5 Ways to Express Your Thankfulness, Gratitude, & Increase Your Happiness

Video Dated: Nov 21, 2022


Preparing to go live and setting up your meeting. All right, it looks like we are live three, two, and one. Take one. Thank you guys so much for being here. And I want to give you a Happy early Thanksgiving. It's coming, it's coming. And so what we're going to be doing today is we're going to just be taking an opportunity to take a look at how can we be thankful.

And yes, there is a way that you can be thankful, and it just is the wrong way. So oftentimes, we try to make ourselves be forgiving, and be thankful for somebody and we're just like, not honor, whatever it is that you're feeling. And then you can really have this experience of being thankful because it allows for instead of resistance to that emotion or resistance to how you feel, or I shouldn't feel that way or that's not kind of little the judgment go and allow yourself to connect to that part of you that's feeling whatever he or she's feeling, hey, you have every right to feel that way. Because of this, this, and this.

That's why you feel that way. And I hear you and I acknowledge that. And you might be able to say, well, you know, I'm the one who's in the wrong because of that thing, it doesn't matter. Just connect with it. Let yourself be in that experience, notice the emotion and see what happens. Allow yourself to be like, Wow, I'm being heard. I'm being listened to by somebody who cares.

Instead of we're hoping that somebody out here cares. Instead, you're helping yourself to see that within you the one you can control. And the one that you can tell is being honest and straightforward and, and upright with you. Wow. I personally feel love. Right. And you can also allow depending on what your faith is, depending on whatever term you use, you can allow God to flow through you.

And if you say universe, or whatever term you use, your journey is your journey. And so allow yourself to allow that to flow through you as well. Right, that love flowing through me and filling me up. So that way, when I'm wanting to be thankful, it's overflowing out of me from God's love and God's abundance, it doesn't have to feel like I'm forcing something, right? And I'll just give you an example. So there's someone in my life that I really don't want to talk to you.

But I stay connected because I want to grow. I want to be able to move through my emotions about it. And boy, do they push emotions about it? Right. And so I just allow myself to see what I need to work on. What's that pushing? What's that bringing up? And not that you have to? It's just who I am. It's just what I want to do. Because I want to use this time in my life, this opportunity of being here to grow through anything, why not? And so as I'm doing that, it's like, Wherever, wherever, wherever, I don't want to talk to them. Right?

Right, right. It's like, okay, so what's coming up for you, there's a disappointment. There's, I don't feel cared about by that person. I don't feel like they want to try. And so it's like, okay, so I'm making up that they don't love me, I'm making up that they don't want to try. For me, I'm making up whatever. And so I have to pay attention to what I'm making up.

And as I do, it's like, oh, I'm making up that stuff, which is making a tough situation worse. So instead, what I can do is I can pay attention to, that's who they are. That's who they are to everybody. That's who they've always been. And they're most likely not ever going to change.

So I don't have to take it personally. I just say, okay, yeah, I'm not giving that person my power, even though they didn't want it anyways, I'm not putting that kind of effort into that person. Instead, I'm going to stay in the place that says that person thinks that they're broken, that person lives as though they're broken. That person doesn't know love, doesn't know, connection, doesn't know relationship, doesn't know compassion doesn't know empathy. And so it's like, if I was that way, I would feel so empty.

I would feel so yucky. I don't have another term, it would be such a low frequency it would be so hard to get out of and I've been there in my life. And so what I can do is I can stay in an attitude of forgiveness that says my stuff that comes up, let me work on my stuff, and let their stuff stay their stuff and not take it personally. And when I'm doing that, then and as I'm talking to you guys, by the way, I'm actually going through this this isn't just tongue talk and word. And so already, as I'm thinking about calling this person for their birthday and birthday Thanksgiving, already, I'm feeling more like, oh, okay, I just gave myself acknowledgment for the emotions I was feeling. I just saw what those emotions were, I just reminded myself that their behavior has nothing to do with me.

It's just the same way with everybody. And I'm not going to allow that to come in. Instead, I'm releasing them, and they continue to release and allow God to have this. Okay, God, I'm giving this back to you. Not sure why it keeps coming back.

You know, it's just new layers coming up. Thank you for that. I'm imagining filling myself up with God's love allowing all of that to come on out. Remove, remove, remove, release, release, release, release, allowing his love. And as I imagined his love, I imagined it like a beautiful white light, filling up my body filling up my mind filling up my heart, and my esophagus, my throat down into my diaphragm and stomach where that tightness was that I was feeling.

Instead, I'm feeling that release. Now, there's still some stuff there. And so that lets me know there's some stuff I need to work on after this because I wasn't planning to do this with you guys. It's like, okay, so there, there's, there's my body holding some tension, there's my body holding some sadness, I can feel it, some anger, I can feel it. And so I get to still do some work there.

And so as I'm allowing that the level that it was has decreased like I could tell it was at like a 50, or more, maybe even like 100. And it's kind of gone down to like 30. So it's already feeling better. And so I just give you my personal examples. So you can see how there's a way to do something like, oh, yeah, I'm thankful for this person. Let me call them. Right. Even though I might be coming across as, Hi, how are you happy Thanksgiving,

it's more like. Or I hope I'm talking to your voicemail. I'm admitting that like because I do hope I get their voicemail. But as I'm working through this, there's a part of me that says, No, I do hope I reach them. And it's getting better. Like that's, that's increasing my confidence in it is increasing, and my frustration with it is decreasing. So I want to share that with you today as an activity of how you can get yourself into the way of being and being thankful and grateful.

So just allow yourself to practice that. And just like what's happened to me, if there's still stuff there, it just means there's more work that needs to be done. So it's important to allow yourself to realize you're not meant to have to do this alone, right? You're not meant to have to figure this out. You're not meant to have to live with this. You don't have to. And so these are ways, this is why I come on here each week to give you new ideas, new tools, new understanding, to help your mind to help your body to help your experience.


So you can have more intimate connections in your life and can revive your relationships, starting with what I just did. Here, the person has no idea, they're not going to have an idea. And they probably don't even watch my recordings, because they don't care. But then it's like, yeah, but they don't watch any recordings that are healthy for them. And they don't change their life in any way that they'll be for them.


So again, it's not about me, release to the students. Right. Okay, cool beans. So that's the way to help make sure that you're doing it in a good space that feels good for you that you're not resisting that you're not ignoring how you feel, and just trying to get through something. Because as you clean it up, now, it's like you're really in gratitude, you're really in connection, you're really into that. Oh, okay, this can feel really good.


And doesn't matter where this other person's at, I'm in this really good place. I'm feeling gratitude. I'm allowing myself to make changes in my life and feel loved and grow and thrive. All right, cool beans. So now, you'll see in my posts throughout this week, as I'm talking about how there are ways that you can practice. So yesterday, you'll see in the heart, it's super cute.


I love it. You'll see let me go ahead and go back to it actually. So I can share with you specifically, you'll see one through seven. And the idea is that there are so many ways that you can practice gratitude. So there's no wrong way lookup on Google, all the ways I can practice being grateful and show kindness and, and be in gratitude. And so there's no wrong way.



But a couple of them that I suggested is to allow yourself to practice it for 21 days. Now there has been proof. That beginning habit starts in 21 days like you get that pattern you get that practice you get that written down so the body starts to do it almost automatically. Now 21 is a number that was chosen because it's within that like they figure if you practice it within a few weeks, that's going to be done. Good, is not enough?


Great, how long did it take you to learn how to eat, how to walk, how to do the basics, how to learn how to speak, it takes the mind sometimes? So I'm going to take forever, but it will take some time. And we have to practice. And I promise you guys, I do this too. I have coaches that I work with some stuff, work with the same stuff. It's like why am I going to get this, you are getting it, you are getting it every time you practice, you're getting it again, and again and again. And so it's becoming more automatic neural pathways take a little bit of time to etch it in.


And because you have the neural pathway to the old way, that way still is, you know, you might find yourself automatically going to the old way that you do things because the body goes, I'm in, I'm in a heightened mode, I'm in fear mode, I'm in panic mode, I'm in Angry mode, I mean, and so the body spikes, and it jumps to what it knows automatically, instead of what you've just been learning. And so it goes back to the old neural pathway and reinforces it. And so we're just not coming back over here. We're just reinforcing this way. And as we continue to reinforce this, the old neural pathway begins to atrophy. Right kind of like a muscle, you use it, it stays strengthened, if you don't it begins to atrophy, the neural pathways work the same way.


But just like with your muscles, they're not going to atrophy right away. Even if you've been bedridden for like three or four weeks, it's going to be hard to use them, but they're still not gone. They're still there. So when you get up and start to use them, you just strengthen them again. So there are times when we might find ourselves going back to the old neural pathway, but there's nobody to call us out on it.


So we're not even seeing that we're doing it. And so we're strengthening that old way, not strengthening the new way. And we just need that support to come on back out somebody who knows us and understands what we've been doing. Like when I'm coaching my clients, and it's just like, No, no, no, this is all you're doing, you're just back into the old programming, nothing wrong with it, your body just went into automatic. And we're just gonna bring it back out, make it more mindful, check and see what brought it to that automatic place.


So when that happens, now you can catch it faster and faster and faster and move in. And so as I'm doing this with my clients, it actually creates new programming, it cleans up the old programming, it cleans out that space. But again, it also brings in nurturing that if you find yourself back in that space, it's not beat up, beat up, beat up, beat up, which reinforces being there. Instead, it's like, no, no, no, come on back.


Over here, okay, I know why you went there. It's understandable. Love, love, love, build up with love, we don't need to go back over there. A little bit was understanding built up with compassion. Moving over here back to the new neural pathway back to the new practice back to the new understanding back to more mindfulness. Now soon enough, just like learning to drive a car.


The more you do it, the more you don't have to think about turning the key and which pedal to push. But like I'll tell you during COVID, I didn't drive at all. I did everything virtually. when I got in the car, I had to think about stuff. I had to wait, what's this? What was that rule again, for this, now I have more memory issues than most? But even still, you're driving, you're like, ooh, this doesn't feel comfortable anymore, I haven't driven 60 miles an hour, 70 miles an hour, this feels a little, you know, and you have to get used to it again, the same thing when you're into these new neural pathways and these new training, it's helping practice that's how the brain works. So starting with something in 21 days is actually a really good idea.


Because it allows you to get that practice in. And the idea is if you skip one, you start over. Now my thought is you don't have to start over and feel like you didn't accomplish, you just keep going. Right? You just keep going until you feel like you're solid having done like this is becoming automatic. Now for some people that could be a month.


But for most people, it's three months, four months, or six months, for some things that you've been doing your whole life, it could be a year or more. I've had some clients that I've been working with for some time, but there are new things that they're working on and new challenges and new arguments and new levels that they want to get you new jobs and new things and new something's with the kids and it's like, let's work on that. Let's take that to a new level. Let's take that to this new understanding. Let's take that to that new intimacy level that you're having. Let's take that to that new compassion level. Let's take that into that place that you weren't willing to go to before.


But you could see you're willing to go there now. So it's about development, taking little baby steps, little baby steps until you're jogging. And then you're running and then you're sprinting and then your pole vaulting. Because that's how it works. And then you're flying a plane and then you're jumping out of the plane and then you're traveling and visiting all across the world and then and that's what it looks like. And so it continues to build and grow and develop there is no stagnant.


There's never stagnant because of that development that continues. All right, cool beans. So a couple of other options is being able to do a handwritten thank you letter. So if you're having Thanksgiving and you have a thank you letter, even a little thank you sticky doesn't have to be a lot you can even buy something that says thank you handwriting isn't your favorite, you can also write on the computer in something that says handwriting. And it looks like your handwriting and it's not.


So it allows you to be able to create this Thank you. And this important this, I appreciate you. The other is you can create a gratitude list of the things that you are thankful for. And read it every day, especially when you're feeling kind of busy. Right? Read it in the morning, and for the first 60 seconds of your morning, get right into that frequency.

It's so important that you get yourself there. And a lot of times people talk about frequency, but they don't explain anything. And so I'm going to share with you something that is going to be really helpful for you. I shared it last time as well. But I think does that look like my head is being squeezed, I don't like my hair, my hair is up my head looks like an alien doesn't look any better no matter where I go anyways, so I'm going to share the screen with you.


So you can see this experience with me, it's really very helpful to keep in mind. It gives us an aspect to be able to measure something. And when we're, we're actually able to measure it, the brain can understand a little bit more. And this is called Emotional vibration analysis frequency. Okay.

So let me know when you see it that's not big enough, we're gonna get greater. All right, guys, this is so important for you to understand. And when you see it like this, it becomes more tangible when you're in your rage. And we don't often think of it here but anxiety, fear heightened is anxiety, anxiety heightened is panic. When you're anxious about somebody coming over, it's or having to go over to their house. So what are you going to say?


Or what are you going to do? Or they're going to ask me this? Or they're going to ask me that. Think about what you want with that person. Why are you in a relationship with them in the first place? I love them, I care about them. Right?


So that's number four, allow yourself to really connect and love that person. And you don't have to be all weird about it. It's allowing you to feel very good with them. It's allowing you to remember why you're doing this in the first place. So for example, I thank you guys for the hearts. I appreciate that hearts back to you. So for example, let's say I'm feeling really anxious about this.


And that happens to me too, by the way, I'm feeling really anxious about talking to this person, they're going to ask me these questions. And I feel like they're going to be judgmental, and I feel like if I ask them questions, they're going to be reactive as well. And so instead, I think about I love this person so much that takes me over to this. I don't know if you can see my little clicker, but it takes me over to the 500. So it's moving me up from 100 of fear and anxiety, or sadness and grief. It's moving me all the way up to 500.


And this has been studied, when we feel these particular emotions, there's a frequency vibration that we give out. And that we also feel within ourselves. So even if I might be feeling 100 Because I'm thinking about how I love them, and why they're in my life and all that they've done for me and all that I've connected to and how they've helped me in my life. I'm at that 500 And I'm also if you can see the smile coming on my like by 40.


So I've actually brought it up, and I am feeling more peaceful. Although that anxiety is still there a little bit. The more I focus on why I want this relationship and what I want to create, the more it pulls me there, right? So the idea is it's going to have you continue feeling that love continue feeling that connection, continue to be in that practice of bringing yourself up to that higher frequency sense. Okay, so now, as you're doing these things, they're opening up opportunities for you.


So the other thing I'm gonna share with you it's called an infographic but basically, it's like a design of pictures because the subconscious mind works better in pictures. And so when we give it pictures, it's feeling like it really can connect and really hold in that information. So let me go ahead and share that with you. Right? And let me know once Yeah. Okay, it's actually not showing anyone more than seven.


And as this is coming up, go ahead and share this link, share with people help them to understand what's possible for them. Help them to understand that they don't have to be stuck in their fears, they don't have to be stuck in their anxieties. Help them to understand that they can create intimacy, intimacy, into me, I see an intimacy into you see, there are two levels of that intimacy. And as you're allowing yourself to share that other people are beginning to see, oh, my gosh, this person bought, or this person understands that this person cares about me, this person really gets who I am and what I'm about. And it allows you to be able to create that experience with them.


And in such a way that you're not gonna have to say anything because you're just sharing it with them, you're being able to let them see and let them know, Hey, I care about you. And you know, when you said that the other day, we want you to know, I'm so thankful, I really resonated with that. Or, you know, we've had troubles in our relationship, but I want you to know that I'm just ready to get past it or want to learn how to do things. And this lady here, you know, her name's Tammy workman Lopez, she knows how to help us to do that. She knows how to help us to create these changes. And just so you know, guys, I do this on Zoom. So if you ever wanted to connect with me live Wednesday's on Zoom, let me know, because I can get you the login information.


And you can come right on here with me, I posted on my Facebook, but sometimes people see the videos and they don't read the post. So I want to share that with you. So you know, and if you're part of my group, then I changed was freedom from negative thinking, you'll probably see that but it's actually called relief from anxiety and negative thinking for entrepreneurs. If you're part of that group, you'll already see that information. So make sure that you get into the group and you'll see that information every week, I want you in you're asking me questions for your life, to be able to get the answers that you all right.


So now, what we're taking a look at now is that gratitude list I was talking to you about ask somebody else to also do a gratitude list and share with each other what you're grateful for, then you'll maybe include what you're grateful for about them. And they can do the same thing. And practice these gratitude lists for the very first 60 seconds of every single day. And you know what? I do it in my head. But now I'm going to make a list myself too. Because I'm like, You know what, sometimes I forget.


And then sometimes I don't go a full 60 seconds. So I want you to create a list that will take you 60 seconds. So maybe a list of 60 things that you're grateful for because we read really fast, but you can actually slow down. I'm grateful for that. Because I'm grateful for that.


Because you can put down a person's name, and then a couple of points of why you're grateful, or a thing in your life that's going on, or the clouds or the birds or the trees, right, and find things that if you feel like you're not grateful for them. For instance, when I work with a lot of clients, they're not grateful for themselves. They're not grateful for their bodies, they're not grateful for their minds. Sometimes they're not grateful for their relationships or their parents. Find things that you are grateful for.


So for example, I am grateful for my mom and dad having given birth I'm grateful for the fact that they were able to keep me alive. I'm grateful for the fact that my dad stood up for me when my mom was abusive when I was little. I'm grateful for when my mom stood up for me when my dad was abusive to me when I was older. I think both of them did it for their own reasons. But I'm still grateful for those facts.


I'm grateful that they screwed up. So I could learn all the things that I learned to make me the person that I am now to help other people that are in their own pain, their own struggle. So even though there's a lot that I'm not grateful for with my parents a lot of stuff that they did that was hurtful that I've had to do years and years of helping heal and know that, like, I'm grateful that I did do the healing and I did do that progress. And for a long time, I didn't feel attractive. I was sexually abused.


So I thought that people would want me for that pretty much. And so I had to really come into practice. I do love this body. Right and initially I didn't love it for like, you know, I didn't find it attractive. I was kind of repulsed by it. But what I did love it for Is It kept my bones and like my intestines together.


I loved that I could hold somebody that I loved and I could feel them that night. tactile, kinesthetic aspects, and the nervous system was working. Right? I loved that it helps me with my emotions, and it helps me with my thoughts. So I was able to love what I could love and not make the other parts wrong. Right. And so as you allow yourself to be in gratitude of the things you can be in gratitude of, that helps you to love something more and more and more. And if like that, I do appreciate this body.


And I don't see it just for sex. Right, I see it as like this, this cool, kind of weird-looking thing that God created that helps us get around. And it's kind of lanky, and you know, like, how does it even stand? And how does it have balance? And how does it work? Like, it's super cool, and all the nerves and everything that runs through it, and the way the muscles work and muscles that contract and expand and like, there are so many things about your body is so effing cool. You can look at all those things and be like, Oh, electricity is flowing through my body

. Freaking awesome. And so you can be in that space, right? Like, I've worked with a lot of moms who felt overweight and unattractive. Like, body brown lights, your breast brought food to bring life. Right. And even if they didn't, they still were like, super cool. And they these glands and how it works. And like your body tells you what your baby needs. Like there are so many super cool things about our bodies. Right?


And then like, if you're a dad, like, you know, the fact that you helped bring light, right? The fact that you are the strength, right? The fact that you are the one that can help your partner and your children feel so loved in a way that only comes from man, is great. Women have women and men have men and it's like that madness makes a huge difference. That woman this makes a huge difference, both in their own. So really being able to love and nurture yourself and appreciating yourself.


Oh, wait, I don't think that we should share that. Loving your body no matter what, no matter what kind of limitations you see, no matter what kind of experiences come up for you. Sorry about that guys, just keeps looking around. There's so you're being able to appreciate yourself and love yourself. And this is a picture of just ladies.


But the same thing goes for you guys. Appreciating and loving your body, your mind your experience your emotions. For guys, it's can be very difficult for appreciating your emotions, and the thoughts around them. Right? We've been taught that men are supposed to be strong. Wow, yeah, men don't cry. Oh, is that crying cleans out a system, it doesn't matter if it's got a vagina or a penis.


It's about helping that body release any emotional toxins, any emotional experience. It's not a weakness in it, it's weakness in that belief because then that makes the body literally weak because you can't take out the toxins. So allow yourself to recognize and appreciate whom you are expressing that gratitude by saying thank you, but not just to others to yourself, allowing yourself to practice unexpected acts of kindness. And this is for someone else, but also do the same for you. If there's something you need to do, going to the gym, going for a walk, giving yourself that food that you need, taking away the foods that are unhealthy for you, instead of overeating, stopping, and balancing that amount on your plate.


Instead of getting into an unhealthy relationship. Again, taking the time to have that relationship with you and get help to do it. So many different things. You're giving yourself that unexpected kindness, you're creating that intimacy in me I see and love and care for your creating those opportunities. Well, it's actually covered finding those opportunities for yourself, finding ways and if you're not sure, reach out to me, I do this I help people plan all the time.


We're just creating a roadmap. If you don't know what direction to go, you just kind of find yourself looping in circles. It's not your fault. You haven't been taught or trained. That's all it is. Right? It's like oh, I don't know algebra. That means I'm stupid. That means I'm broken. No just means you didn't go to algebra class yet. Or maybe you don't want to.


You don't have to. So it's being able to take a look at what are the thoughts you're having about yourself about your life about your exterior. As what's blocking you? What anxieties, what negative thoughts, what emotions are there to actually explain to you what you need to do, but you just don't know how to understand them yet? Getting that support helps you change your perspective, it helps you clear up the old stuff that's going on in your subconscious mind those limiting beliefs, that baggage, you get to declutter your mind.


There's nothing wrong with you. But if you have a house that's got packed full of stuff, there's nothing wrong with the house, per se, it's a great house, but it's been ruined by all this stuff. And so the house isn't broken. But all the stuff in there is actually making it not livable. All that stuff in here is aching your body and your emotions just feel totally out of whack. There's nothing wrong with you. But we've got to clean that stuff out.


Because it's actually making stuff wrong with you. But there really isn't anything long as you get that stuff out there. You're going to feel clean, really connected, understand your own thoughts and emotions. So then that gives you space and time to understand someone else's thoughts and emotions. You can do this guys? absolutely can.


I'm actually starting a group tomorrow the 17th. And it's a cycle through so you can't miss anything. And you just allow your soul to do the work. Right? It's four sessions. And if you miss any one of them, you can come back and come to the next one. Don't feel like you have to do this alone. I did. I did it, it did it alone. And so there were times when I would get a coach or I'll get a therapist or I get somebody to help.


And I feel really good. And then I think I had to do it alone again. And then I get another coach and round around. Until finally I realized I need that guidance. And I need that support, I need somebody to be able to connect with you. Because there I'm going to a new level all the time. That's just who I am. And so I need somebody at that next level to tell me this is what's easier, you don't have to struggle through it like that. I really want to do it any other way. That's just asinine.

My mom used to say back, I don't even know what it means. But basically, it's kind of backward. Why does it backward. We don't have that much time here. Why make it so complicated? And I was definitely one to make everything. And then allow yourself to get out. And even though this shows the trees and whatnot, this little guy is here for a reason. When you connect within you into appreciation, you're not just appreciating what's out in front of you.

You're appreciating the fact that it's a part of you, you're appreciating the fact that you're a part of it. And allow yourself to be in that. Allow yourself to know that truth, to love that truth. Allow yourself to take care of yourself, and love yourself. In these beautiful rooms, reviving that relationship.


That's what you're here for. Right? We're asked a very few sets of rules. Now we've messed things up. So we have a lot of rules now. But the basic rules are to love God, or whatever term you use.


Because that takes you into that bigger space or takes you out of all these little things that can drive you nuts, and it takes you into that bigger, wiser being of who you can be. Love others as you love yourself. Now we tend to remember to love God loves others. Love God. Love yourself. Love others. The second one is to love yourself.


We think loving others is the second one. Yeah. If we're loving God, great. But if we're not loving ourselves, are we really, really loving God. And here's the thing that I have to ask myself all the time because I still struggle with loving myself, I still have to work on that every single day. But I have the tools now to do it. And I also have coaches that help if I'm not loving myself, not really loving God.


Just giving myself the finger. It's funny, I did that the other day and I didn't realize what was going to happen. But I was basically like if you're not loving yourself, you really can't love others to 100% and you're not loving God. You are saying God's wrong. No, God, I know you're saying love this being right here. No, I disagree. I disagree. You're wrong. I need to doubt myself. I need to be perfect. I need to be some other way to be loved and be accepted.

You are just as lovable as if you took that brand new baby that you've seen you hold in your hands. And you say, Wow, what a miracle. Look at the little fingers and the little toes and the little head and little booty. Right? Like the little everything so do it's gonna be a great little guy. What changes is not a damn thing. It just gets bigger. It's still perfectly that perfect little creation, that perfect little human being. Now, of course, there's no perfect when I'm saying a perfect human being. They're perfectly them think of your names.

And then think of that baby with that name. And that's it. Right, perfectly channeling. Perfectly John, perfectly Melissa. I respectfully autumn perfectly told me there's nothing that baby can do to be any more perfect. That is that baby is perfectly that baby. That human beings perfectly that human being. And it's only going to get bigger, anything it does, or grows or learns, is grating is extra.

It's perfectly its own human being that God created. Instead, it is good. And love me and love others as you love yourself. This means learning to love you may God must learn to be thankful for you, as this beautiful creation, who can't get any more amazing. You're just going to learn and grow and thrive. And we define that person as being more amazing.


But you're not more amazing. And that amazing life. That amazing human being you were born to be. You're just finding yourself as you go through this life. You're becoming closer to that baby. As you're becoming wiser, and more connected, to love, more connected to acceptance, more connected to understanding how to be in that intimate connection with yourself. And then with others. I hope these things helped you, I hope you feel that support and acceptance.

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Help you see how you can move from any one of these negative not bad negative frequencies. The moment you think I have set myself, I am willing to make a change. I'm willing to try something new, you pop up from fear and anxiety of 100 all the way up to 350 all the way up to 310 all the way up. Why not? Practice and do it you guys have. And if you want any of this information, if you want the recording, if you want the infographics, which basically you'll see they're a blueprint. They're a guide to help your subconscious mind as well as your conscious mind. Meet these changes. Step into willingness step into acceptance, step into love and joy and enlightenment, which is what you're creating as you're listening to this right now.

You got yourself to 700 daily plus which is you know that you love, whether you like it or not. Alright, you guys, you have a wonderful week. I look forward to seeing you next week before Thanksgiving. Actually isn't Thanksgiving. Yeah, I will see you before Thanksgiving. And we're going to have Thanksgiving meditation next. And really just to calm your mind and calm your body.


And as you're listening to this recording, you can allow it to also be a meditation. Just allow yourself to sit and relax and listen. And let the words just wash over your ears, your mind. Let these truths just sink deeply into you. And as you meditate on them, listening to them concentrating on them.


Anything else that comes up, you just let it come up and let it flow away. People think you're supposed to clear your mind and our minds are always coming up with thoughts. The idea of clear in your mind is just continuing to listen to the sound of my voice and what the rest are worried about. And as you continue to redirect back to these words that are helping you. It's actually helping you to focus on training your mind on how to only focus on what Intel is going to focus on.


And that's what they mean like clearing your mind. Then as you get better and better you can literally just focus on God's love you quiet nobody. Just feel that love flowing If that helps you clear your mind and people get afraid, they think it means you're gonna let stuff in. You're focusing on God and focusing on that it's really not letting you into something that's good. No better than that mind and your brain and your body are strong and powerful.


You ask God to just take care of your mind and your body and wash over you will keep you stronger than anything in this world. And with that supernatural strength, that Holy Spirit string sowing, God promises. All right, you guys, it's been an honor to be here with you. I do hope I see some of you reach out to me and get registered for tomorrow's group.


And like I mentioned, you can't miss a thing. It's four sessions and those four sessions are going to repeat. So anytime you might miss or whatnot, you just join the next one. Also, too, if you find you do all four and you want to do it again, then instead of being the 397 for the eight sessions, it's going to be $100 for a retake. So just allow yourself to have that support.
You don't have to do this on your own. Why? Why do you take care of bringing it in? Big squishy hugs. Get as many hugs as you can for health. Ask people first. If they say no, it's okay. If your elbow VM is virtual hub. You take care Ciao for now right so we're gonna stop the screen share we'll be in so you get to see my squished head. All right, you guys, you take care. Have a great week and a great weekend.

Ciao. For now, let me know how this has supported you or any questions it's brought up because that actually helps me to address them the following Wednesday, so I include that in there for you. You make sure you get your questions answered. Your voice is important.