5 Tips on Navigating the Frustrations of Dealing with Stressed & Anxious People without Changing Myself

Video Dated: Nov 10, 2022

All right, good morning. We are live three, two and one. Hello, hello, how are you? I hope you're having a great day. So, my name is Tammy workman Lopes, my company is sparks hope, dot life. And I am here because I want to help your life to feel better.

I am here because I want to help you make changes in your life and help you understand that you are in control of your mindset. And if need be, you can help it reset. So I am your mindset reset Guru, I help you to relieve your negative thinking, relieve anxiety, and help you to revive your relationships starting with yourself. And so today, we got a really great question. And we're gonna go over that today.

And the idea of this process is to help you find new ways and new tools to be able to revive your relationships, whatever that looks like sometimes, like in today's question, how do I work with people who have anxiety and stress without changing myself? I thought that was a really amazing question. So I love it. If you guys have questions, please make sure to send them the way that moves me in the direction of what our next live is going to be about these webinars. They're not for me, they do help me get information out there to other people.

I was in the same situation, I had a lot of stress and a lot of anxiety from abuse growing up as a kid. And I needed to get out of that mindset. And I didn't know how I was just stuck. I was also not making the best decisions, and not finding the best relationships, they were great people, and I love them still. But it wasn't like I should have been in a relationship with them. Or they should have been in a relationship with me, right?

We just didn't know how to choose better, because it was what we knew. Plus, when there were times when I was in these relationships, I wanted to speak better, I wanted to reply better, and I wanted to listen better. And I didn't know how. And so I hope to give you these tools to do that. And that's what we're going to be looking at today.

And I've created an infographic that basically is a design of checklists that you're going to be able to take a look at. And I'm going to go into detail on this infographic. Because you can have points and you can have advice. But if you don't know how to use it, it's just pretty. And then you just have stuff. And that's not my goal.

My goal is not to just give you stuff that looks nice that you have, which it's nice to have stuff you can look at and go oh, that kind of reminds me, I'll do that. If you don't know how to really do it, or you've got somebody that you're dealing with, it's anxious and stressed. And that's a very hard time to try to practice a new tool. Practicing it now is really important. And so one of the things I do want to offer is my support for you.

So for those of you who are struggling financially, I do this support Wednesday, every single Wednesday, I'm here, rain or shine, even if it has to be late because there are electric issues or there are storms or hurricanes or whatever. I'm still here, right? Even if I have to record it, and then put it out there. But if you've asked your questions, I'll make sure to answer those questions. Make sense? Okay, good. All right.

So what I'd like for you to do now is I'd like for you to go through the information that you see that's playing, and I'd like for you to hit the share button. Right? As you're doing that share button, it's going to help you be able to share this to groups, it's going to be able to help you to share this to your live, it's going to be able to help you do the things that you need to be able to help this to get into other people's hands. Right? All right, cool bands. So I'm going to do the same thing.

And those of you who would like to join my relief from anxiety and negative thinking for the entrepreneurs' group. If you click into that group and you join, then you're going to also have access to join me here on this zoom. So I'm on Zoom sharing to Facebook, and you can ask me questions on Facebook. But you can also join me in zoom and ask me specific questions. Live, right? And so that way, it's like you're getting live support at the moment.

So that's for those of you who find, you know what, I really need the help, but I'm struggling financially. I'm offering this to you for free. I don't get anything out of it, except other people get to see how I can help and they might want to work with me. But other than that, this is something I want to get out into the world. That's my bigger mission. Right? I do this because I love to do it.

So yes, it's my livelihood. But the reason I do this is that I was that kid who thought about suicide every day for a very long time. And you won't believe this right? Until you know my story but that thinking started at four. So from four until 15 I can't So I thought about it every single day. You know, but I thought about it several times a week. And some days, I thought about it nonstop.

And that was from four to 15 Until I ended up in foster care. And that's not a story I'm saying, because I want you to feel the trauma. It's a story that I'm sharing because it was my story. And I remember as a little kid thinking to myself, remember how much this hurts, so you don't ever treat anybody else like this. And so what that meant for me was, I am going to do everything that I can now that I gave the opportunities, once I was in foster care, I saw you don't have to be mean, I saw how people can speak to you, I saw that you could be treated like a person. I wanted to give that to other people, to other children to other teenagers to other adults who maybe had been treated like I was, or maybe not treated the same way, but had different experiences.

Similarly to that their mind, their emotions, their anxiety, and their struggles, had them just locked down inside their own mind, in their own body. And that is why I do this work. Because I know what that feels like. And I know wanting to get out of it so badly thinking the only way to get out of it is to die. But then fast forward, I also learned how you can change your mindset.

I also learned how you can understand that your emotions and your thoughts and things that are going on can push you into that space of feeling like you're not good enough feeling like you have to be perfect or push you into an incorrect relationship that isn't the best, but you want to make it work out. Or you're stuck with this family who drives you insane. Whatever it looks like, it gives you the tools to be able to handle that. And then fast forward even further. When I became an entrepreneur, all the heck I was stepping into.

I don't know how to do this, even with a master's in business. They didn't teach you how to do this kind of stuff. It was all basic in general, and there wasn't detailed information on what you need to really implement to start a business, there was an understanding of the concept of business. So I did have that discipline with social media, and client marketing networking, which was not included. And so it was this huge learning curve. ​And so there was so much being pushed and triggered, that I didn't know what to do with it. I had an amazing relationship, not sure how to balance that. I never really thought I would get married I wanted to.

But based on the decisions I was making in relationships, I think she was going to happen, plus I was so invested in my profession at the time of helping foster children and young adults aging out of foster care and helping other people in their lives. I didn't realize it but my life was ticking by my 20s 30s it was just ticking by and I didn't realize the things that I wasn't planning and looking into. And so now when I'm working with you, I bring those things to light. And you bring them to light with me. So we can help you address them now and not feel like you're languishing in things.

Hope that sounds like something that can support you and help you out of any limiting beliefs you feel like you have. And if there are other areas I didn't mention, when I'm working with people, we're working on any limiting beliefs that are going on, so don't feel like you can't address them. I've worked with clients from suicidal experiences, having attempted it, having talked about it to people who are doing really great, and they just want to take it to the next level. I've worked with individuals, I've worked with couples, I've worked with young people, I've worked with old people and not old like their, you know, the older people up to the ages of 70 and 80 years old. So there is no oh, that, you know, I'm just the last cause.

You are not ever just because you think you've tried everything doesn't mean it's true. Because if we haven't talked, you haven't tried everything to make sure you get that support that you need. Don't do this, like you have to do it alone. But you don't. I used to think I had to. I used to think I had to because of money because of time because of people you know, they're not going to help. I was wrong.

And just like those people wanted to help me, I want to help you. So make sure that you connect. All right, so if you saw my post today, you're going to see the steps that are there. But tomorrow I'm also going to share an infographic with you that I'll show you right now that we're going to walk through, let me go ahead and get this for you. Okay, so I am screen-sharing, give me one second. So you'll be able to take a look at it with me there we go.

So you should be able to see this now tomorrow, if you're interested in getting this, I'm giving it out tomorrow. So just put in the comments, I want that infographic or I want that design or I want that guide. It's a guide to walk you through to remember what we're going to be talking about today. But if you just look at the points, the points will give you enough to remind you, okay, so the idea is, when you're working with somebody who is in their own space of stress and anxiety, your automatic experience your physical experience, when we're connected to somebody and we love somebody, we mirror them. Okay? The same thing works in a negative situation.

So if somebody is getting all like rah, your body, your heartbeat, your experience starts to match ah, and you want to make sure no, we're not going to mirror that, we're not going to match that. So it allows you to keep yourself in your space and realize their reactions, or their reactions. You don't have to own them, you don't have to respond to them. And I'm going to share something with you if you go to my website sparks hope dot life, I'm going to share something with you sparks hope dot life, you're going to see this request right here, this request is going to give you a list a blueprint of different emotions that may come up that someone else might be experiencing, and what it means. So what's needed, is it also helps you to take a look at those emotions because you have them too. And you want to know what you need.

And so you want to take a look at that blueprint. And you'll be able to see, okay, this is what they're going through. And this is what they need. It's not your job to fix it, it's not your job to give it to them. But in some instances, we can.

And so apply for this right now and get it. So you can begin to see when they're reacting in anger, what can you do when they're reacting in depression? What can you do? If they're reacting in? They're not good enough and inadequate? What could you do? And I'm going to walk through some of those today.

But I want to make sure you get that. So you also can see it. All right. The very now these are not in a particular order. But I'm gonna just go as the order that they're in, you can use them in different orders, okay? So what you want to keep in mind is their reaction is not about you.

They're feeling whatever they're feeling. Now, they may be feeling, say they're feeling it because of you. But just because you say something or do something doesn't mean that I have to get into this behavior. But if I don't know how to deal with it, it's the only behavior I know. So if you come at me or anybody else comes at me, that's how I'm going to respond.

Because that's all I know. So keep that in mind, this is all this person knows, they're not trying to come at me in this way. However, if they're disrespecting you, you don't deserve it. So you still get to stand up for yourself. And that's why I want you to get this other document.

Because it's going to teach you how to also set boundaries, okay? Being able to say to somebody, Hey, I really care about you, I really appreciate you. When you say this, I feel this and I need you to know whatever it is that you need. I need you to know, you know your tone sounds like this or, you know, you can say it like this, and I'll still understand without you using cuss words or without you getting such you know, super high volume or it breaks it down. It helps a person know what you need. And it also reminds you and yourself of what you need. So that's really important.

Now number two, you want to keep your soul overflowing with health and joyful support. What the heck does that mean? You're right here right now with me. You are filling up your cup. You are helping yourself to understand things. You are allowing yourself to feel good and feel appreciated as you're thinking about what your needs are.

You're giving yourself this time. That's how you're filling up. That's just one way. Another way you can allow yourself to fill up is by giving yourself permission to get more support, right by being able to go you know what I don't quite understand exactly what this means or how to do this. Learning it and finding out before this situation comes up.

I also work with couples with family and so bringing them to your session with you is. So then I can guide them. And it's not you having to teach them because our partners or loved ones or kids or parents, can't hear you. They can't, it's not their fault. You guys are in a relationship that you've practiced where you just don't hear each other.

That's all it is. And that's okay, if you know that about the mind, it gives you permission to not get all backed up about that. I have a couples coach with my husband. Because I get backed up in my stuff when I'm trying to talk to him. I know exactly what to do with somebody else because I'm not in my stuff. But when it's with him, Oh, boy. And the same thing goes.

And so it helps me to be calm as this person is sharing this stuff. And sometimes I might ask the questions that I need to get him to address with exactly what I would say, to my clients. So my husband can hear it from somebody else. And so also too, I can hear it again. Because my mind needs that support at that time.

And that's okay. Give yourself that permission. Okay. Thank you so much for the hearts, guys. They love it. Let me know what questions you have. Let me know how this is relating back. Allow yourself to be able to shift and make these changes, ask these questions.

All right, cool beans. Let's take a look here. I'm just checking to see if you guys have any questions.

These are new things with Facebook. Good morning to you, Tony. All big hearts, big squishy hugs for health. I love that you guys are here. I love that you guys are taking this time for yourself. It's so important to do. All right, let's see here. I am now checking to make sure there are no other questions as well.

Okay. Now, as I mentioned to you guys, you can also join me on Zoom. So if you click into the Facebook group, because that's a private group, the Zoom information is in there. So you can take a look at that Zoom information. So that way you can you'll see it in the comments. Let me make sure it's there. I mentioned it to my assistant.

No, it's actually not there. I'm gonna put it there for you right now. So if you want to join me here on Zoom and speak to me and ask me specific questions, you totally can. I want you to know that I'm available for you here on these Wednesdays for this time, this is your time. I'm not here just to be like yeah, I'm here.

And while I'm doing that, I want to give a shout-out to my honey, it's his birthday today. He thought he was 48 47 Crazy, right? Okay, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go right into the group, and I put it in the group and it's private, because you know, there are trolls and trolls like to put some nasty stuff in so I'm gonna put it into the comments of this live.

So that way you'll see it. So if you want to join me, you can all right, so it's in there. So you can click in there and you can get it all right, cool beans, you'll see it right there. And I'm gonna put it in both of the comment areas. So that way, you can't miss it all right, you guys. You're awesome. So, ah, Tony says Happy Birthday. Thank you. Thank you.

All right. So there are other things that you can do that are really simple to continue to help you overflow. So for example, if you're going to be working with somebody or talking to family or even in your own mind if you're upset with yourself and you're talking kind of nasty to yourself, fill it up with beautiful music, fill it up with beautiful prayer, fill it up with beautiful inspiration and you can go on YouTube, you could find this stuff I even have recordings on YouTube for sparks hope, fill up your mind what you're doing. It's not just filling it up with words and filling it up to be busy.

You are a frequency. I can share this with you. Let me share this with you. This is awesome guys. Give me one second. This chart. It's called the Hertz emotional vibration analysis frequency chart. And that's a big term just to say it's a chart that shows when your emotions are when you're feeling your particular emotions. They give off a frequency.

And so if you're down in these lower frequencies of guilt or shame or grief or fear, now lower doesn't mean bad. Negative does not mean bad, right? I like to use this as an analogy. Is this the bad side? Because it's negative is this the good side because it's positive? Heck, no, you need both sides for the energy to flow.

For this to work, the same thing works for you, as a human being, you've got your positive side, you've got your negative side, and negative moves us to make a change. If you're not feeling good about something that's going to motivate you to make changes in your life. Sometimes we get the wrong ideas. And we might say, well, I don't know how to change this.

So and then fill in the blank, I'm going to eat that food, or I'm going to have sex, or I'm going to do drugs, or I'm going to isolate or I'm going to watch TV or I'm going to avoid at all costs. But that's our thought that's incorrect. The negative emotion is there to say, hey, let's take care of this. Something needs your attention.

The positive is when we're feeling really good, feeling really relaxed, feeling real like I like this space, I want to stay in this space for now. So it keeps us in this space of feeling good. So we get, we want to get to that. But we're not always feeling good all the time. If we felt good all the time, we wouldn't grow, we'd be like, No, I'm this is where I want to be.

That's it. It's the negative that moves us to want to get back to the positive. So if you've got something in your life that's creating those negatives, and you're not sure how to get out of it. That's what I'm here for guys. That is why I do this work. Because when I was a kid, my mom did not know how to get me out of that.

Instead, she would put me in it. And the same thing with her. And so what I do is I help people learn how to get out of those spaces, create new thoughts, new understandings, create a new mindset, and retrain the subconscious mind. They just don't know how yet, right?

So as you're learning how what's happening is you're shifting from the frequencies of the lower frequency, you're shifting them to a higher frequency, you can think about yourself, like a radio, if you imagine it, like you churning into the lower frequencies have you feel that lower feeling you're turning into the higher frequencies, it has you feel that higher feeling if we stay living in the lower frequencies because we're not meant to stay there to get sick, those lower frequencies create illnesses in the body. They're really they're literally vibrating to unhealthy frequencies, they're meant to vibrate. So you go, Whoa, what's that? Something needs my attention, what's going on?

Okay, so I'm feeling not good enough, I need to bring in good enough. So that is not good enough. Silence is out and not and good enough, brings me up that self-love that self-care, that reviving your relationship starting with yourself, creating that intimate connection, where right now you might just be like, Oh, intimate connection with this person. Cool. Just threw up a little in my mouth.

You know, we can laugh. I used to feel like that about myself a long time ago. And that's really sad to think about somebody feeling that way about themselves, if they're an amazing person doing amazing things, or even just getting through life doing the best they can. That's amazing thing. And yet, there are so many people that I've met, that I've had to help out of that place, they don't know how to get out. They don't deserve to live there. It's painful.

Same thing in relationships. Same thing in businesses. The same thing, as a parent, same thing, as a kid with your parents, you might be a kid watching this, then your parent doesn't know how to make that change, you can help learn this stuff. Just because you're a kid doesn't mean that you're less. The kids are pretty cool.

They learn really fast. They're really smart. They become smarter adults. So don't make yourself small, just because you might be young. Allow yourself to practice these things and learn these things and grow with these things. You deserve it. This is about your body, your mind your life.

All right, so jumping back over to the infographic. It's important that you will allow yourself to continue to fill up. And as you do that, I shared with you that resource over here that you're gonna get, you're gonna apply for that you're gonna get it in your email. And all it does is just give me your information. So I know you're requesting it and I know you're interested in this stuff and we talk that's it.

You're not on any list or anything like that. If you want to be on my newsletter, you get a monthly newsletter. If you want to know what I'm doing to be reminded, you get reminded, that's it. I'm actually not really doing too many emails at all. I'm doing one a month, which I'm being told by a lot of you that's not enough you want more.

So you let me know if you want just a monthly if you want more, you let me know. But right now it's just monthly. With that resource number three, you're going to learn how to listen in a way that they feel heard. You're going to listen to yours Sal, so you can speak in a way that they're able to hear you. A lot of times when we're trying to work with somebody, we're just talking over them.

They're talking over us. It's just hard, it makes it worse. So instead, you're able to listen. And here's how you want to listen, guys. Listen, like you're going to repeat back to me what I just said to you. What I just say. And you would say, I'm listening in a way to repeat what you say back to you. Listen like that. So if somebody's going on about what's happening for them, repeat it. So what I hear you saying is you're just feeling really stressed out and you don't feel hurt.

Yeah. Okay, good. What I also hear you saying in your tone, is that you're hurting. Yeah. You're feeling alone? Maybe. Yeah. Tell me what else you're feeling. Now, it's not your job to be their, therapist, it's not your job to be their counselor. It's not your job to be their mom, their dad, I mean unless you are.
But even as a mom and dad, it's not your job to fix this.

So when you're listening, I'd like you to notice some of us are very empathetic. But we don't know how to show empathy without taking it into ourselves. Like, I am only helping you if I take on your pain. This is why I teach people this is why I do hypnotherapy. This is why I do mindset reset work.

This is why because you're programming yourself. You're practicing your own self-hypnosis that says the only way to help them is to feel their pain. And you might not know you were doing that, because it's subconscious until I just now brought it up. And you might go, oh, oh my gosh, no wonder I can't handle them. I'm taking on their pain. And then it's not really them. It's you. That's you, you've got to work on that.

So you just hear somebody and you hear their pain without thinking you're supposed to fix it. I'm sorry that you feel that way. I'm sorry that you're hurting. I'm sorry that that's going on for you. Now if you don't like saying I'm sorry because you think it means you did something wrong, then you could say something else gets that's really hard that you feel that way. That's really sad that you're stuck there.

That's, that's really it. That sounds really painful to you. So there are other ways that you can say, I just I say that because I am sorry that they're feeling that way. Not like I did something wrong. But I have that, you know, I'm sorry that you're hurting. Right? Just like if somebody was in a car accident, gosh, I'm so sorry that happened to you.

So I'm not saying it like I'm apologizing. I'm saying it like I'm sharing sympathy. I'm sharing empathy. I'm sharing care. If you're not sure how to balance that, then don't use I'm sorry, use? Gosh, that sounds really painful. Don't say I know, if you don't know. Don't say I get that. And then start going on about your stuff. Hear their stuff, reply about their stuff.

What are you going to do about that? Right? Next step? What are you going to do? What do you need? Well, I need this, I need that I'm going to do this. Not what are you gonna do to fix it? It's not your job to fix it. But what you can ask if you like, what do you need for me? I'm here I'm listening. Would you like to pray together? Right. So if they don't have a suggestion, or if their suggestion is something you can't do, like, Oh, help me go talk to them? No, hat's not something I can do.

But I know somebody who can help you. She's an anxiety relief coach, she's a mindset reset coach, right? I can pray with you. If they need extra resources, and you don't have the resources, then you share with them where they can get those resources, I know where you can get that help. So it's taking all of that off of you like you're supposed to fix it because you're not okay.

Just know, it means that you're somebody who is you have a heart of a healer. And so you want to heal. But that's not your job. They're not paying you to do that. They're not asking you to do that. And if they are, then you need to let them know. That's not something I can do. That's something you need to get that support from over there and I've got ideas for you. So that allows you to feel heard, that allows them to be heard.

That's the biggest thing. Stay away from things like Oh, I know how you feel and then share your story about it to listen to them first. Then you can know I and it's really good to say I don't know how you feel because you don't know how they feel. You don't you're not in their shoes. Use, you don't know what they're thinking about. And you could even ask, what are the solutions you're thinking about? Or this? You know, I know some people, who start to think about not wanting to wake up in the morning is that ever come up? And, guys, if you think somebody's thinking about suicide, don't worry, ask. But don't be all weird either. Like, you know, I know some people who even at this point start thinking about debt. Is that something you've thought about? Just because somebody hasn't thought about it doesn't mean they have an action plan.

If they say yes, I definitely do think about that sometimes, but I'm not really going to. Okay, well, when you think about it, what do you think? Well, I think I would, you know, not want to wake up or think about, and then you think, well, you can hear if they have a plan? Well, I thought about the garage and this and that, but I would never do it. And I've never, you know, but if they have a lot of detail, then you could say something like, you know, I know you're saying that you're not really thinking about it. But why don't we just talk to somebody who can help with that.

And you guys can call the suicide hotline, right? It's anonymous, they're not going to know who's on the other side. There's, you could even call 911 and ask them, you can call 411. Right? There's also 211 dot org. So if you're like, oh, I don't even want to get to talk about this stuff. It's okay. They're just thoughts. And when we're able to talk about it with somebody, then it's not so scary. And it's just like, cool.

So glad I was able to talk about that. I've been feeling really freaked out by those thoughts. A thought is just a thought, right? And I like to use the analogy because it's gross. You have the thought, you're gonna fart. Sorry, started, okay. Done. It's not the end of the world, right?

I had thought I was going to go to that place, and I changed my mind, I'm not going to do that. I thought I wanted to punch that person. Of course, I don't really want to just a thought, I have a thought that I want to eat that food, but I can't because I'm allergic to it. A thought is just a thought. It's when people start to have a plan. Or they start to shut down from their lives, or they start to give their things away. There are deeper levels. So it's safe to talk about it doesn't sometimes people think if they talk about it means that person is going to do it, it does not mean that I just want to share that with you, because it's been coming up a lot.

Let yourself feel safe. And that topic doesn't even ever have to come up in most situations. Most of the time, it's just like, so what are you going to do about it? What's your next thought? I don't know. Well, let's think about it. What are some options? As I'm thinking about that problem? If I had that in my life, I might try this. Or I might try that. What do you think about those? Now, if they poopoo your ideas, it's okay. They're just ideas. Now you've planted seeds. So allow those seeds to, later on, become their idea.

So when you're talking to them later, they might say something like, You know what, I got this idea, and it was totally what you planted. And that's okay. Okay, so now we're gonna move on. But if you have questions about any of these, let me know because these are in-depth topics. And that's why I go over this with you.

Number four, this I already talked about this a little bit, shielding yourself from others' energies you ground, I'm going to be talking to them. These are some things that they're going to be talking about, these are some struggles that they have, I'm going to listen to Tamizh's video, right? You can ground by listening to something else you can ground by allowing yourself to be in prayer. Prayer is just meditation, right?

You can allow yourself to speak with a friend first you can allow yourself to go over this list, anything you need that helps you feel good and grounded, and ready to connect with this person. Now, number five, number five is in addition, and it kind of combined some of the extras that I just shared with you, allowing you to be able to have that scenario going on the beautiful music. Now you're not going to be thinking about music and ignore the person. You're just going to connect to Oh, yeah, that beautiful music. So calming for my soul and my body, to focus on that person. It gets your background and going, Oh, yeah. I'm not taking on their stuff.

I'm just here to listen. Allow yourself to practice these. Number one, you're going to remind yourself their reaction is not about you. Number two, you're going to keep flowing into yourself so your soul feels full so you're overflowing onto that person. Love that. I'm here to listen, and I'm here to offer suggestions that you're not alone. Number three, I'm listening in a way that you feel heard. And I'm speaking in a way that I feel so you both feel good. Number four, you're shielding yourself from their energies.

You're grounding yourself. You're naming what it is. Wait, that's not mine. That's theirs. I'm not feeling anxious about anything. So that's actually theirs. Okay, I'm releasing that. And then you can allow yourself to be curious. That's what we're talking about asking questions. So what would you do next? What have you tried? What didn't work about it? I know somebody that can help with that, oh, I know that resource. I'll send that information to you later. Or you could send it to them now and your text.

You can follow up with them later. Hey, what do you think about that? How about if we call together? How about if we watch that resource together? How about if we listen to that thing together? If you want to do these things, guys, they're just suggestions. Not that you have to, it's not your job to do it. But you can if you want to. And ask permission. This is the biggest thing here. Sometimes when people are talking to you, they just want to feel heard. They don't want ideas. So ask that question. First. I should have put that on there.

Number three, ask if they want ideas. Add that into number three. Do you want me just to listen? Or do you want my ideas? Do you want my advice? Do you want my suggestions? And they might just say no, just listen. And it might take all your energy not to tell them the answers. But seriously, though, if it is the case, you need to practice listening. Because if you're listening, like you're going to repeat back to them what they're going to say, then it shouldn't take any energy at all for you to quiet down your own thoughts and what you want to give them make sense.

All right. Let me know what questions you have. Let me know what thoughts you're thinking. Let me know how you think this might work or not work. I want to hear from you. I want to be able to address those things. And whatever new questions you have, or new topics you have. Let me know because that's going to help me create next week's live. Because again, guys, these lives are for you. They are not for me.

They help me help you, which helps me feel good. This is for me to be here to make a difference for you. And I want to thank those of you who are sharing your hearts and saying good morning. Tony is Happy Birthday to Norway. Thank you guys so much for taking this time and being here. You're taking this time for yourself, you're being here for yourself.

Because it's important. I want you to know that you can join me any week, you can be in this zoom asking me specific questions about these topics. I am here for you. Now, I also have one on ones where you can work with me face-to-face, or on Zoo. I also do a group that I'm starting on the 17 revive your relationship starting with yourself. It's only one hour a week. So it's not a big time investment, I'm sorry, it's an hour and a half a week. Either way, it's still not a big-time investment. And it's helping support you through the holidays.

This is a big time to make sure you have support. So let me know if you're interested in any one of those ways to get any guidance to get extra support to get these tools. And it's only going to be 397. For those four sessions, as well as for sessions with me that you're going to get one-on-one, we're going to follow up and make sure you're getting the learning make sure you're getting results that we are looking for you. Because you deserve it. Let's end the year right starting on the 17th It's only an hour and a half a week. It's not a big investment.

What you're going to get, you're going to get confidence, you're going to get reinforcement and accountability. You're going to learn how to speak to others, you're going to make sure they hear you. And you're going to do it in a way that's kind and compassionate. And bringing in that intimate connection with you within yourself. Right, that intimacy into me, I see that intimacy that you have with somebody else or creating that new intimacy with a new partner. Allowing yourself that if you want to have it with your children, with a business partner, with just people around you co-workers to where you are feeling that you are creating an intimate connection with all of your relationships you deserve all right, bring it in. Big squishy hugs for healthy guys. Continue to take care of you know that you are loved and appreciated know that you can make a difference. You get to become that mindset reset guru of your life of your thoughts of your emotions, taking on your actions and removing procrastination, you get to have all of that.

And if you'd like this information infographic or if you would like that extra share that I did, let me pull that up again for you. Let me know, I'll make sure you get it, just comment in the comment box. And I'll make sure to get it this one is the hertz, right? The hertz emotional vibration analyst frequency chart. You can just call it a hertz chart or vibration chart, emotion chart, or whatever you'd like. The other is the guide.

The five tips on navigating the frustrations of dealing with stressed and anxious people without changing myself. And this came from one of you guys in my group. I don't have permission to share your name. But I think these are great questions, guys. I love it. Keep advocating for yourself by asking these questions.

And I'll keep advocating for you by giving you the tools and the learn how to practice them in your life. All right, you guys know that you're loved by the likes. Take care of yourself have a great week, and I will talk to you. same bat time same bat channel next week. All right, talk to you later. Ciao for now.