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Video Dated: Nov 26, 2021

All right, it looks like we are almost live. Give me a thumbs up. Uh, hello, Happy Thanksgiving, if you can hear me. And Ready, three, two and one. All right, we're here. How are you guys doing? I hope you are feeling wonderful. I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday. And we are here live, it is 815 Eastern Time, My Time. So do share what timezone you're popping in from because I know each of us coming from a different place. And today, we are going to be talking about celebrating your successes, and in doing so helping yourself to relieve stress from the holidays. So what does that look like? Okay, so there's a couple different things that we're going to be doing. And before we do that, I want to make sure everybody's on. So I'm sharing this over to my other group. And so I would like to invite you to that group, by the way, because I do most of my lives and more of my information and posting and support there. You can look up freedom from negative thinking, you can also look in the comments right there, you'll be able to see that it's there as well. So if you look up freedom from negative thinking, it's there. Or if you just look in the comments, you'll be able to see that the group is there. And you can ask any questions that you have?

And I actually answer your question. So the questions you hear me answering or the topics you see me answering, those are because folks in the freedom from negative thinking group said, Hey, can you share this, or I don't understand this, or I'm dealing with this challenge. And I address it. So that's why I do this because I have folks that just they want to know, right? They're, they're questioning, they're asking, they're trying to do different things in their life, and they feel stuck. And so I help people take on their negative thoughts, their negative beliefs, or their limiting areas, and to be able to address them. And so that's what we're going to be doing today. So first of all, let's go ahead and open this up here. And hit record. Yay. All right. So thank you guys so much for being here. And Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you guys are feeling good feeling prepared for tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day. And so today, what we're going to be talking about is getting through tomorrow and feeling good getting through this weekend and feeling good.

When you allow yourself to celebrate your successes, it automatically takes you under stress. So I'm going to go over with you some examples and some ideas that you can actually apply. So first and foremost, when you're getting with family. Sometimes it doesn't go so well if you're not focused on the right things or if people try to get into the past or bring up problems. Staying focused and reminding yourself and each other Thanksgiving Day is the day for being thankful. So let's just not address that topic today. We can get into that in a different day. Or just continually getting into this space of why it is you're thankful what it is you love about them what it is you love about yourself. And today we're going to actually go into some of those examples. So get your pen and paper and get ready.

Okay, so what's the first thing you want to take a look at? So what are you thankful for? Now this is if you have family with you or family on Zoom? Or let's say you don't have family, let's say you're feeling what the struggle of the holidays don't look the way I want them to look. So giving yourself permission to be able to see that you've done the best that you could all this year to being thankful. What is it that I love about family? What is it that I love about myself? What is it that I love about my life? What is it that I love about what I've been able to accomplish? What is it that I love actually moves you away from looking at all the stuff that's wrong.

And when we get focused on what we didn't do, or what's wrong, that's what puts us in that stressful space. And that's not where you want to be for this Thanksgiving holiday you want to be for what the word means you want to be in giving fix. So let's say you're kind of frustrated and family's not the best and you know, that kind of thing. Or let's say you really just love this time that you're with family. So think about the things that you're thankful for. So for example, I'm so thankful for you. I'm thankful that you've been a part of my life. I'm thankful that you've been on this journey with me. I'm thankful for the smiles that we've shared. I'm thankful for the thoughts that we've shared and thankful for each like that you share that uplifts me, I'm thankful for each comment that you share that says you know you're sharing your thoughts and that's value Well, I'm thankful for, you know, it's a partner, I'm thankful for the support that they give whatever support it is, even if they're sick and not able to give any kind of support in any way they would like to. They are supporting my life because they love having them there.

And I have a couple of clients that I remind them, just because you're not giving in the way that you think you should, you're giving that person a love you, they, you're giving them that connection, you're giving them that reason to exist today, you're giving them so much value. So look and see what it is that you're giving to others and what others are giving to you. And notice, you do not have to be perfect, you do not have to be in the should, that you think you should be giving an offering. So keep that in mind. Because it's important that you allow yourself, you don't have to be perfect, you don't have to fill in the shoulds. Just let yourself be grateful. And as you do notice, wow, that's taking tension that's taking stress out of my life out of my body out of my thoughts. It's having me focus on the here and now. And I can feel that I can feel them, I can appreciate them, I can appreciate myself. So practice that today. Practice that tomorrow, practice that this weekend, practice that the rest of your life, because you deserve that. So what's another way share with me some ways that you allow yourself to notice how you can be thankful for this holiday, how you can release stress in your life. And so there's actually activities that you can do, breathing.

Holding it in, feeling that stretch, raise up your arms, give a nice big stretch, stretching your shoulders, your rhomboids are stretching your lower back, breathing out.

Yeah, so bring in that physical change that you can bring Thanksgiving, and what I love about raising my hands. So I actually feel like that's the Thanksgiving pose. Right? I'm just, ah, thank you so much God for everything that you bring into my life, yay. And it just continues to bring in that same thing on a physical level, it also opens up your chest opens up, you have little intercostal muscles and between each little rib, it opens that up, it opens your rotators it opens up everything literally. And your it actually is this space of opening up for a hug opening up for abundance allowing into your life. And so even the physical aspect to that you could do it standing up. You could do it with your your chest out and your arms and your hips and be like, Yay, I'm allowing love and I'm allowing acceptance. And as you are in that pose, you can ask other people to join you. And it brings such connection, it brings such opening and brings fun. So you can let yourself do that bringing that on. And think about the different things that are important to you stay in the moment. What's important to me, what's important to me is love. What's important to me is connection. What's important to me is creating that. So is it about being right. Is it about getting my point across is it about making sure that you know what I think some of that's important, yes.

But the way we do it makes all the difference. So notice your tones. Notice if you're getting impatient notice other people might not hear the way you hear. So ask more questions. Like, tell me what you think I said, Tell me what you think I mean, tell me what that means to you. So that way instead of getting into arguments or things like that, and also to realizing a lot of things are just an opinion. So if I'm like well, I like this president or I hate this president. Nobody cares, right? The prisoner will be gone. It's not going to stay. You know, I like this weather. It's cold. I hate this weather. It's called nobody really cares. It's just an opinion. Right? So it's important that if two people are jumping on their opinion, just an opinion, like it's still I still like the cold or I still don't like the cold. Their opinion is not going to change my opinion. So what happens is sometimes people get this idea that if you don't accept my opinion, you're not accepting me. But we can allow ourselves to connect with Oh, my opinions, my opinion, their opinions, their opinion. It's just an opinion. I love them. They love me. Do you even be able to say that out loud? Okay, cool. I'm glad that you like to call Old snowing inside, I don't. That's okay.

I'm glad that you like the cold, I'll definitely be looking forward to the warm up. Either way, I love you. So it really connects you and connects them back to what's true back to what's real back to what's important. Not to celebrating your love celebrating your connection celebrating each other. And so just practice these different techniques, practice these different tools, share in the comments, what it is that you do, share in the comments how it is that you're connecting, how it is that you shift off those stressors, how you can acknowledge yourself, and be like, Oh, my God, I just did, I did that. Right there. I'm like that, share those things. So we can support each other. And also the group the freedom from negative thinking, sharing their other ideas, if you feel like you know, I want more freedom from this negative thought, or I want more freedom from this particular challenge, then let me know and I'll give you some additional tools and tips, then be kind with yourself for the holidays. Be loving with yourself, be nurturing with yourself, if something doesn't turn out, well, be kind, right, you can cook something else, or you can purchase something else.

Or if somebody's in a really bad mood, or they're sick or whatever. Just let them have their space. Realize that people going through stuff that doesn't mean it's personal doesn't mean that they're trying to hurt you. So let yourself have kindness over your own thinking kindness over them. But it also doesn't allow that they can be rude and disrespectful. So set your boundaries. And we think oftentimes that boundaries mean no, don't do that. Right. Right. Like we have to wait till we're angry. And that anger means that we have to be aggressive. Anger is just there to tell you that something is unfair and unjust and to set boundaries, boundaries are there to be able to speak your mind and be heard and hear the other person. And it is meant to be done in a respectful way. So I'll give you an example. You can use this as a blueprint. And if you need this written out, let me know I can share it with you. Ask me in Messenger or you can join the freedom from negative thinking Facebook group, it's a free group, I put my resources in there when when it's asked for. So number one, you're gonna say a positive statement. Now this isn't about blowing smoke up anybody's behind here, guys.

This is about creating connection. Speaking what's true, okay, I know we're really trying here, or hey, I love that we're having this conversation, even if that's a hard one. Because it's a good conversation, or I appreciate that you're, you're communicating with me. Or if it's somebody you just love to pieces, you just say it I love you to pieces. When you say or do blank to when you talk about that, or when you talk about me or when you put down my cooking or when you whatever it is. It could be saying something, you know, when you joke about this, or when you whatever it is, I feel now we get confused. And we say things like, I feel like you're being mean, that's not a feeling. Or I feel like you don't care.

That's not a feeling either.

So I've shared with you many times the book called The secret language of feelings and how it breaks down emotions really simply. I feel sad, I feel angry, I feel lonely. I feel inadequate. I feel scared. I feel anxious, right? Any of those now fear is anxious, those are the same. But a lot of times we use anxious and don't realize it's the same. I feel overwhelmed or I feel stressed or I feel the feeling. Share what you feel. And notice it's not the same thing of what you think. Also share what you think. Get them both going in there. I think that you're trying to be rude to me. I think I might be wrong. But that's what I'm thinking. I feel inadequate, like you don't know how to respond to you. I feel sad. Like I feel a separation between us. I feel lonely like, like we're both here, but I feel separate from you. I feel angry. I feel like you're being unfair. So it helps you to share what you feel and what you think. So you're able to see, okay, so because I think this, I feel this. So if I stopped thinking this, I wouldn't feel this anymore. So let's get clear. My thought is you're trying to hurt me. What are you trying to do? So the next question or the next statement is I need? I need to know what it is that you're trying to do when you say that. I need to know what's your goal.

When you do that I need and you fill in the blank of what your needs are. We do not share what we need. Instead we just start attacking or we just are becoming reactive. And when you set these bounds You're celebrating yourself, you're speaking out what you need, you're celebrating them, you're speaking out what, what it is they need. Then you can say, tell me what you hear me saying, Tell me what you're thinking, tell me what you're feeling. So use that blueprint, positive connection. When you say or do blank, I feel and think like, I need blank, connect, what are they hearing? Then you're able to see what's their interpretation, like, you're also able to see how it is you're coming across, because it's our responsibility to take a look at how we're coming across. Now, if we're being as clear as possible, and the other person is not getting us, then we get to create more clarity. Like, I could see that you're not really getting me.

Let's let's try it another way, how about I write it, because sometimes we can write a little bit differently, or sometimes when someone reads, they can receive it a little bit differently. So those are just some ideas to help you acknowledge yourself, celebrate yourself, and to be able to release the stress out of your life over the holidays. Now, there are some things that are important for you to do. Right. So like I mentioned, it's important that you have some things you do physically, so your breath breathing in, stretching those arms, which stretches your back, which stretches your body which stretches your glutes, it makes you get more oxygen. So physically noticing it, you're holding in that stress, releasing it in those waves, having fun, tell each other jokes, look up dad jokes, so they don't have to be too inappropriate or look up kid jokes. Or, you know, you might like roll your eyes were like, Ah ha, but it's still fun. It's still bringing lightness, play more games. You know, watch fun comedies, choose to bring fun, whatever it looks like. Now, if it's a person, they're just old.

And fun is not part of their their life. Then a liar says, Hey, let me tell you a joke. Or let me rub your feet. Or let me just hold your hand or let me just tell you what I've been up to. So it's bringing fun doesn't have to be fun knee. But it can it can be let me tell you a fun joke. Or tell me a fun story about when you were young. They may not tell it in a fun way. Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark Mark, but they're still telling you a fun story about your life. Tell me a fun story about about a memory that you had Tell me a fun story about when you were growing up. So it just brings that fun connection. So you can create it even with the most boring person. So it's doable. So I just want to check and see if you have any questions here. So I'm just looking to see if you do Ah, thank you for sharing your heart. So good to see you, Melissa Lynn. So I do love when you guys ask questions, and I do love when you share challenges, and I do love even if you were to be like, Yeah, I don't think how that's gonna work. That's okay, because then I can give you some more ideas, if I know what your questions are.

Okay, perfect. So I'm going to jump back on what I was talking about your body physically. So the other thing is, make sure you get enough rest tonight. So that when you're feeling good tomorrow, make sure you're getting enough water. If you're like, oh, I don't really drink water, then find a way so I drink water with lemon. I don't really care for water without it. Water with celery water was strawberries, water with cucumber, whatever it is water with tea, even coffee, if you sometimes you can have I have like watered down coffee, I have more more water than coffee, whatever it is that helps you. Now it's decaf. But you know, make sure you're not getting things that are a diuretic that deplete you. So if you're if you have one, if you have a beer have a glass of water in between, it actually heightens that buzz like keeps you going. If you're having soda have water in between keep your body hydrated. Your body works with electricity. Electricity flows through the water. So if your body is sticky, electricity doesn't go through quickly. If you can't think quickly you get kind of fogged out, you get tired, you get drained your body and muscles get stressed. Right. So all those things are happening.

If you're feeling stressed out because you know stuff is happening, call a friend or write in your journal or go in the car and scream your head off. de stress, go for a walk or go for a run. Punch the pillow whatever it is let that excess energy because that's all it is. It's not bad. It's just excess energy that you can allow yourself to kind of get out and be like I read that I thought it was good. No. So let yourself do that so you can feel good. If you have some friends that you can reach out to reach out to them. If you don't have friends who are in a healthy space, don't reach out to them now is not a good time. If family stresses you out now is not a good time. Wait until you have to deal with them. So it's just a limited time and you feel good. And then they go home and you're good. So let yourself go through these practices and relax and feel good. Remember that it's about Thanksgiving. It's not about the past. It's not about any stressful things. It's not about politics. It's not about religion. It's not about opinions and who's right and who's wrong. It's about hey, what do you think? What do you feel? What are you up to?

Cool, this is what I think and this is what I feel. And this is what I'm up to. Cool. That's it, take care of you feel good, get your stretch on, get your water on, get your sleep on, get your vitamins, get whatever that you need, don't do too much on the coffee, don't do too much on the food, don't do too much on the sugars, because that's going to bog down your system as it's trying to digest, it'll spike up your sugar, so it'll make you extra tired. So now you're just like, Oh, I feel like this. And now I'm trying to deal with this extra stress, like I do it. So instead you feel more, more refreshed, and you feel really good. And I also have a product called digestive enzymes. I use this. Now I mentioned it this week. So that way, you could have it for Thanksgiving. But obviously today, it'll be a little too late unless you're local. And you can swing by and pick them up. It's like $1, and some change per little packet. And each little packet has two in it, it helps with digestion, my digestion processes really slow. And so I get like acid reflux and I get an upset tummy. It also works. When you overeat, it helps to add that extra digestive enzymes for that. So get something like that. Right. If you want to get this you can, you might obviously want to have it for tomorrow unless you can swing by and get it. But if you can, I'm here. So let me know.

And the other thing I wanted to share is make sure that you're chewing slowly and don't think about this. But when we're busy talking, we're just like, we're just gonna, we're gonna we're gonna do anyway, put your Put your fork or your spoon down that and then push the plate away a little bit. And then you can cross your hands. And you could be talking and you could be like in the conversation. That's another way that will help you chew and eat a little bit slower. Because if you're not being mindful of what you're doing, because you're busy talking, that let that physical logistical process will actually help you to be mindful without being mindful. So it's a fun little extra. So those are just some tips and tools for today.

There are things that you can step into tomorrow, and any holiday by the way. And even when you go out to eat, those are things that you can do to practice. Take care of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And if you have time today, by the way, I don't know if you've been seeing the invite, but you'll be able to take a look on my Facebook page, you'll see community education series. It's through an amazing group, the recovery Village, I'm going to be speaking and I'm going to be talking more about releasing negative thinking, releasing how it kind of binds us up and using the acronym act. And so it's really being able to change your life, change your experience, change your reality, and just step into the life that you want. So if you would really like more of that, take a look at my Facebook page, you can see the link there. It's free to register and I'll see you there. So you take care of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Know that I love you and appreciate you. hearts, hearts.

And as always bring it in big squishy hugs.

Know that you're loved, know that you're appreciated. Know that I'm thankful for you. Know that you're important. Speak these wonderful words into your life. Speak them into your head, speak them into your heart, speak them into your trains, speak them into your digestive system when you're eating. I know that sounds funny. But with each bite, Tammy says loved. Tammy says I'm appreciated. Tammy says I need to drink water because it's good for my body. I know that sounds funny, but it actually slows down your digestive system when you're thinking these positive supportive loving things over yourself and your body. It also helps your system respond. There was actually a an experiment that was done. It's around the movie The Secret and the idea of law of attraction. So if you have rice that's cooked and you have three separate rice containers of cooked rice, and I know this sounds super funny, but they've actually proven that molecules of water take on different forms different shapes based on what they're hearing.

So for instance, if the rice you say loving things, it stays cleaner, longer. The rice that you just put away and ignore it starts to mold now Listen the same amount of time, same rice, just different containers, but the same kind of containers. If you say bad things like you're stupid, I hate you shut up, stuff like that, that rice will move way quicker than the other rice that you speak kind of things. Now the race that you just ignore, it'll move slower. I mean, it'll, it'll still mold though. The race that you say kind things to takes a very long time to mold. Like when I talk about that, I get goosebumps. You can't tell because I'm like, totally warmed up. If you are 75% water. The way you speak to yourself takes on form. It can create health or it can create illness. Speak love into your life, be kind to yourself, be supportive to yourself, acknowledge yourself, celebrate yourself, practice all these things that I just shared with you, today and tomorrow, and keep coming back.

So you can keep practicing them teaching your subconscious mind exactly who you are exactly what you deserve, and re form your body. The subconscious level the molecular level, to the very aspects of each cell particle with water. With the water in your brain, the water in your heart, the water in your lungs, the water in your muscles, the water in your saliva. Think about how you feel when you say unkind things yourself or be in stress or frustration or think unkind things about other people. And then think about how you feel when you think about the good things about them and the good things about you and the good things you're creating. It's just like oh, sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and cotton candy.

I know sometimes I'm silly, and sometimes I'm facetious. But it's fun and it brings that fun into your life and you my friend deserve it. If you need more of this if you need more support, if you need more connection, if you need more whatever, let me know personal message me text message me you could see my number right over here. 954-657-3407 I'm always doing some kind of workshops and kind of support whether it's with couples, whether it's with individuals, whether you know, I mean, this work works with anything that's going on in limiting your mind limiting your communication limiting your relationship limiting your business.

This work works.

That's why I do it. So let's take out that mind trash ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. We don't need that church up in there. You take care of yourselves Happy Thanksgiving guys.

Ciao for now.


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