit different. We're just going to look at it like a scientist like oh, well let me look at this thing without any emotion tied to it. It just is. Okay, so my neck just has been my mind has a chemical response and it just comes up negative. Okay. So when I do it like that, there is no oh, there's something wrong with me. This is bad. This is terrible. It's just a thought. And so when I haven't, it's just a thought it can be neutral. There's nothing to forgive. It's just, it's a statement. So then you can write down that statement and then let yourself step into it. Okay, so when I feel this, what does happen? What do I feel? What do I believe about myself? What do I believe about people that have this going on? And then go ahead jot that down. And as you're jotting it down, notice how your body's responding. Yeah. So when I began to talk about the pain in my neck, I feel it more because that's where my focus goes to.

My focus isn't on you and the names I've seen, here, all of a sudden, the focus is going to the backline my neck, and I think, okay, I can, I can feel like kind of going down from the base of my neck, down my neck down into my look, my upper back. Okay, that doesn't go good. Hey there, Michelle. Good to see you darlin. Okay, and it's on the right side, and my range of motion is limited, and it just feels stiff. Okay, so then, what was I saying? What are the things I believe about that? Well, I started to go into plane. Well, you know, you had some, some drinks last night. And that makes your body tighter, and it brings inflammation into your body. You know, you haven't stretch this morning yet, you know, like, kind of some judgment in America, who would also be in there. There's some fears that go along with that, like, how much worse is this gonna get? You know, I'm 40. I'll be 45 in December.

And it's like, wow, if it's this much at 45, what's it going to be at 60s. So, so there's fears and they are. So just jot those things down. And I'm doing this for you. And walking it through, she kind of see, this is what I'm doing to myself. I didn't realize the level of disgruntled person creating for my mind and my body. As I'm going through this process, I thought I was just paying attention. Now, there's also things from your past, that you may be beating yourself up on or upset with yourself are concerned, it's not resolved. jot those things down too and see how you feel about it. What do you believe about a person who has those kinds of failures. And so now you're aware of the thought around it, you're aware of the emotion around it, you're aware of how the body's holding it up?

And so then take a look at what else can be true. So can I say, yes, I've made that mistake, and I'm doing the best I can anyway, I've made that my body has that issue and really is failing me in that regard. It's okay, I'm still doing what I need to do. Like, while you might be failing me on a 5%, but on a 90%, it's doing well. Or that number might be a little bit bigger. But ultimately, you'll see that everything else is still running smoothly, you're still breathing, okay, you're still eating, okay, you're still digesting, okay, you're still, you know, your body's still holding you together, your organs aren't falling out, you know, so you can, okay, so this is going on, and they care about you, I know that. And I haven't seen your successes anywhere. And so it allows you to be able to handle not,

We tend to try to be so optimistic, and almost ignore the problem. That's not the goal here. The goal is to take a look at the problem and help ourselves clean it up. So taking a look at any failures, any instances, any not good enough that are going on about your mind, your body also leads into your emotions, then you're jotting them down, right? So you're jotting down any emotion about it, you're jotting down any thought about it, what that thought leads to what you believe about someone with that experience. And then you're you're going to give yourself some room in that. Okay, I love you anyway, it's okay, I appreciate you anyways, we're gonna be cleaning this up. And then number five, as you do the cleanup, guys, we can't just pretend that the issue isn't there and function over it. Let's see, the example I like to use is you've got this cute little animal and you're trying to clean up the mess by putting down clean newspaper overtop of the mess, doesn't work. It's gonna be stinky and nasty issues, it'll be toxic. And that's what ends up happening is you have yourself becoming toxic. You have your situation becoming toxic.

You have your past, coming into your present, going into your future, making it toxic. And so that's where we create a forgiveness that doesn't say, oh, what you did is okay. It's not okay. Maybe you hurt yourself and maybe hurt another. Maybe you're still hurting yourself. That's not okay. These thoughts that you might be creating a judgment. That's totally making an illness happen. So the cleaning up that happens Hey there, Joanne, good to see you. Beautiful. Definitely watch the replay. There's a nice little kind of setup to help you see the steps to take we're on step five right now. Hey there, Miriam, my beautiful, all these beautiful people. Okay, so the idea in cleaning it up is you allow yourself to go through the process of release process of ICANN the process of okay, I didn't mean to do these things. I was doing the best I could. And now this was coming up. So as you're doing that you will allow yourself to do that meditation. Only you're going to flip it up. So instead of meditating on what's not working, you're going I meditate on.

Okay, this is what I'm doing. I forgive myself for doing this process and relaxing and releasing. And it helps you to do this on a conscious level and a sub conscious level. So the meditation is going to look like imagining that this is somebody else who did this, what would you say to them? What would you do with them? How would you treat them. And as you're speaking to them, and talking to them and practicing this, I want you to replace them with you, the younger version of you, or the sad version of who was scared version of who that was going through and share with her. I know you didn't mean to do it like this. And now you didn't know how to do it another way. So we're going to clean this up, we're not going to do it this way. And so I forgive you. And we're setting boundaries that this doesn't have to happen this way. Again, we're getting support, we're getting guidance, and nurture that love on that part of you, she was doing the best that she could, or he for those of you gentlemen who are popping on he or she was doing the best that they could so just love on them for that. And forgive them by saying, Okay, we're definitely seeing that we've learned from this, we're changing this, we're not doing this this way anymore. This is not healthy this way.

And so that brings him that clear aspect and forgiveness because you do not have to practice it that way ever again. And if you're not sure how to get support, and that's what I'm here, I do this type of coaching because I myself, like I said, I go through this stuff, every single day, I have some clients I work with, and they're clear, they go through it, they don't they don't happen anymore, because we clean it out of the subconscious mind. Well, those who have had different traumas and different issues, can you take a little while. And for me, it's just taking a little while. But as I practice this on a daily basis, it changes everything. It makes it flow away, smoother, easier, calmer, my day is still fine, versus where it used to be where I was thinking about death as a kid all the time, because they didn't have the answers. I felt that was the answer.

It wasn't, but I didn't know better. I was just, you know, I was just doing the best I could with what I had. The other thing that you're going to practice is you're going to meditate verbally. So meditation is just focusing on a particular things, but you're gonna be focusing on it with the idea of change. So the verbal change, right? So you did the visual. And so now as you're going through your day, you're going to speak this to yourself, oh, shoot, I made that mistake. And then, and I've learned from it, I made that mistake, oh, I want to have the natural consequence. So you don't need to bring in any additional, you know, you should have a fat rat can't believe it. You don't need all of that we already have the natural consequence, which is usually, you know, it's going to be either a positive or a negative. So let's go with that without adding more, you know, charge on it not feeling good. And we need to be judged and all that.

So meditation on the verbal support, meditate on that, what would you say to somebody else who made that mistake? How would you treat them? Right? And so don't just so you're going to do the visual meditation, that process and then you're gonna do the verbal meditation as you're moving forward into it. Hey, there, Tony. It's so good to see you guys. And and each of you have tried on these areas activities in the past, and I just love it. You guys make me so proud of you. And you continue to bring me hope and knowing that we can help make a change, please share this information. People don't know this stuff, you guys, you're here you're learning, you're growing. And for us, it's kind of natural now. But there's so many people who do not know this. Okay. And then the last thing with number five, is make sure that as you're going through the day, check out your focus.

So if your focus is falling back into some of this patterns, then you want to shift your focus, you want to shift your focus back to meditating on speaking, kindly speaking, supportive, speaking forgiveness and again, not forgiveness that says, okay, the way I was treating myself or the way I did that is okay, if it's not okay, don't, don't, don't think yourself don't add more toxic. Instead, you just say, Ooh, that was not healthy. That was not good. So what we're gonna do is we're going to add healthy mind that for this, we're going to add support, we're going to add love, we're going to add these changes into this meditation, then we're going to speak it out loud into our day as we're doing our day. And then we're going to shift our focus from that negative and that's not healthy, and we're going to shift it into practicing healthy practices. I'm loving on myself and loving on this body. I'm loving on the new changes that I'm making.

And that puts us into pro actively practicing Forgiveness everyday, proactively loving on Earth proactively just loving everything, just like you can take a moment and love the day three that you deserve. Because that's who you are, that's what you were doing it to be, to be loved, to be appreciated to be like, an amazing creation. And I've been creating every day I've been creating my life, and I've been creating progressive. So I'm gonna use these practices to create beauty. Just realize that I am part of this beautiful experience. Realize that I'm just like each and every wave yourself to take in a deep breath as you hear the waves. And notice how the sound of your own breath is just like a wave.

She's just beautiful, just like you. So let yourself continue to practice these steps. Show. Number one, you're going to make sure that you notice what's the mistake or notice what's the pain? How do you feel like your body is failing? Your your mind is failing? Notice the illnesses notice what's going on. It's you're gonna notice it to be more of the scientists like, Oh, this is what's happening versus that heaviness, and allowing yourself if the heaviness is there, no judgment on it, write it down. What is it that I'm feeling? What does this create? What do I believe about somebody who has this? And then allow yourself to write that down? Feel where you feel it in your body? That tension? Where's the tension, my throat, my chest, my head, or wherever that illness is? I feel it there, feel the pain there and feel the the discomfort there I feel all right at all that. And then allow yourself to think about what is it that I'm beating myself up with so negative, why am I in this space, it's bad and wrong.

Journal that down without judgment. If you have judgment in it, you'll resist doing. So move away from that resistance, and sift into love and support and nurturing and kindness. And so as you're doing that activity, that will give you that support. And then the fourth one you're going to add in this is what the issue is, but I love myself anyway, this is what the issue is, but appreciate myself anyway, this is what's going on. But I appreciate this about my body, I appreciate this that's working or I appreciate whatever it is you're grateful about, it could be something so silly, I'd love my toenails because they protect my foot when I kick the table. Let yourself practice these things, it feels so good. And it shifts you out of realizing, Oh, this is so heavy, I can't believe what's wrong with me into realizing oh, this is fun, I'm enjoying my body and enjoying myself enjoying it is creating a negative thought and be captured.

And then the number five, you're cleaning it up with meditation visually, you're cleaning it up with meditation verbally. And you're cleaning it up with focusing on what's working. That helps you take a look at the solution to your changing it on a subconscious level, deeper conscious ends up conscious. And you're also making sure that you get that support that you need. Get that support. It's so essential. And remember, this beauty that you see everywhere, really all of it

So you get to let yourself, treat yourself like you are amazingly being you are out here creating, you're creating your life, you're creating your existence. You're creating your day, you're creating your thoughts, you're creating your emotions. And now you're learning how to paint them in a beautiful way. And I acknowledge you so much for that. I'm so proud of you guys. Those of you who are watching the replay. Please do respond. Share with me your thoughts, your questions, when you have challenges that you're like, I don't know how to apply it in this regard. Ask me that's what I'm here for. Don't feel like oh, I know I was shaken up. And it's just some negative thinking that's not good enough stuff. You're good enough. Right in there. Let me know we'll add it to next Wednesday. So each Wednesday 8:15am Eastern Time. And here. I'm giving you this support, answering your questions and just loving on you because I know what all this feels like. I deal with it myself each and every day. And I know it can be easier and less so we get to create. Alright you guys. Bring it in, like squishy hugs

Yeah, please do share this. Get the information out there. People know to pay them to do this stuff. It's okay if you don't know how to do this stuff. I didn't. And I know how because I practice it and Every day, and I release the stuff that's going on every day and I add in the nurturing every day and I bring in the forgiveness every day, you know. So it's, it's not something that you have to feel like you're just supposed to have to take practice

to take care of you and I'll talk to you soon. If I don't talk to you before then I'll see you next Wednesday. Ciao for now, guys. Bye


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