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End of year review - what did you hate, what did you love, what to celebrate, what to vent about?

Video Dated: Dec. 11, 2021

See me, if you hear me, let me know you're there happy Wednesday to you guys, I so appreciate you being here. And we're just gonna make sure that this is showing live on the page. And then we're gonna get started all right, there we go. And then we're going to share this on over. So everybody gets to see it. And today we are actually going to be talking about an end of year review. And why do that? Well, we tend to have this idea that at the end of the year, we're going to make some magical change into the next year. Because we say 2021 is over and 2022 is starting, yay, magical one, I have a magical one. Magical one. However, saying 2022 Poof, is not going to work. And so we've got to keep that in mind. Because if we have this concept in this idea that, Oh, you know, this new year, it's gonna happen, I'm gonna make these new resolutions, it's going to happen. But if you don't have a plan, and if you're not looking at what worked and what didn't work, it's not going to work. And so that's why I want to come on here today and be able to take a look at what's causing it to work, what makes it good, what makes it happen. What made it not happen this go round.

And so then you're able to take a real hard look. And it doesn't have to be hard, like, ooh, difficult, but hard, like really focusing in really getting clear. Oh, yeah, I could see this is something that was missing, this is something that I really need to work on, this is something that I can step into, and make a change for into the next year, which will guarantee you, if you're taking the action steps that you want to be taking, then it's going to guarantee you the results that you're looking for. So first of all, the idea is to look at the tough stuff, right? Look at the stuff you don't want to look at. If you're not looking at the stuff you don't want to look at, you might feel some resistance, or you might feel some guilt, or you might feel some shame or some blame for not taking on your life, the way you feel like you should have. That's okay, right? We have that sometimes.

But it doesn't mean that there's something wrong with you, it doesn't mean that, oh, I'm gonna fail every time, it doesn't mean any of the stuff that you might make up negatively, it's just negative thinking. It's just negative thoughts. So allow yourself to get a pen and a piece of paper. And I'd like for you to jot down the stuff that you really hated about 2021 This stuff that you might see some of this stuff I couldn't do anything about. But then you might also see there was stuff where you could have been like, you know, right around there, I could have done that. And I could have done this. And I could have done that. And I'd like you to think about it like I could have in this open possibility, versus I should have with guilt and shame and judgment. One opens you up, it changes your perspective into Oh, ideas, opportunities, next steps people like and reach out to got it.

And so as you're writing it down, it lets you vent out the stuff that you didn't like. Whereas we think, Oh, well, I can't be angry about it, I can't be judgmental about it, I can't be yes, you can. Whatever you feel about it, that's exactly how you can feel about it. And you deserve to be able to have that if you're shutting yourself down and shutting down your emotions in your experience. There's no way you can move forward, because that's going to block you, that's going to be what keeps you blocked. So not only blocking you for 2021. But it will also block you for 2022. And so it's important to keep in mind that although we're moving into a new year and setting new beginnings, you can set new beginnings each and every day. And that's a real important piece, you want to allow yourself to realize, oh, I can make these changes tomorrow.

I don't have to wait to 2021. And that's really the goal because this is your life, it doesn't change. It doesn't happen because of a date or a year or any of that this is happening because you say so. Right? So go ahead and take a couple moments of the things that you didn't really like the things that kind of bugged you out, right? And so, like with you guys, I'm always transparent and I share. So for me what what I didn't like about this year is I didn't I didn't reach out to as many people as I would have liked to. There are so many people who deal with stress and deal with anxiety and deal with negative thinking.

Some of them to the point of harming themselves or taking their own lives. And what if they had this information and that didn't happen for them. Now I'm not going to blame myself for shame. myself, but that's going to be my motivation to get out to more people, I used to have a suicide awareness party event, to where we just talked about what was going on, because I used to have thoughts like that all the time when I was younger. Right now, it's just more about, oh, I can't believe I didn't do this with my business. And I can't believe I didn't do that with my business because I've grown and shifted and learned. And we can help each other grow and shift and learn by talking about the negative stuff, talking about that, the bad stuff you can't talk about, right talking about it, being free about it, having these opportunities to be able to go this year sucked, or this sucked about this year. And now I can move forward, being able to talk about it vent about it share about it helps us to be able to release it and relieve it.

Of course, it's important to make sure you're talking with the right person. So for myself, I help people with their perception, I help people with their limited beliefs, I help people with taking a look at brand new ways of thinking out things and, and taking a look at what's their belief system about it and subconscious stuff. Whereas if it's been really, really tough, or really bad or really traumatic, that's the therapist. Whereas if it's just some conflict, that could be a variety of people that help with talking to the right people to get the right support. So once you've done with that, that should have given you enough time, I want you to write the things that you loved about this year. Right? Everything that worked, right every step that you took that worked, or every step that you didn't that work, or every step you did take, but maybe it didn't work, but it helps you to take a look and go, Oh, yeah, okay, I can see that that didn't work.

But I love that I took that step. And so it allows you to be able to take a look at everything that you loved about yourself loved about the action steps that you took loved about the things that you can do, it just feels really good. When you let yourself do that. It also helps you to take a look at what worked what can you duplicate, again, what could be much like a blueprint for you that you can take on and actually keep doing as you're moving forward. So take a look, what is it that you loved? So for me, let's see, I can say that I loved the people that I did reach out to, I love the effort that I did put out there, I love the people that I did reach, and I did reach some people that were actually really hurting, and in some negative thoughts, and helped them to realize they can think about those negative thoughts and talk about those negative thoughts and feel safe with them. And they're okay. And it changed their perspective.

And it shifted, and they were allowing themselves to go, oh, that's just a thought. It's like a thought bubble, I can change that thought bubble. And I can shift over then into this one. And so it's really being able to see that you can shift your own mindset, you can own your power, you can allow yourself to notice those negative thoughts and, and limiting beliefs are not in control of you, they're not in control of your year, you can write the things down, you can notice what your body's telling you, you can see how those limiting beliefs have helped you, or why they were put there to be able to help you they weren't there to hurt you. They were there to be able to help you through a process. But some of them, we create them at a very young age. So we're like, oh, yeah, that wasn't really what I wanted to do with that when I created that. And so as you write that down, you're then able to create this relief. That's why I made that up.

Okay, so I can bring support and bring connection and bring understanding and bring forgiveness and shift into what I really want. So it's taking that negative garden that you created that unhealthy garden that you created that darker garden that you created, giving it love giving it light, helping it to see it's not bad, just not where you want to put your attention, helping it to, like clean it out, clean out the stuff, it's not helping you. So it's just now an empty space that you can fill in with what it is that you do want and what it is that really support you and what it is that really guides you and, and helps you through everything that you need to have that support and that help with. So as you're taking a look at these things, writing down what you hated, right, and I don't use the word hate often, but I'm actually using it on purpose.

Because let your emotions get out there. Let yourself be like rah, talk about it, get it out. It feels good. It allows you to be able to kind of clear create that clearing that you need to create. Then, as you're doing that, you're writing down what you love, and then write down what you want to celebrate. Ruth Rooby Roo Roo. If you're celebrating yourself and celebrating your successes, you're allowing yourself to be able to see oh, okay, cool. My body's getting these positive endorphins. It's going to want it again. My body's feeling really good about that even though it's super scary.

Oh my gosh, it wasn't that I it was scary and it was bad. It was actually exciting. It's part of a rush like a roller coaster ride. Oh my gosh, this was so great. And talk about it talk about talk about it, share about it share, but people think oh I've gotta be humble talking about his bad boasting that sinful, it's important to realize that if we're boasting, we're actually making someone else feel little and feel small, we're kind of being condescending, that's the kind of boasting that isn't healthy. But if you're boasting and going, I did it, I did it. And under it, and I know how to do it and, and other people can do it too. And you can do it too. And, and I did it because I did this step. And that step in this step, you're actually being able to share who you are and what you can create, you're being able to share what others can create as well. So the more you share it, the more others can see it's possible. So shine the light on who you are, shine the light on what you were created to do. So others can see what's possible.

Don't take on this belief that I have to be small, I can't talk about it. Or I could only say, Well, I only did that because of God, that that was God that wasn't me know you own that. There are people who don't own that. God's proud of you for doing that. Like, yes, I asked you to do it, and you did. So own that step into that. so other people can see the same thing, celebrate, celebrate, celebrate it, and then let yourself vent. If there's things that are in your way, and you need to vent about it, or you need to ask for help about it, let yourself do that, that gives you a straight out clearing into 2022. And then remember, 2022 is this space of a new day that you're deciding is a new beginning, every day is your new beginning. So that way you don't have to feel this experience of if I make a new year's resolution, am I going to keep it? You know? No, that's not how it's gonna be. This is a new lifestyle that I want to take on this is a new way of thinking that I want to take on this is how I'm going to be living my life.

And 2022 is just the next day after December 31. And so I'm just taking it as this as a commitment that we want into my lifestyle I want into my future. And it's going to be into 2023 as well. And so as you practice it like that, you're allowing yourself to look at what didn't work and owning it with responsibility. You're allowing yourself to take a look at what did work and what you love. So you can repeat it again and step into that again and again. And celebrate it having those positive endorphins, all of that positive chemistry that yeah, baby. So your body and your mind wants you to get experience, the results, everything that you need and want. Create that except that step right into it. Because you deserve it, it gets to feel so so so, so good. And so then it's not just a New Year's resolution. It's every year's resolution and every day resolution. So I hope this has helped support you, please step into these different things. So remember, you're taking a look at what you hated or what didn't work.

You're taking a look at what you loved and what worked out great. You're taking a look at what you're celebrating. And you're taking a look at getting, you know venting it out letting it go releasing. So then any stuff that didn't work, oh, I'm just learning from it, don't need to hang on to it, guilt shame should have could have all that is gone. Now it's this is what I will do with what I learned from it. This is what I will celebrate with what I'm doing and what I've done. This is how I am sharing and moving forward and I'm going to be sharing I'm going to be celebrating so I can create that accountability and others around me. Please do share this information, get this information out there, watch it again with your friends, help everything feel good and right as you're stepping into the new year.

And as you're stepping into each new day and you're stepping into each new year and know that I'm here so if you need additional support and I like these ideas but how do I really implement them in my personal life they reach out to me and let me know I'm here you can reach out to me on personal messenger or direct message me you could reach out to me on my cell phone 954-657-3407 If you're watching this on some platforms, you actually see it right here next to me. You can see it in any of my contact information you can reach me at coach to me star and my website is sparks hope hope dot life. So you have every way to reach me outside of smoke signals. I don't think I'll see them.

But I look forward to hearing from you. I look forward to hearing how you're implementing this in your life. I look forward to hearing who you share this with. So if you're watching the replay, tap replay if you share this with a friend, please let me know and if you're sharing it with the friend share and let them know why like I loved this or you're gonna love this so that way they know why you're sharing. So you take care of you continue to do this each Wednesday I come on here. This kind of shifting things up based on when people are needing me on the particular dates, days of the week kind of thing. But you're gonna see me here so come back and watch the replay. Is I'm always giving you good information good support so you can take on your life and know you're not alone. No it no it no it what do we always do bring it in big squishy hugs my friends. You take care of yourselves. set yourselves up for a win every single day. You deserve it all right, you take care of you. I will see you soon. Next Wednesday, same time, same channel. And if you're not able to make it that's perfectly fine. Just watch the replay and just comment let me know what you're getting out of it.

Let me know how it's helping you. Ciao for now.


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