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Video Dated: Aug 26, 2022

Yes. Okay. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right, How you guys doing out there? Okay, so today we are going to talk about some interesting topics, some of which you guys have been asking me questions about. So I want to make sure. And others of you, this might be your first time popping on. I know some of you I've just recently accepted.

So thank you guys so much for being part of the group, thank you for introducing yourselves. The group is relief from anxiety and negative thinking for entrepreneurs. And the idea is to create freedom in your mind. Allow yourself to take a look at the areas where you feel blocked, where you feel stuck. And because of it, you're feeling anxious because of it, it's affecting your relationship.

Because of it, you can't find that balance where your personal life is with your business. And so this work helps you to get that cleared up. This work helps you to feel relaxed, feel calm, create the changes you want in your life, and you deserve it, right? You do not deserve to feel stuck all the time, feel anxious, worried, uncertain, right? Instead, it's like, hey, let's get you feeling good. Let's get you on a plan of action, let's get you taking on your life.

And literally being that change that you say you want to see being that relationship that you want to create, being that entrepreneur that you know, you can, without all of these things in your way. And so that's why I come on here each and every Wednesday, just to be that for you to be in service for you guys. And so today, we're going to talk about a couple things. And then I'm also going to share with you my four week program that's coming up September 15. And I really want you guys to take a look at it, if you feel like any of these things are blocking you.

There might be the thought of you know, I could do it myself, I don't need help or you know, I don't I don't want to put my stuff out there or I don't have time or you don't have money. Allow yourself to think about how long this has been affecting you. Allow yourself to think about what if I don't make this change. And I have it the way it's been or worse, because it does get worse, we know that imagine what it's going to be like for the next 10 years. Just even saying that it just causes this heaviness to hit my heart, right?

I don't do this work, because I just want to help I do this work because I had to help myself. And so the idea, Oh, guys, it's gonna make me want to cry, the idea of going backwards and spending 10 years in that. Now, I did spend 10 years in it, but growing and developing and thriving the best I could. So I didn't stay stuck. It wasn't in my personality, I couldn't, because the same thing was true.

Imagining being stuck in that for 10 years match of being stuck in it at all, was quite a bit. But I knew if I was taking action, I was stepping out of it stepping out of it stepping out of it getting better, better, wiser, more skilled. And now I can give all of those things to you as we work together. And you don't have to do it yourself. You don't have to spend 1000s and hundreds of 1000s of dollars on trainings. You don't have to spend 1000s and 1000s of hours and years doing those things, I can actually guide you quickly and easily.

And so it helps you to take all of my experience and to be able to implement it into your life. And so it looks like you're being able to have that communication in your relationship that you want. Being able to see why is it I can't get that relationship that I want. And I'm sitting here and I'm doing all these wonderful things. And I'd love to do them with a partner.

Let's go on on being able to take a look at one of those blocks. If you have a relationship already. And you're just like, I feel like I'm putting all my time in my business. And I'm not giving my relationship what it needs. There may be some balance that has to happen there.

It might not just be on your calendar, it might be what's going on within you within your limiting beliefs within some self sabotage within some belief that maybe says I have to work really hard and then I have time for family. Well, unfortunately, if it doesn't turn out the exact way we need it to be with sometimes no matter what we're always pushing harder and harder and harder, then you're always going to be focused on your business and family will never have or will always be languishing and never feel good enough. Your partner will feel not good enough, your children will feel not good enough. And you will feel not good enough. No matter how hard you get the work done. No matter how hard you know, you're doing it for your family.

Do not get stuck there for 10 years, not even a year. Get out of that. You deserve to be able to have the freedom that you want and deserve in your life in your emotions in your body. You get to be able to see how any limiting beliefs are blocking you. You get to become aware of them without judgment without criticism that's really hard for us as human beings and especially in our cultures that teach us mistakes or bad. Doing it that wrong way I can't believe you did it that wrong way all that time, look at all that pain you created. Be Don't be don't be Don't punish me.

So it's being able to notice that we have these things, we have these limiting beliefs that we grew up with just what we were taught. It's not that there's anything wrong with you, it's not that you're bad. It's not that, oh my gosh, you know, I'm so stupid I should have, you didn't know, you're doing the best that you can with the tools that you have. And that's it, you're giving your 100% you can't do a better 100% Until you have better tools to do.

All right. So the other thing I want to share with you is you want to know that you can understand your responses. So if you could go to my website, it's sparks hope hope dot life, yes, dot life Sparks hope hope dot life, forward slash resources. And when you're on the resource page, let me see if I can't share this with you give me one second, I'm gonna open it up. And you're going to take a look, there's two activities that are going to be very helpful for you that you can, it's yours, you don't have to sign up for anything, I don't get your name or email or any of that. You just click on it and you can download it.

Now, if you really like it, and you'd like to work with me, definitely give me your name and email and phone number. So we can get in touch, I can set up a 15 minute breakthrough call with you. I offer that as a gift. And it allows you to begin to go through what it is that's in your way, what it is that you can do to make the change. And if it sounds like a good fit for us to help you to do that together, right?

And you might decide, well, I'm not ready. Okay, well, I've got plenty of tools that you can use in the process. I do this live on purpose. So you can practice these tools and see that they work. So then you're like, oh my gosh, I want to do more of that.

And then you can work with me. Right? So when you're there. So it's sparks hope hope dot life, raisin are coming up. I cleaned my cookies and cache. So things are not populating the same way that they were before.

Okay. So it's sparks plural, SP, a r, k s hope dot life, forward slash resources. Okay. And so if you can let me know when you're there. You can just put an emoji heart. Okay, good. Perfect. All right. So now what you're going to be seeing on the different resources, you'll see the one where you can set a breakthrough call with me, that's fine, then you're going to see number two, where you're clearing and decluttering your thinking. And that's helping you to see that you can be safe from negative thinking as you go through this really mindful process.

Now the other one is number three, how to set boundaries without being aggressive, we're going to look at both of those today. You click on them, you download them, they're yours, use them and practice them. And I'm going to go over them a little bit today to show you how to practice them. And the work that I'm sharing with you, you'll see that this stuff is in depth, it's in detail. It helps you to create change in your present in your past and into your future. It helps you take on your goals, it helps you to become aware of the stuff that's going on.

And so do not expect yourself to get it right away. Give yourself a break. And realize it takes time to grow. Right? How long did it take you to learn how to eat a couple of years? Right? How long did it? How long did it take you to learn how to walk a couple years, some of us still have trouble.

I trip all the time. Right. So give yourself some room to know that this takes practice, which is why I set up opportunities for coaching. So you can come and go I've tried it, it's not working. And then we can can take a look at why it's not working. Because the tools work. They work 100% They've worked for me in my life. They've worked for hundreds of my clients.

So this is it can't not work. This is a something's not working in what you're implementing. And then we tweak it. That's it doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. It just means that you don't know how to implement it yet. I have coaches, I don't do this to I didn't learn this stuff by myself. I learned it from other people. This stuff just didn't populate. I'm not that creative.

This is stuff that I took from other people in my learning with my you know, my psychology degree with my business degree with all of my personal development trainings and continuing to learn and doing trainings out toward my clients. And it's seeing that it's about experience and practice. And if you haven't had that experience in the practice, it just means that's what you need. And if you don't know how to do it, you can't do it on your own period. It's not that there's anything wrong with you. It just means that you just don't have it yet.

You can't expect a kid to get up and walk by itself and needs to pull itself up on a table or a chair and have somebody help walk it. Have somebody be there when it falls down and busted his face because it does. Some kids have so many eggs on their heads when they fall and hit the tables. And, you know, I'm, I'm such a clumsy person, I do stuff all the time. So the idea, and I'm going to share this with you, so you can take a look at it with me.

We're gonna see it together share screen. Okay, I'm gonna move these things out of the way. So you can see this here. Okay, so the very first thing we're going to be taking a look at here is how you can clear your thinking. Now, I'm not going to go into great detail on this. But what you're able to do is you're able to take a piece of paper, fold it in half, on one side, you're going to put the negative thoughts that you're having. Now, you might think that they're true, just because they're true doesn't mean that they're not negative.

So I want you to, if you're having a thought of, I'm not good enough, I have to be perfect. I'm not attractive enough. I'm not young enough. I'm not old enough. I'm not smart enough. No one listens to me, I have to do everything myself. I don't feel respected, whatever, those things aren't gonna be like, yeah, it's all of those, write them down. And then I want you to write down how it has you feel you'll see next to this, does it?

Have you feel depressed? Inadequate? Does it have you feel sad, anxious? Does it have you feel angry or lonely? Does it have you feel frustrated, and so I'm going to share with you another page that'll go over those emotions list with use, you'll have them to work with print this out, we're not just giving this to you to have it and put in your database, I've got so many resources like that myself, print this out, put it on your fridge, print this out, put it in your purse, print this out, have it you know, you could even do a smaller version, have it in your wallet, I want you to have your hands on this, put it in your phone, save it as a picture, you can put my contact in the phone and save this as my contact picture if you'd like.

Either way, get this stuff in there, you can send me a text message, I can text this to you, it will be then in the pictures that I sent you. And then you can save it in the context that way. I don't care how you do it. Just get it and keep it. And so then the third piece is notice here, you'll see this better when you have it printed. I can't make it any bigger for you. But you'll see here that it says where in your body do you feel that? So for example, when I often feel stressed, I feel tense in my throat, it goes down a bit toward my esophagus.

Sometimes it hits my diaphragm. But it's usually like right at the heart level. Right? So heart and above to my throat. Then I feel tightness in my neck muscles. I feel those pulling up into my head, I feel tightness over my shoulders. And that sometimes goes mid back. And that's usually where it is. I can also feel it in my jaw. Right?

And so as you're able to connect, you'll know when it's getting stronger, because you'll feel those physical sensations getting stronger. You'll then no, okay, these sensations come because of negative thinking. So what am I thinking? Okay, when I think that thought, what is the emotion that comes with it? What is the body experience that comes with it. And all of that helps you to know it, to feel it to help you to release it. Okay? So as you're connecting to all that stuff, I want you to take a deep breath.

And just release it all out. Right? When we're thinking about it, we actually begin to create it. So I want you to another breath again, breathe it into your chest, your lungs, feeling it stretch. And as you're doing it, I want you to hold it. And then just take it another breath and you're like, wait, I can't, it's already full, there's actually more room and hold it and feel it stretching from the inside out.

Feel it stretching your lungs, feel it stretching your chest, front to the back. Good stuff. Okay, so the idea is to write that down and become very aware. Then the next step that you'll be doing is you'll write down what's the positive thought related to this. So for example, when I think this, I'm more motivated, or I think I'm more motivated. When I think this, I'm more careful with my time when I think this, I take more classes, right?

So there's a positive to it, even if the positive is if you're just like, well let's say something, you know, this person thinks I'm a terrible person. It could be Well, I'm not alone. Right? I have this person in my life. So I'm not alone. So the idea is it helps you to look at the fact that you're doing this for a reason.

You're not just doing it. There's a reason behind what you're doing. Right. And when you're doing that you're like, oh, because as you become aware of these things, then you can change them. Yeah. Okay. And like I said, this takes practice, so please do not feel like I'm wrong or bad if you don't get it down. Okay. All right. So I'm just going to pop over here. Thank you guys, you're gonna see this game. Oh, look, that's funny, it's stuck.

So this is the group relief from anxiety and negative thinking for entrepreneurs, I want to invite you. Now, these are different members that I have, but they haven't answered the question. So I'm waiting for them to answer the questions before I bring them in. So when you become invited, I'll see you right here. So please do make sure you answer the question. So it doesn't slow down your process.

And then I'll be able to get your questions. So when I do these lives every week, which I do, by the way, you're then going to be able to get your direct questions answered. All right, cool. Beans. So just wanted to see if there are any questions they have. For whatever reason Facebook is not sending me information on at the right time. So if you do put in your questions, do put replay. And I'll make sure to watch that. Go back and look, and I'll answer them that way. Okay, so now the other one is about setting boundaries.

Now, I'm going to share with you you'll see here, the different areas that we talked about. Let me make sure this is big enough for you. It's a little bit bigger, Okay? So these are the various areas that we're talking about today, we're talking about how you are able to take on your limiting beliefs that are affecting your relationship. And when you do, you're going to feel better, you're going to look better, you're going to feel healthier, you're going to feel younger, because that stress literally weighs you down and literally draws out your life. No joke, right?

Then understanding responses, as you and I are going over this list I just shared with you, that will help you to understand your responses, your thoughts, your emotions. And again, there's many more steps to that. So please don't think I got this, but it's not helping. There are steps to it. So you have to know how to use it. And I just began to share with you. Okay. It also helps you to read your partner as you're going through that.

So what what that means is they're having an emotion, I now what you're about to learn, I now know what this emotion means. So now I can ask them. Okay, so it looks like you're feeling this? Are you thinking this? Do you feel this? What's happening for you. Any one of those things helps you to begin to see something's going on for them, you can see changes in somebody's body language just lately. So like, if I'm looking like this at you right now, and I just changed just a little something happened, there's a little change.

Now, it could just be that my face is relaxing. But if I'm like this, and then something, you could see that something just impacted my initial response. And then you go, Hey, you, okay? So it allows you to really connect and read your partner. It also begins to help you to read yourself. There are so many of us, especially women, when we have an emotion, we're just like, I'm fine. I'm fine.

You don't know anything wrong. No, nothing's wrong, when everything's wrong, but because we don't know how to read our own emotion and share our own emotion and said, We're just like, whatever they should get it, they should know. Or I don't want to put this on somebody, I don't want to be a burden, right? Or, you know, I can't let other people know I've got to take care of things. And if I'm letting other people know, it'll look like I'm weak or that I can't handle it or not respected.

None of that has to be the case, guys, right? You can sit down juries with your partner. Whether it's your partner in work, whether it's your partner in life, whether it's your children, whether it's your parents, whether it's yourself, there's two levels of intimacy into you, I see and, and to me, I see, we just handle the into UIC and we leave out the other part. You want to create the deep levels of intimacy as you're taking care of both sides of the coin. Right. So the last thing I want to share with you jumping right back over there it is,
okay. So go ahead and print this out. It's here, right sparks forward slash resources.

Number three, how to set boundaries without being aggressive, or how to set boundaries without being an evil, Same difference. And the idea is, we often think if I'm setting boundaries, I have to be mean, I have to shut people down. I have to be angry. I have to be hurtful. No, guys, that's incorrect. That's what we've been taught. We've been taught you make a mistake. You get punished. You get yelled at. That doesn't mean that you make a mistake. You need to learn these are the consequences. isn't making that mistake, right?

These are the positive consequences for making that mistake, or these are the negative consequences for making that mistake. What if you made the mistake and got somewhere early, positive consequences from that you don't have to stress, you've got time to play on your phone or make some phone calls or taking a nap in the car, whatever it is, I take a 10 minute nap, oh, boy, it revives my day. So it just allows you to go Okay, so my actions have a consequence, positive or negative. That's what we're meant to learn.

But because our parents were taught with anger, aggressive anger, we then we're taught with aggressive anger. Or in some other way, maybe it wasn't aggressive, or angry. Or maybe it was angry, but it was just shut down. Or maybe they're just weren't even available at all. And so however it was you were taught, that's how you automatically practice, it's, it's not a blame.

It's just how a human being works. It records what it knows. And then it has what it knows, you can't do something different until it has new information to do something different. And then it knows it. so I'd like for you to keep this document every single day, have it with you, again, this one, put this on the fridge, put this in your purse, put this in your wallet, you might be like, how do I do that? Let me know I'll share it with you, I have a smaller version, it's like a little card that you can actually print out.

But for this version, this actually is a version that you can actually print out and then type your own, right? This is meant to be used not to look pretty and look at that's why it's not especially pretty. Take a look at this. Look at how each emotion needs something. And I'd like for you to think of this aspect here as far as bored. Think about it, like I'm tired of this situation, right?

When we hear the word bored, we're like, I'm bored. I need entertainment. Well, this is a little similar. This is I'm tired of this, I need a new stimulation. Right? So it's similar, but I want to be more specific about it. So I'm tired of this, this is weighing me down, this keeps happening over and over again, I'm getting so raw to this experience. Right?

Anger, anger tells you that something is unjust and unfair and it needs boundaries. Guilt is there to say that you've hurt somebody or yourself and you need to clean it up doesn't mean you need to beat yourself up. And shame yourself means that you get to clean it up. Sadness is there to tell you that there's been some type of loss. Now oftentimes, we have these thoughts that you don't know why you're starting to feel sad.

But what if you had a thought that said, they probably don't care. Or I don't know if they love me the same. Or I don't know if I'll ever get a good part. Or I think I'm gonna mess this one up, too. Right? Or I've got stuff to do at my job, I'm not making these phone calls. That's all about relationships with clients. So helping yourself to see if I'm doing those things and having those thoughts I'm creating loss of value loss of value to myself. And that's where sadness comes in.

Okay. Loneliness, feelings of separation, there are so many of us and I say us because I've been there and I go through it, I have to work on these things myself every day. If we think that we're not a part of something, we immediately separate ourselves from it. And so even if it's not true, because we believe it's true, we're making it true. And so it's important that we catch these things that we're doing so we can change it.

Inadequacy tells us that we need to feel enough stress is telling us that we're feeling overwhelmed, we need to write stuff down. Fear is telling us that we do not feel safe. And by the way, guys, when we say anxiety, it is fear. That is at a higher level. When we say panic, it is fear at a way higher level. If we address it at the fear level, we don't have to get into the anxiety or the panic level. Right now, this isn't addressing if somebody has a chemical imbalance that's totally different.

We need to work on the chemical imbalance. But we also get to take a look at is this happening to if this is happening to this will induce that chemical experience. Now, this is the author who who did this, I think I didn't put it on here. This is from a book called The secret language of feelings. I just took the page and took the ideas and kind of worded it a little bit better.

You can get the book it's called the secret language of feelings. It's not my book. I've never met the guy. I've done some of his trainings. I think he's great. He's a little flat and personality but it's super smart. Right it's really good stuff. And he's got a he's got a sense of humor.

So anyways, it's just when I was reading over this I thought these are this will definitely really help to kind of break it down like this and especially it'll be in your hands. Get this in your hands practicing. Now the way he had explains it is there's a level two, if any one of these emotions are felt and not addressed, if any one of these emotions is felt and creates another one, which by the way they do, every you're finding yourself feeling.

Let's say you're feeling what you would call frustrated, because you're not being heard, you would probably feel sad, you'd probably feel separate from that person, you probably feel inadequate, because you don't want to be heard, you probably feel stressed and overwhelmed, you might feel afraid that the relationships not gonna work out all at once. And then you might feel bored, you know, kind of tired of the situation because it keeps happening, then you might feel angry because it feels unjust and unfair. And then you might feel guilty because you're angry. Do you notice that I just went through that whole list. Oftentimes, we might say, the emotion, I feel frustrated. And this is what's going on.

That's huge, huge guys. And so I would like for you to let me know, if you want more information about this, right? In the post, I want you to comment more information. I have a four week program that's starting on the 15th. I'm making it affordable. So anybody can do it. I'm also making it doable to have it only four weeks, there's obviously more support that I can offer. After that I have different levels. But it gets your foundation going.

The stuff that you're seeing here is foundational, and it's not taught anywhere. So get the foundation laid, you're going to be practicing it in your life, you're going to be getting the the experience with your partner, business partner, you're your spouse, or your boyfriend, your girlfriend, or within yourself, you are your first partner, you're the person to be in love with. Here's a person to be like, you know, when I think about what I think about a person who I admire,

I have those qualities. I do those things that I admire and other people. Shoot. If I had a choice to be somebody who doesn't do those things, or somebody who's me, I would choose me. Wow, I really admire who I am. I really admire the things that I've done. I really admire my heart. And guys, I didn't, I wasn't I might have been born that way. But the way I was treated growing up, that was not who I was, I thought I was a piece of crap.

Literally, no kidding. I thought that I should be dead. I had many siblings pass away. There were 12 born and only four of us live. And so each time a new baby would pass away. I was like, why am I still here? You know, God wants these angels.

What's so bad with me? What's wrong with me? What's so bad with me that even God doesn't want me that that's how I thought growing up. So this stuff did not come naturally to me. I had to practice this stuff. And now when I look at myself, I'm like, I'm so glad to be you. I'm so glad I wake up with behind your eyes, with Your heart with your drive, that you're able to help people that you did your life in such a way that you're able to help people. I'm so glad to be you.

I didn't wake up like that. For a long time. I woke up in anxiety, I woke up in stress, I woke up focused on all the junk I had to do I woke up not in a good space. And you know, people would say pray Well, I did pray, but I made it worse, not better. Because my prayers, I was using them unintentionally. I didn't know to reinforce I wasn't good enough. So there's so many things in this stuff that comes up they want to be able to share with you jump on that four week program.

It's going to be starting on the 15th you're going to be learning more about this stuff, but not just learning about it, you're going to be learning how to practice it. And you might think it sounds impossible. It is not. You might think it sounds hard. Well, riding a bike was hard. Right? But you did it. And if you didn't learn how to ride a bike, what about driving a car? What about learning to walk? What about eating food? It's all going to take work.

Staying in the frustration of all of this will also take work. That's going to be really hard, harder than taking the time to learn these things. Because once you learn them, oh my gosh, does life feel easier. Relationships feel better. Your self care feels better, that self love that caring for yourself.

Being able to take on your personal life and relationships take on your business life and relationships with means of business a better relationship with your clients. A better relationship with your phone calls, which is your potential clients, better relationship with your kids, your future kids or you know even better with the clients you already have. Because as you grow, you help them to grow. If you're working with an employer, you'll be even better there. Because you'll learn how to uplift others as you're uplifting yourself.

You'll also learn how to advocate for yourself in a way that's supportive. And just to kind of review this, this is in setting these boundaries. You'll say a positive statement to a person like I really appreciate you wanting to have this conversation with me, when you said blank, I felt blank. And I because of that I thought blank. So for example, you know, let's say it's with a spouse.

When you told me to stop stressing, I feel angry. Now, the other person might be like, Why the heck do you feel angry? I'm trying to help you out here. I feel angry because and I think, I don't know how I don't know how to do that. And you're getting frustrated with me, right?

So when they do, you're getting frustrated with me, because I think I don't know how to do it. But you're not realizing I don't know how to do it. Right. And so it's using each emotion, right? It's having me feel sad, because you're getting angry with me, it's having me feel inadequate, because I'm feeling stressed, and feeling afraid that you might be judging me thinking I'm not good enough. Or, you know, we might have even more troubles, as we're vulnerable with our partners like that.

And by the way, sometimes our partners can't hear us. And that's why I do these with you and your partner together, right. So if you want to do the group with your partner, that's cool. If you want to do it on your own, that's cool. And you'll take it and work on it with your partner. And then in between, if you wanted to do some individual sessions with me with your partner, we could do it that way. Because I have some clients, they're like, well, I'll do the group here. But I want to work with my partner over here. I'm flexible. It's like a hybrid program.

Here's the thing that is almost always missing guys, I need to include it. And you might go, Yeah, but they might not do what I need, or I don't know what I need, okay, good.

That tells you that's where the work gets to happen. I need you to know when you say that. You don't mean to clear, but it really hurts my feelings. You're telling me how to do something, you're telling me to do something, like I know how to do it, and I don't. But I'm working with Tammy who's a coach, and she's helping me to learn how to do these things.

So I'm going to be sharing them with you. So when I'm stressing out, you can actually remind me of these tools, I need you to know that. How would that be to have that kind of conversation with a partner, or a similar conversation, you know, a bit different bit more professional with a client, helping them to get that. Awesome. It's so awesome. And in the process, you're feeling more confident, anxieties leaving, because you know how to work the process, you know how to practice and things to say with your partner and and you'll also have the safety of knowing if it doesn't work, that's okay, conversation can carry on.

You could just say, Well, I feel like we've kind of got to the end of what we know what to do. So when I go to the group, I'm going to ask these questions, and I'll bring it back. So it's gonna leave you with this. It's okay, even if it doesn't work, because it's a it's a step in progress. So then you're just like, giving yourself that freedom to grow, and be okay with mistakes, be okay with I don't know, and feel calm and make some progress, then you're going to start seeing progress from the very first time we talk, you're going to see progress from this first time that we talked if you implement anything I just shared with you.

And then the final thing is, ask them what they think. So what do you think about what I just shared with you? What do you think about that? I got this this coach that's gonna help me What do you think about these new tools that I'm sharing with you? Whatever it is. All right, cool beans.

So I do apologize that if you guys have asked me any questions or sent me any hearts, I'm not able to to see them because it's telling me that there's no insights so there you go. Let me know what you think. Let me know how this is helping you let me know which resource you liked best. Again, sparks hope hope dot life, forward slash resources, number two, and number three, you don't have to sign up for anything.

But if you do like the information and you want to be in touch with me, send me your you can direct message me, send me your email and phone number and we can set up a call to go over how you can apply these things in your life personally. I still look forward to working with you. I look forward to hearing how this is helping you. I look forward to watching you grow and make the change in your life that you deserve. Falling in love with yourself having that healthy relationship and watching your business grow. You so so so deserve it. And as you're doing that, it goes out it goes out into your children. It goes out into your family, it goes out into your community.

This isn't just for you Oh, it's a way bigger picture that I have in mind. But as you're doing it and you're focusing on you, it's what you're creating, you're being that ripple in the pond, that beautiful diamond dropped into the pond that sparkles. And it sends out the ripple across the whole lake, across the whole ocean. Got is why you get to do it now. Do not wait and sit in pain, and sit in unresolved, keep growing, keep doing the work, even if it's not working with me. But I can guarantee you if you're working with me, you're going to find the results really fast.

Because I have so many tools. And I've practiced this stuff, both with myself and with clients. So I know how to get you there immediately. Right? I have clients that I've worked with and they're like, oh my gosh, my life feels changed and it's only been one session. Definitely check it out. I'll talk to you soon you take care of you. personal message, comment, a lot more information, personal message, set up a time with me. I'm here for you guys,

I'm in service. Know that your loved whether you like it or not, then bring it in. As always big squishy hugs. You take care of you. And let yourself get the support that you deserve. Let yourself know that you are not meant to do this world alone. There is nothing that we've done alone. Right. We had to learn how to walk we had to learn how to eat. We learned the alphabet, we learned all the things that we've learned through books, through through movies, through trainings through other people, even if you learned it all through a book, because we're all other people.

So make sure that you're not thinking you have to do this alone. Alright guys, you take care of you and have a beautifully blessed day. Ciao for now.