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5 Ways to Improve 2022, Using  the Failures
and Disappointments of 2021

Video Dated: Dec. 18, 2021

Good morning, good morning, I hope you guys are having a wonderful day, and taking care of yourself and kind of thinking about what you're going to be doing into the holidays. And my biggest goal is to help you take a look at looking at the mistakes and the failures and celebrating them and using them as a tool. So we're going to be talking about that today. And the other thing I'd like to talk to you about is this Friday, well, actually, this weekend, and next weekend, you're going to get the weekend a winner, because I am running a raffle where you can submit your name and let me know that you're interested in receiving time with me, which will give you tips and tools on how to deal with stressors going on in your life. And it will help you to be able to have a recording that you'll be able to continue to listen to that will help any stress helps you to relax, and anything in particular that you've got going on that you'd like to be able to help you to do that. And so let me know this is super exciting.

These are not tools that people know about. And so it really does help make a difference. And you're going to win. So you're going to be the winner of that all you need to do is submit your name and say I'm in and then just like the business page, and you can invite whoever you invite will actually give you more entries into the raffle. So it's great. Oh, this this picture. That was just like invasion, right? But then it's miles. I love it. I wanted to share that with you guys. And super fun. Okay. So what we're going to be taking a look at is, what are some tools and techniques? And there's plenty, but I'm just going to be going over by with here. So what you want to take a look at is what's been going on over the year? What mistakes would you say were going on? Looking at mistakes and a new way of? Okay, so this was a mistake? Where was I judging myself? Where can I bring forgiveness and bring that change? So then you can release that? So number one looking at what is the mistake itself?

And what is the belief around the mistake? Now mistakes and failures we see them often differently. The second one is take a look at the failure. What do you believe about yourself and the fact that you quote, failed back. And I say, quote, failed it. Because just because it didn't work out doesn't make you a failure, right? You're amazing, you're awesome. You're somebody who can make a huge difference. And from those failures outside. So it's really nice to see what works and what. Three, if you take those things, and you allow yourself to see them as an opportunity to below, then you're going to be able to see oh, well, it's like going down a dead end. You don't sit there at the dead end is the better route to take. And it helps you to look and see what's the better way to take notes. So it's allowing yourself to learn and grow and make that difference. It's quieter now. And so as you're doing that, you're also report planning.

So you're taking a look at each one of these things. And it's helping you to plan what to do next plan by looking at what worked and what didn't without judgment. Instead, you're looking at it with, oh, how do I learn? How do I make this difference? How do I make this change? How do I set myself up to win from this experience? And so you feel really good? You feel really excited? Now, I know a lot of these things that we're talking about, you might be like, Yeah, but how does that apply to me individually? So if you're wanting to learn and ask him more questions about your story, what's going on with you? Let me know. And so the fifth thing that's really important is to take a look at what is it that is coming up for you what might this be bringing up what other things are in the mix of this, the failures and, and you might find that there's limiting beliefs of well, I can't improve or it never gets better. Or, you know, I just keep dealing with this problem.

Or there's this experience of sadness or this experience of feeling down or feeling like it's just not going to work out. And so allowing yourself the number five, this is so essential, and these don't have to be in any particular order. If you allow yourself to take a look at any limiting beliefs, limiting stories, you know, criticisms that you have about yourself. I've had a lot of clients say, oh, but if I talk about those things, I'll feel worse. Here's the thing, they're still there, and you're still talking about them just inside your head. and they're there underneath. And so what I like to do is I help people remove that mind trash and get that out of there. Because you're functioning over it. And what do you know about Trash Trash things, and it weighs you down. And that mind trash going on in there is wearing you down making you exhausted all the time. You don't need that.

You don't deserve that. Good morning, Melissa. Lynn. Good to see you. Oh, gosh, I was just thinking about you yesterday. It feels like it's been forever. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I know. I'll see you before then. Or you'll see me before then. But it's so good to see you big squishy hubs. I've been wondering like how you guys are doing and I'm sure things are going well. And I want to ask you like what's theirs anyways? But anyway, Big hugs, Big hugs. Let's definitely catch up. Yeah, I think. So we were just reviewing. So go ahead and watch the replay of the different areas. So looking at what are the mistakes? And what do you believe about them taking a look at Hey there, Joanne, good to see you taking a look at what are the failures? And what do you believe about those. Then giving ourselves the opportunity of looking at the negative thoughts and how those negative thoughts are bringing us down. Because you can't move past them. If that stinky mind trash is there. And it'll be like you're pushing, pushing, pushing, trying, trying trying, it's always in your way.

So what I was mentioning is these five things that I've mentioned, you can do them in any particular order, but make sure you do them and also get support get help, I was not able to do things on my own, when it became too intense and to invoke emotional to in my face. Because it's here, I couldn't see past it. But when I had somebody else there, they were able to help me to see past it. And I'm able to do the same thing when I work with you guys. So it, it feels like the weight is relieved. And it's being helped to be carried. And it feels so much better and so much lighter. So I do hope that these really support you and you're able to see how it is that you can implement them and see that mistakes and failures are just an opportunity to grow. That's really all they are. And when you allow yourself to see it that way. It feels much better. And then you can take the planning, you can take the growing and you can bring all of that into here. And it feels so good. You guys take care of yourselves. Enter the raffle. Look at the post in the group. Enter the raffle so you guys can get a free session then you can get a free recording of relaxation that you can be listening to over the holidays.

You take care you know a big big squishy hug bye for now.


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