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Ending the Year with a Clean Slate Meditation & Vision setting for your 2022! 📝

Video Dated: Jan 03, 2022

Hello, hello, I just want to say Happy New Year, I do hope you guys have had a wonderful 2021. And that you're ready to step into 2022. And this is actually going to help you to become even more ready, you deserve it right, you deserve to be able to step into the new year feeling good, you deserve to create the best that you can. And also just know that you can do this with me every month. So I actually come here live Wednesdays, and we create an experience of being able to start fresh over and over again. So it doesn't just have to be the end of the year. However, here we are at the end of the year.

And so one of the things that I want to do for you is to help you to see that you can make a difference, you can shift out of any negative thinking you can shift out of any of the stuff that didn't work for 2021. Anywhere that you feel stuck, any of the stuff that you're just like, Oh, I'm not where I want to be, you can allow yourself to shift out of those things, it's important to realize that we practice our own mindset and our own mindset can really just sort of get us stuck and get us thinking about what we can't do or what we didn't do. And it can end up being really negative. And so it's important to realize what that is, is that's a negative self programming.

And what we're going to be doing today is creating a positive self programming intentionally. So you can actually see, oh, this is how I can make that difference for myself. This is how I can make that change in my life for what I want to do. And oh, yeah, I do deserve it, I can make this happen. I have done all of these things and and have the value in my life. So what we're going to do is we're going to do two things. So the first thing you're going to do is you're going to think about your goal. What is it that you want for 2022? Now, if you're not really sure, on the last recording that I did, you can look where I posted it. And you can also go to freedom from negative thinking Facebook group, that's actually a good place to do it. Because I go in there and ask answer questions and support the group there, the group supports each other. So when you're wanting to figure out what your goals are, and make a measurable, you can see how it's broken down into each little area, you can also see how you're able to make a percentage of that. And so then it's measurable, and you're able to see your progress.

So like for instance, I have a client who just the other day was so awesome. He's like, you know, I really wanted to enjoy my parents more. And I would say, I would spend an hour with them. And I'd enjoy about 30% of the time. And then we were looking at it currently, he's like, wow, well, now I actually spend about three to four hours with them. And I enjoyed about 70% of the time. So it really allows it to be measurable. So taking a look at those kinds of things. As you go, Oh, that is how I can measure that. So as you're looking at what your goals you want, you can look at each category, you can look at your finances, you can look at family and relationships, you can look at what you want for your personal self care, you can look at your environment. So there's different things that you can take a look at, you can look at your spirituality. So each one of these areas helps you to go okay, this is where I feel like I'm at 50%. This is where I want to get to. So that's how you can measure that. So keep in mind what those are, you can jot them down.

And then as you move forward into each month, you can be able to see, okay, so I can handle this area by doing this this week, I can handle this area by doing this this week. And so you'll be able to see each area continues to be addressed as you're going through the week. And it may be that one area doesn't get any attention that week, but it gets it the next week. So those are the ways to do it. So I just wanted to share that with you. But if you want the detail and you want the the documents that I actually share those freebies, you don't have to give anything for them, you will be able to go into the group and you'll see them posted there as a guide. Okay, so then the second thing you're going to do is I want you to think of any successes that you've had in your life.

And so what we're going to be creating is called a circle of success. And I want you to think about it like I don't know if you've seen these little things, but they actually open they kind of spring open and you can use them as a visor. But it starts off as a little circle and you open up the little circle and it's like going and it opens up into a circle and you can then unfold it into the two connected circles. So I'd like for you to think about this as a little circle, right? And you're going to open it up and it's going to go going into one circle. And that one circle is going to be your circle of Success.

And so what you're going to be doing is you're going to be imagining, anytime you've had success, and you might go, I can't think of anything will connect, right? If you're any particular age, you've had some success. Hey there, Tony. Good to see you. darlin. Thank you so much for the hearts. Maria. I love you guys are so awesome. Please do let me know if you have any questions or any particular goals that you want to focus on, because that can kind of guide me into moving forward. Also, too, as you're thinking about your circle of success, share, what are some things that you know you've been successful with, and we can kind of use those as examples to. And so I'll just share with you some examples in my life. So when I think of success, the first thing that comes to mind is graduating with my master's degree. And so when I think about that time, I bring into what you see.

So I see all the different people around me, some of them are, are also graduating, and we're so proud of each other, and my heart just feels so big, and I kind of feel, you know, goosebumps. And I see my family around me. And at this time, my mother was still alive, my grandmother was still alive. My siblings were still young, we were all still kind of connected since then everything has changed. So in that moment, I can I can have that togetherness, I can have that connection, my mom was kind of a little more stable. So she didn't know really. But either way she was there. And so I can connect to the positives of all of that I can connect to Wow, I did all of the work, I can connect to that feeling in my chest. It's like so big and it's radiating, right? So connect to those experiences. And if if you're like, Oh, I can't quite, and just let me know, we can work on it together.

So allow yourself to think about that, and bring in all of your senses. What were you hearing. So at that time, I was hearing laughter and excitement and a lot of talking and a lot of people and everybody was just so like, wow, we did it. And you know, different families, everybody's proud of each other and flowers, and, you know, the, the the graduation hats and the gowns and the collars that different people had and the ropes and the awards and just like the relief of it finally being over. So all of that there allow all of that to go into that circle, that circle of success. And you can imagine it as a particular color.

And whatever color is now it's also adding with another brilliant light of color. And it's almost like sparkles. Like like a sparkler with fireworks. And it's just like, whoa, that's just so bright, and it's full of energy. And so when I step into that experience, I'm like, wow, even my my excitements more. So allow yourself to do that. Think of the times that you had success and, and, Maria, I know that you're a mom. So I know that you've had success with your children and just giving birth as a huge success and, and being my assistant is a huge success and helping me with doing the different things that you do on social media, just in my world. I know. And I know that you're an amazing wife and these successes that you're doing, you're bringing laughter and you're bringing love, and you're kissing away tears and booboos. And these are wonderful successes.

And and Tony, I know that you've had so many successes throughout your life. And one I know that you shared with me was you've helped people clean out their homes of negative energies and negative spirits. That's like so totally cool. And I know that you've been on live TV and you you've shared your ideas, and you're just you've had these successes. So bring all those successes. Bring all of your senses to like, what did it feel like the excitement, the thrill of it, the the, the the oh my gosh, it's coming, put all of that into that circle of success. Hey

there, Graham. So good to see you, darlin. And now Graham's popping on grim, we're creating a circle of success. And so just imagine this circle that's movable that you can, you can pick up and you can put down and it starts off small and you open it up and it pops open. And you're putting now successes into it. And Graham, I know that you've shared with me that you're so good as you play the organ. And I can hear as you breathe in, you're just breathing in ready to create beauty and you're ready to create joy and smiles and experiences for people you've stepped into creating your health and, and changing your body and which helps your relationship feel even safer. Because you're you're doing better. And so all of these wonderful successes, put that right into that circle of success. And what's wonderful is we could share each other's successes like wow, as I'm thinking of your successes, it makes me feel good too. And I'm putting it into my circle of success. And so now as we're going through this meditation, you're going to continue to fill that up with different successes.

So a success I made it through my childhood and and I feel so very proud of that and I I can look back, and I can see all that I've accomplished out of that. And, and I can see that, you know, I stepped out of so many chains of my family's dynamics, and I stepped into a new aspect of health and still working on it. But better than then where my family's been, and I've stepped into a new aspect of mental health and, and I'm able to reach back and help them to and so continue to think of success is important to that circle of success. And if you need help from me, don't hesitate. Right? Just like I'm giving Tony and Maria and Graham some ideas I can give you ideas, too. So think of it with all of your senses. What does it sound like? What does it look like? What does it feel like to the touch? What does it feel like to your emotions? Is there a taste Can you smell like and when I when I think about my graduation, there's different perfumes and colognes and then hairspray and it just smells good, everybody smells clean.

And there's flowers and so I can remember smelling the flowers that were a gift and seeing other people's flowers and, and fun pictures that were taking and, and my siblings, they were able to see that experience and wear the gown and wear the cap and and it was just fun. It was just this experience that I haven't had again, right. And I've had it throughout life, but it's different every time. So then I could think about my graduation for my bachelor's degree and my graduation with high school and, and how all that was going on. And you know, so all these different things. As you're filling that up, you're allowing yourself to feel that same experience. Now with all of your senses. You're so welcome, Maria. As you fill up your senses, it's just like, Whoa, there I am again, immediately. So I'd like you now to imagine stepping into that circle of success. And allow all of that goodness you just put into it to immediately go whoosh, and wash over you. And you're just like, Whoa, it feels so good. And feel it just like it's happening. But now feel it to the nth degree because now all of that success is there. And now as I step into that circle of success, not only is mine there, but I also put yours there.

So I'm just feeling it, and I'm just allowing it and I'm just experiencing it feels so overwhelmingly good, as you could hear in my voice. It's just like, ooh, it's got me all giddy. Right. Okay, so now what I'd like for you to do, I'd like you to step out of that circle. And as I mentioned, it's, it's, it's something you can pick up. So I'd like for you to think of it almost like a nylon or something that you can pick up and you can fold it, turn it into a really small little circle and put it in your pocket. All right. Okay, so now this circle of success is going to always be in your pocket unless you're not dressed. And you're going to put it right back in your pocket or think about how you might have a skin pocket. Because the idea is, it's always with you. It's never like, oh, I left it behind, it's always with you, you're always able to pull it out of your imaginary pocket, even if you don't have one. Okay? So you have it in your pocket. Now what I want you to do, I want you to allow yourself to imagine this year, just connect.

So take a deep breath and connect to this year. I want you to connect to how you've done so many good things. They want you to connect to how you made it through a very tough year, connect to how even in the toughest times you're able to make it through you were able to laugh, you were able to smile you were able to be there for family or friends, you're able to be there for yourself, you're able to get dressed and do your day, you're able to make things happen, no matter what. Just acknowledge yourself for that. And if you feel that success, allow it to go right into your pocket into that circle. Yeah, there goes. And so good. And now allow yourself for just a moment to connect to what didn't work. And notice what you feel about that. Notice what you think about that. Now there's two different things that will come up. You'll notice the judgment, the criticism, the negative, and then you'll notice the matter of fact, so just connect to that and notice and I want you to separate the two, I want you to notice where there might be judgment if I didn't do it, right. It didn't do good enough.

I'm not where I want to be looking where other people are any of that negative stuff. I don't want you to judge it. I just want you to notice and allow yourself to realize this is what you have believed is your motivator. This is what you believe is your protector. If I think like this, it will motivate me forward or if I think like this, I won't be as disappointed because I'm already expecting or whatever logic is behind it. It's not really logical because we started this practice when we were little, and we're not especially logical when we're little. Then I want you to pull apart from it the facts only right so keep the judgment over here and just pull out the facts which is I didn't accomplish CES yet didn't accomplish this yet. didn't accomplish this yet. And then take a look, is there some things you can scratch off? Like I didn't accomplish this? Because I don't want to do it? I'm not gonna do it not having it. No, thank you, it stinks, not doing it, I put this on myself don't need it incorrect expectations out of their book, scratch off any of those.

Right? You don't need those because sometimes we'll put things on our list or our goals and and they're not ours, right? They actually belong to somebody else. It's really expectations that we're setting that No, no, no, no, this isn't even a possibility. This isn't something that I really can do. And telling myself I need to fix somebody else, or I need to make sure that somebody else is feeling emotionally well, we can't make them feel emotionally well, right, it's up to them, we can give them information, we can give them support, we can give them resources, we can suggest to them, but the rest is up to them. Now if you're a parent to a child that's a little bit different. Now we've got to make sure we get them to that thing. And maybe if it's a spouse who needs additional support, we get them to that thing. But even still, we can't make them change, kind of like that old adage, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make a drink. I always said you could beat the heck out of it until it does. Or you could drown it, you know, it's going to drink some. I don't mean drowning until it dies.

But you know, shove its head in the water, it'll drink some. But no, that's that's, that's not really you know, the way we want to do things. So, as you're allowing yourself to look at the facts, just neutral. Notice how you can look at it without blame. without guilt without shame, just matter of fact and measure it. That's where we want to get to, I want you to notice this other stuff. This is out of self preservation, there's a part of you that thinks if you beat the hell out of yourself, it's gonna be helpful. That's why I do this work, I help people stop that part. And that's deep rooted. There's different beliefs and different subconscious programming that you've got going on. That's got to be its own work. So if you find that that stuff is there, reach out to me, let me know because we've got to work on that and get that out of your way that's going to block you. Even as we do this stuff, this will be great. And this will motivate and support you. But those blocks will come up and get in the way. So we've got to clean that up. People tend to think if you just positive over it, that it's going to just disappear.

But it doesn't work like that. It's like you can't just put clean newspaper over, you know, over the puppy poo, because it's just going to become a stinky or harder mess to clean up. So we don't want the stink, we don't want the harder mess. So when you see it there, realize, Hey, I know somebody who can help me clean that up, get out the mind trash. So it can help you clean up your life and step into your goals and stay more in this neutral space. And believe me, I have to practice this myself all the time, I find myself going here. And I have to shift out of it using the same tools that I'm going to share with you and shift back into the neutral space. So it's easier to take the actions that I need to take without trudging and pushing and fighting. And being an anxiety and panic and stress and not good enough all the time. That stuff will keep you there. So now we're going to get into just the meditation part, we're going to take these tools that you've just learned, and we're going to put them together. Okay, you'll see how it's done. So I want you to take a nice deep breath and just relax.

Go ahead and close your eyes. Now we're going to start with our eyes closed, but we're going to open and keep doing some things together. So allow yourself to notice that your breathing can help calm your mind and your body as you take a nice deep breath and hold it for a couple seconds. In the holding helps you stretch out your chest it helps you stretch out your lungs. It helps you stretch out your esophagus it even stretches out your ribcage, your back your shoulders, and then breathe out all the way out. So you feel your tummy pushing in and there's no more air, hold it and then breathe. Just noticed already you're releasing stress, you can stretch your neck a lot of folks hold stress and tension in their neck. With down look. Be careful with your neck. If you have any issues, I have loads of them. So I have to be very careful and go slow. Keep stretching your neck throughout the day. It's important.

All right, taking in another deep breath and hold for a second. And the longer you can hold if you feel tension in your throat the better because as you're holding it's stretching out the esophagus and literally stretches away that tension that you're holding in there and then breathe all the way out till there's no layer left and then breathe. And what that does is it contracts everything and then expands everything and then contracts everything and expands everything. And it contracts it to a tight level and expands it to a tight level. So that tension that you're feeling, it actually will force it to go a little tighter, and then it releases it. And so that's the goal of that. Alright. So as you're doing that still with your eyes closed or wants you to allow yourself to continue to breathe normally. And as you're breathing normally, think about the goals that you want to accomplish into 2020 to think about each category, thinking about your health, what you want to do with your health medically keeping your immune system up.

What do you want to do with your fitness? What do you want to do with your sleeping? What do you want to do with how you're eating, eating could look like planning your meals ahead of time, sleeping could look like going to bed just 15 minutes sooner, or stretching before bed. How you're eating or drinking could also look like having more water. Maybe you have trouble drinking water. So maybe you want to do some mindset work on drinking water. Help yourself, see what your health looks like think about your body. As you're doing those things. As you begin to think about what your body is going to look like feel like I want you to go ahead, reach into your pocket, pop out that Circle of Success, drop it on the floor, notice the light that shines from it the brilliance, the colors, and step into that circle, and allow yourself to continue to imagine, oh, my body's going to look better, it's going to start having looking that that having that healthy experience and looking more like the skin tone is better and the hair is healthier, and the nails are healthier, and I'm breathing better and I'm sleeping better.

And my body is healing better. And feel that success coming from inside of you and out wrapping around your body, as well as from your Circle of Success washing up over you it's the coolest thing. It's like a waterfall from the bottom up. And then from the top down, it just washes over you. And it feels so good. And you might feel like a particular coolness or a warmth, whichever feels better for you. And it's just wrapping around you in that light is going inside and outside of you. Wrapping around the energy aspect of you that's even around your body. And allow that noticing that Circle of Success is getting even brilliant, more brilliant, more colors, more light, more powerful. Oh, it feels so good. You're good. Yes. And then allow yourself to go ahead and step out of that circle. And notice that you take that feeling with you as you step out of the circle.

And that love that connection, that awareness that power, that motivation around your life, just taking care of your health. Ooh, that feels so yummy. And pick up that circle and wrap it up. So you kind of twisted and it goes into a smaller circle, and you put it into your pocket, whether it's a real pocket or imaginary pocket, it's always on you. And just allow yourself to acknowledge, wow, I can do that. I love how my body feels when I step into that. I want that for my body that feels so good. I want that for my mind. I want that for my experience. Yeah. And so now allow yourself to think about what's your next goal.

Oh, my next goal, my next goal is for my family. So I see for my family. And I want even better communication. Confirmation, better communication, I want us to understand each other, I want to have more fun with each other, you might find also I want to actually create an additional relationship. So I have a partner that I don't have now. Or I am actually going to have a baby and I don't have a baby now. So whatever it is for you, what is it going to look like? What's the news, what's the most beautiful thing you could think about into your relationships. And then allow yourself now to take that Circle of Success right back out of your pocket, put it on the ground. Notice that the brilliant light, that brilliant energy, all of that wonderful success all of that. Oh the joy the connection that the feeling so good feeling so oh my gosh, I did this feeling the love feeling all of that so big, and even the other successes you might have put in there. Man I made this person smile and I made a change in their life and you allow it to get bigger and bigger.

And as you step into the circle and you feel it washing over you once again stepping into WoW relationships feels so good. Communication is so good. Knowing how to set boundaries knowing how to ask for what I need knowing how to ask them for what they need. Feeling heard them feeling heard. Oh my gosh, this feels so beautiful. So intimate, so connected, so possible Whoa, feeling it just rushing all around your body inside outside coming from your mind coming from your heart coming from your diaphragm coming from even your lower basic area so, so like your hip area that your were our lifeforce creates from as well. And you just feel it to the depths of your being loo from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, all the way through to your fingertips. And you just allow that and noticing it's growing, that Circle of Success is growing and growing, and it feels so good. And just allow yourself to step out of that circle and you feel it staying with you even stronger now. And you pick up that circle and you fold it up into a much smaller circle, and you put it in your pocket.

And allow yourself now to open your eyes. And just continue to imagine, continue to connect, continue to realize that you've created this, and it's not just there out there, it was a nice thought, no, it's here, you've created it. And the more you practice this, the better. So I want you to take each area and practice this. So I'm going to be quiet for just a moment. And I want you to take each area, imagine what you want it to be, and then take out that circle and put it down and, and the reason I want you to take it out and put it in is so that way you're able to see, oh, I can build it up stronger. Okay, and I can put it away and I can still keep that it may not be as strong as being in the circle, or it might. And so just allow yourself to take a look at it. And as you do, I want you to to give yourself a rating, like oh my gosh, this feels like a 10 I know I can do this, this feels great. Or this feels like an eight like, I know I can get there. But there's this that I can tell might hinder me like still a block I can see and the way or you know, allow yourself to put what's the number that you feel like you're at.

So right now I feel like I'm at a 10 I can do these things, there's nothing that's gonna get in my way, if I start to get in my head and get into that negative thinking over here I talked about, then it might take me to an eight, if I stay there, it might take me to a five. If I stay there, I'll in the better zero, right and not doing anything. So that's why it's important to keep practicing this because if we go back to practicing the negative, you'll find yourself wearing yourself down. So that's why we do this work because it slowly begins to erase the negative because you're making this neural pathway strong. And you're making this neural pathway weaker. So allow yourself to do that now. Allow yourself to imagine, pick another area. Imagine what it is that you want. And then open up that circle, take it out of your pocket, step into it. And imagine that you have it that you're creating it.

What is your life look like? Feel it, connect to it, feel all that it feels inside of your emotions? What does it feel like out here? Is it about your business? Is it about your career? Is it more finances? Is it allowing yourself to ask for the raise that you want? Or is it allowing yourself to get more clients? Is it allowing yourself to create more partnerships? So do you feel more handshakes? Do you feel more hugs? Do you hear more? Oh my gosh, this is so great. I love this partnership, or oh my gosh, you're doing such a great job.

Yes, totally. You're gonna get a raise, and then some? What does it sound like? What does it feel like? What does it taste like? Is there like a smell of celebration? Like, are you going out to meals and celebrating your successes? What does that look like? Or is there a smell of ooh, I get this new cologne or I get this new perfume? Because I've got more now that I can do this. And I want to really feel good. So what does it look like feel like? Or is it just going for a walk because you felt so good. You're taking better care of your body. Allowing yourself to do that then stepping out of that circle noticing that it got so much bigger, so much brighter, maybe even some of the colors changed or added and you twist it and becomes a smaller circle, you put it in your pocket.

And just allow yourself to do this every day. Before you do whatever it is you want to do. Imagine what it is set your goal. Step into that circle of success, allowing it to fill you up seeing Ooh, this is what I'm getting out of this. This is what I created out of this. These are the clients that I'm helping or this is what I'm doing with my career. And this is what I'm establishing with my family. And this is what I'm creating and setting boundaries. And this is how I'm able to create these new skills and create this communication and create this understanding and it creates such a beautiful change. So allow yourself to continue to practice this, come back to this anytime that you need to keep your circle of success in your pocket and throw it out whenever you need it. Throw it out on the ground and step into it even if you just want to do it for fun.

Allow yourself to feel so good because you D deserve it. I love you guys so much. It's so important that you allow yourself to know how much you're loved and appreciated. And keep coming back here. That's why I do this work. That's why I come here live Wednesdays, you get this event each Wednesday, you have my relationship workshop on the first Friday of the month. That one's virtual, you have my powerful men networking group on the second Friday of the month. And then also to I'm going to be adding another day where I'm going to be doing a webinar with you guys just like this one. And we're going to be talking more about the specifics of reprogramming. Kind of like what we did here today, but with a little more detail, and a little more how to understand the foundation. So you can take this, you can practice this and you can step it right into your life, just like you step into that circle of success. Thank you guys so much. I appreciate you.

Thank you for spending this year with me. And I look forward to spending 2022 with you as well. Continue to let me know any thoughts, any ideas? Any areas of challenge that you have? Some of you have already? Let me know. So I'm creating a topic of calendar for this coming year. I am here I am open. I am willing, and if there's something that I don't know, I'll research it for you because that's what we do. And what do we always do guys? Bring it in. Know that you are loved, know that you are appreciated. Know that you can do this. Know that 2022 is yours to take on. But not just the year each and every day each and every breath. You can renew it. As you practice this work.

You take care of yourself, have fun. And then having fun. Be safe. Ciao for now.


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