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6 New Ways To Free Yourself From Feeling Stuck, Overwhelmed, & Anxious Today

Video Dated: March 20, 2022

All right, looks like we are live. Wonderful. Hello guys, how are you doing?

Those of you who are new to the freedom from negative thinking Facebook group, welcome, it's so great to see you guys. I love the posts that you're putting in here, I love the support that you're giving to each other. I'm hearing from a lot of you that you appreciate the Wednesday lives and the things that you're learning. So I'm really glad for that. I'm loving your feedback,

I appreciate it.


You're going to be getting a couple different surveys for me to learn a little bit more about what it is that you would like for me to go over specifically to you. And you'll see that each Wednesday, I'm already addressing questions you guys have. So keep giving me those questions, keep letting me know how you're doing. And many of you have decided to work with me one on one. And I'm creating a group programs, you're going to be hearing more about that as we're moving forward. So that way you guys can also find ways to work together in the group.


And it also gives you an opportunity to not just catch the perspective of what you and I are doing, which is beautiful, you'll also be able to get the perspective of other people who have either lived that same situation, or maybe they're going through it now. So they can learn from you. So it's a really great opportunity. I've always loved group work. I've done so much personal development work over my lifetime and watching others grow was just mind blowing stuff, literally, because I could see things in them that I wasn't able to see in myself. And then by watching it from them, it was just like, oh. And the funny thing was, so many of their struggles were my struggles. So watching them go through the hot seat and have the conversation with the coach gave me time to sit back and see it differently versus kind of being on edge. Like, oh, man, you know, I'm the one talking and, you know, what am I supposed to say, and I don't know, and, and you just give a different space.


Now I know none of you feel like that with me one on one anyway, because of the tools and the support and the breakdown making it easy. But it's just another opportunity. And I know some of you have felt that way in previous work where you felt like it was just, you know, kind of either reliving the problem or just didn't feel like it was giving you the hell, they felt like more tense and just uncomfortable to go. So this gives you the opportunity to be able to work together and have the same comfort you do in sessions with me individually or as a couple or a family and have it working with others to so I'll be I'm still putting it together. When I'll be proposing ideas to you, I'll be having different topics. So it's not just going to be one thing, it'll be different topics that we'll be able to work on together. So I want to work with you because this is for you, not for me. So continue to give me ideas.


And as you're thinking about what I'm talking about, let me know, let me know what you're thinking, let me know your ideas, let me know, hey, I've already done that this is what worked, this is what didn't, because this is for you guys, we're gonna make it work, it's gonna make you have the results that you're looking for, it's going to have you feel that freedom that you're looking for, it's going to have you and some of you have already been developing it, you'll step into it. And then you might find yourself stepping into that leader position and sharing it with your family and sharing it with your friends. Maybe inviting them to the group. So those are just some of the new things that are coming. Oh, so exciting, right? Oh my gosh, it's exciting to me, because then I can reach even more of your friends and your family and get this information out. It's big stuff.


And so many of you have said, this needs to get out there. And so this is a way that I can help you guys get that information out to so it's not just this one small group but it's actually growing and it becomes more of a movement out there to help people know the information. And you guys just so you know, you can continue to share my recordings and you continue to share the links. I make sure that these Wednesdays I want to try to keep them free. So this information is out there I want to invest into people and invest into the world the way God has invested into my life. So and those of you who are new, my name is Tammy workman Lopez coach Tammy Starr, and I do mindset reset work you can call me the mind trash lady, I help you take out that trash. help clean things up, help you feel better. And you can also or you can always reach me on my cell phone. I'm a phone person. You can text me you can message me 954-657-3407 We can set up a breakthrough call with you and you can learn More, if you're feeling stuck, if you're feeling anxious, overwhelmed, there's things that you've been trying to work on for years. And it's just like, well, maybe I'll just accept it.


My company has called sparks hope for a reason. And just like I work with you on your topics, you guys named my business, that used to be a touch that gives back, which was the touch that God had in my life, I gave it back to others, that every one of you whenever I spoke to you, on your very first breakthrough call, you said, I found hope. I found hope when I've had none for so long. And some of you said, I don't think I've ever had hope. And I now do. And so that led me to change the name because it just seemed so much more fitting, and so much more expressive of what was happening. And so those of you who have watched me go through the changes of changing my business title, and you know, all of that was a lot of work. But it just rings true. And so I want to be that, that spark. And you get to also be that spark now that you're learning this same stuff. All right, cool. Beans.


Let's focus now on what it is that our topic is today. And so what is our topic today? Do you have any questions about our topic today? Do you see how it already relates to you? Do you see any questions that you have on any of the particular areas that you saw the one through six ways to do it, let me know comment, how this relates to how it's affecting you what differences you want to make. And so you'll see the infographic goes over the information, but there's more detail in each category. So I just want to give you a little bit more detail of what I'm talking about, for each category. So for example, with number one, the whole idea is you want to be able to take a look at what's going on on a subconscious level. Because there's things that you'll can say to yourself, well, I know what the problem is, I just don't know how to change it, or keep trying to change it. But I feel like I'm doing the same things over and over again. Or it seems like the issue isn't me, it's somebody else. But how do you change somebody else. And so the idea is really getting down to the nitty gritty of what's going on, I can't quite figure it out. And just so you know, you can't do that on your own all the time.


There's so many things going on that actually have us, you know, at a subconscious level, it's back here, it's behind you, right? If you and I'm saying that, literally, but it's in here. And so as you live your life, you can't see it, because there's nobody in a neutral way to say, Hey, this is what I see you saying, and this is what I see you doing and they don't match up. Or this is what I see you saying you want. But you're doing this. And this is the opposite of what you say you want. And so being able to kind of take a look at our perspectives and our actions, being able to see that there's some things going on that just don't make sense. And that's all at a subconscious level, you're, you might be a little bit of aware of it. But overall, you're unaware of the specifics. So think of that iceberg picture that you've seen. And if you haven't, you can look it up on Google iceberg above the surface. So you'll see that there's this much iceberg above the surface, but then under the water, there's this much iceberg. And you can only see what's above the surface.


Well, I can help you to see what's below the surface, and how to work with it. You can't do that on your own. So whether you decide to work with me or you decide to work with somebody else who knows how to do that. That's the important thing you want to take a look at. And so that's what that means. You might say, well, I'll figure it out myself, or I'll read another book, or the thing to take a look at is how long have you been already trying to figure it out? By the time I found this work, I was in my 30s. Right. And a good part of my family has passed away before they turn 50. So if I only have to my 50s I only got 20 years left. And now I'm 45. Right now, I don't believe that I believe that a lot of my family was not well. And so they died early because of that. But what if, right? So why wait to the end of your life to find the answers?


Find the answers today, at the beginning of today or the moment you're hearing this so you can get those answers. And it's not like I can just tell you what they are because it's been formatted by your past and formatted by your perspective, and formatted by your beliefs. So it's an individualized thing. So number one, you've got to find out what those subconscious limitations are. Number two, you're allowing yourself to create the groundbreaking version of you and by the way, these aren't in order based on what I'm numbering, okay, these are just one through six they come in any order. That's why it's on the wheel because there's no particular order. It's just a number it so you can follow. So as you're creating that ground breaking rule version of you. What does that mean? That means how you're unique. You are original, there is no one like you. So we get to take a look at where are you comparing yourself? Where are you thinking, you're not good enough? Where are you thinking you have to be perfect. We've got to take a look at that stuff and break that stuff up. It's got you boxed in, it's got you stifled, not being able to be yourself, feeling like you've got to be some carbon copy, or you've got to please other people, we can actually work with other people meet their expectations, or help them change their expectations. If they're incorrect. And you can live you, you are you You are the groundbreaking you there is no other. So you get to live into that. And again, you might not know how, because you've been practicing some other way of living.

So it's important that you're allowing yourself to look at these steps and go, Oh, that's what that means. And that's how I can do that. And don't feel like you're weak or not good enough. Because you need help you needed help walking, you needed help wiping your hiney. You needed help learning how to eat, you needed help learning how to talk, you needed help learning how to read, you needed help learning how to think initially. So it's important to realize that's how we grow and develop, there's nothing weak about that. It's actually faster. Imagine if you had to learn to walk all by yourself, it'd be a lot harder, you'd have to figure it out. Imagine if you had to learn how to eat by yourself. That's how it happened. stuffs put right into your mouth. You right, you wouldn't be able to find it. You couldn't, you couldn't even get up. So it's important to allow yourself to go okay, we are here to help each other. This whole needing help is weak. is BS, call BS on that? Because it is it makes no sense. It's not logical.


That's something that people have created. And it's not what we're here for. We are here to help each other grow and develop. So step into that on that because you're going to, as you learn this stuff, you're going to be able to help other people in the same way, then you're going to want to be able to help your kids and your family. You don't want them to suffer all of their life. Heck, no, you want them to get it today, the moment you get it. So let yourself get that support and get that help. Because you so you deserve it. Right. Okay, number three, you're allowing yourself freedom to relinquish these things. Now. There are these ideas that if I let it go, then that means I'm giving this person permission, or I'm giving myself permission, and I'm saying what you did is okay. No, it doesn't mean that they're two separate things. If you tell somebody they did something is okay, separate from the fact that you're letting something go. You can say to a person, Oh, heck, no, that was not okay. And I'm not letting you do that. Again, we're setting boundaries to that. Same thing with yourself? Oh, no, no, no, that was not okay, we are not doing that.


Again, these are the boundaries we get to create for that, you get to do this instead. And this instead and this instead. And you got to clean some of this mess up. If you've made a mess. Same thing for somebody else, you want to have a relationship with me, we got to clean this mess up that you made. And these are the ways that we do it, versus judgment and pain and criticism and martyrdom. And all this is blame and shaming. We've created such a mess in our world, that stuff isn't supposed to be there. It's supposed to be about feeling a conviction in your heart that says, Oh, I gotta change that. That's what guilt is for guilt is there to say, ouch, let's clean that up. That hurts. Oh, when you clean it up, it goes away. It doesn't stay not supposed to be beat up with it. Then the next piece is you're taking a look at being able to set boundaries. But there are positive and negative boundaries both right? If I say to you come here and give me a hug. That's a boundary to say, Hey, this is my space, and you're safe to enter my space. And if I say call me or shake my head, I just set a boundary that said, Hey, we can connect. Let's start here. Why don't you hubs with people I just met or I'm sick.


So we just shake hands first. So you're setting up positive boundaries as well. And you also set up in there and I say negative boundaries because they're about a negative thing. And so we say to that person, hey, no, no, no, no, we're not doing that. That's not okay, that negative behavior is a boundary. That's I call it a negative boundary to boundary with a negative thing. And so being able to do that most people think you have to do it when you're angry and aggressive. And so it's gonna be like rawr or it's gonna have a lot of foul words or it's gonna have pain. But what if boundary has some steps? What if boundaries can have a blueprint, so you can follow those steps. And I've shared with you on other Facebook lives on Wednesday, what these boundaries are. So tune in with me and if you have questions on what the boundaries are asked me how to apply them, ask me want to make sure you're getting this and practicing it in your realize, this isn't just stuff I'm putting out there because I like to put it out there. I don't do this each Wednesday because I just feel like I've got free time to sit here and hear myself talk. This stuff works.


And I want you to see how it can work for you. So you can have that change in your life. And I know you want that, too. That's why I want it because you want. Alright, so then the next thing that we're taking a look at is being able to see how was our reaction happening? Right? When you're looking at your reaction that's happening in life? am I reacting on somebody like throwing up on them? am I reacting on myself? Or am I creating a reaction that has a positive supportive reaction over there? So being able to connect your head to your heart, not just being in your head, like heady like, you don't get to do robbery robbery? Or just logical? We don't know remember? Law? No, no, and no connection, not understanding the other person. It's instead going? What? How'd you do that? What were you thinking? Okay, because this is what I was thinking. This is how we can do it different from my perspective. What do you think about that? What do you think could be different from your perspective? What results would you like to see? Now I know when you're listening to that, you're like, Yeah, right. Nobody talks like that. I helped my clients learn how to talk like that. And then after you learn the details, you use your own voice, and you use your own things. It'll be like, Hey, man, oh, we don't do that to each other. We love each other, to get back on track. All right, cool. Right.


So it doesn't sound like this Tweety, Tweety version or anything like that. It's just a break down the steps. So you can go, oh, that's what it looks like. That's what it sounds like. That's what it feels like. So setting those negative and positive boundaries are essential. And you have a blueprint step by step. So you can follow it, and learning how to walk through it with details. And you can even practice with your partner or your kids. And it works. I've gotten some of the most difficult families to be able to walk through this and hear each other. It may take time and practice and a few sessions. But they're practicing it in between those sessions, too. So allow yourself to start to see these options will help you break through where you're feeling stuck, it'll help you break through where you're feeling overwhelmed, and it'll remove the anxiety. So then how's life feeling you might go shoot, I don't know, I haven't had it like that before. It'll feel free, you'll have the communication you're looking for, you'll have the connection in your relationships that you deserve, and that they deserve, you'll feel confident, and clarity will be flowing in your life. So you're able to follow through, you're taking care of your body. Now, your relationships, your business, or your career. Just feel so much better. You're able to think better, you're able to breathe better, your body's able to digest better, you're able to sleep better, it all improved.


And we're not even done yet. All right. So as you're doing this, you'll find that there's a roadmap for this process, which relieves the judgment on yourself. It relieves the pain that you feel like you need to go through it relieves the punishment you have on yourself, the criticisms, the pain, the the the not good enough. And in that process, you'll learn that there is a roadmap for falling in love with yourself. And you might go, I don't want to fall in love with that person, whatever, then you definitely need that roadmap. And even if you don't think you need it, whatever, it's going to be a result of going through this process, because you'll begin to see, oh, I'm an amazing person. I am out here doing my best I am out here making a difference. I am I out here helping people feel better. And who doesn't want to support a person who's doing that? Who wants to beat them up and tear them down so they can't help the world anymore? Certainly not you, you want the world to be a better place you want to uplift people that are making a difference.


You want to uplift people that care. You don't want to send them into a selfish shut down hurting place. And so if you see that somebody's doing that, you want to stop them from doing that. So you'll be able to see that you can stop you from doing it in a loving, kind and supportive way. Because you deserve that. The world deserves that the world needs that. And you know it as you look around you can see how much the world needs it. So let yourself have that let yourself create that and take care of yourself. Continue to practice these steps let me know how you're doing. Those of you are watching the replay thank you so much. Hey, Linda. Big hearts doo doo doo doo doo. Allow yourself oh great. I love you. Thank you so much for putting that she put like the the iceberg I was telling you about, it just looks like a triangle. So you can see that in there, she gave you that sample, thank you so much.

Hope, hold on pain. And yeah, that's the acronym for one of the acronyms for hope. I love that, which is also why I love this book. So because there's so much tied to it and bringing you that hope and that support. So if you're watching the replay, hashtag replay, and then let me know how this is relating to you, those of you who feel like you want to share this, share this now you might see that it's in my freedom from negative thinking Facebook group, I'm going to also put it on my other social media, so it will be available there as well. But please do join the freedom from negative thinking Facebook group and support each other. It's a safe space. It allows you to be able to ask your questions, you're hearing and seeing my Facebook Live, and you're able to be involved, like Miss Linda and you guys can help each other. Because you get to see that you're not alone. Even though it might feel like you are. You're not alone in these thoughts. You're not alone in these experiences.


Even if you judge yourself and think Oh man, I'm so stupid. Oh, man, I can't believe I did that. Oh man. Others around, you're doing the same thing. So you guys can reach out, reach out your hands and go oh, I can see that. You don't deserve that and seeing you don't deserve that helps teach my subconscious mind. I don't deserve that either. So continue to join. And I want to say thank you guys, because of you the group has grown to 223 We were at tu tu tu i was gonna be like, yeah, tu tu tu. But we're at two to three. So thank you guys so much for growing the group and continuing to support others and each other. You're so beautiful. And I appreciate it. And I love that you're finding that roadmap for loving yourself. You guys have a beautiful day take care of yourselves know that your loved and bring it in big squishy hugs my friends. Know that you're loved and appreciated by the like it or not.

Ciao for now, I will see you next week. And if you have any questions about these topics, let me know. And you'll see as you join the group, I want to hear about what areas do you feel like you're stuck in life, because I want over the next couple of Wednesday's to address those for you. And I'll be able to address more than one. So if you have more than one idea, put it in there. And we'll make sure to address those live and I'll be able to name you if you would like or if not because the this recording does go out. Then I won't name you. I'll be able to just do it anonymously. So whatever you like, is for you so you feel safe and love and secure. Talk to you guys later. Ciao for now. Bye

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