5 Ways to Declutter Your Mind From Overthinking

Video Dated: May 22, 2022

Good morning, Happy Wednesday, I hope you are having a great week taking care of yourself, allowing yourself to be able to grow and thrive. And today I want to thank you so much for being here. My name is Tammy workman Lopez, my company is sparks hope, hope. And I help people create a mindset reset. So there's things that we might get stuck on that block us that keeps us from moving forward in our lives. And when we do, it creates anxiety, it creates stress, it creates overwhelming creates this need to be perfect. I can create this overthinking shut us down and in the process creates a lot of clutter creates a lot of clutter in our thinking a lot of clutter around us. And it's actually a good indicator to be able to see does something need attention, the more I get kind of clutter around me, the more I see, I'm getting a bit stressed out and I'm losing focus. And so today, we're actually going to be talking about that so you can get the support that you need. And that you can allow yourself to see that there are ways to declutter your mind from that overthinking process that happens. And why do I do this, because I know this experience so well.

It's something that I have had my own struggles with. Over a lifetime, this isn't anything new for me at all, it's something that I have to work on, and practice with every single day, right. But fortunately, because of the tools and the practice that I've been learning, it's much easier and quicker. And I've been able to also help so many of my clients to be able to shift out of these things that have them stuck. And instead they're able to create the health that they want. They're able to create the healthy relationships that they want, they're able to remove the blocks out of their life and have the business that they want and deserve. And so today, I'm actually here to go over some steps with you five steps that you can practice. And then tomorrow, you're going to see an infographic that my assistant Maria made, that you can actually use to keep going back to that you can share that you can also use it to support others. And I share with you these tools, because I know when we are teaching the subconscious mind if we do it in pictures. And like these infographics, the subconscious mind goes through pictures, colors, words, I like that. And it helps it to hold the information, learn the information, memorize the information, and practice it.

And that is my goal to help this to become nature to you just something that you do automatically. You don't even have to think about it. And that is why I do this work because I want to help you be able to shift out of these things quickly and easily. Because you deserve it. You deserve to have peace of mind. You deserve to be able to have the health and the relationships and the business that you want and that you're working for that. That's what you're working for. So it just makes sense. Right? Okay. So allow yourself to just get settled, grab a pen, grow paper, some of this stuff, you might be like, Yeah, I already know that. Well, that's okay. I want you to write it down anyways, because as you write it down, you're reminding yourself of that information. Okay? So number one, I know this might sound simple, write it down anyway. When you are stressed out, realize that you are not breathing the same way. Just automatically, the chest starts to get tighter, the lungs start to get tighter, you might notice you're doing more of that you're not really breathing in fully and deeply. I myself even right now, because I'm talking fast. I am not breathing in fully and deeply. So practice breathing in ease and breathing out stress.

Practice it with me breathing in the word ease and as you do ease, literally washes over your body and breathe out. So when you breathe out stress, I want you to think of any of the tension in your body. And I want you to imagine literally breathing it out of your body, breathing it out, letting it go down into the earth. As you create that meditation. The body obeys you, the subconscious mind obeys you, as you are thinking in pictures and visualizations, it follows you. So number one, breathe in ease. Without stress, and the more tighter you feel, you can allow yourself to also hold your breath which stretches the esophagus, the throat muscles, the neck muscles, the lung muscles, the intercostal muscles with your ribs, the back muscles, everything right? So breathe it in and hold and you can use a set of numbers if you like.

As you're breathing in count and see how many numbers works for you. By then, 10 Hold 15 out. So 510 15 That's what worked for me. And so when I say pick a number, do that process and see what the number is. And it helps you do you, you can go by other people's numbers to like 555, or three or not five in three hold six out. So the more out is the longer you breathe that's causing the patient or the the relaxation, feeling more patient and more ease. Notice as you do that, automatically, this tension is leaving, automatically, you're focused on your breathing and your body. So whatever you were stressed about, you're no longer thinking about, which gives your mind time to remove itself from whatever it is that you're feeling that you're overthinking about. Okay. So it calms down your nervous system. And as you're doing that, then you're going to take a look at what's my next step. And these don't have to go in a particular order. They're just helpful.

So you're going to meditate on what you want to create. And then you're going to breed that. So I want to create ease, we just did that. I want to create a fun day, right? I want to create, and you can decide whatever measurements, I want to create five calls with my clients, I want to create a good conversation with my partner, I want to create a really great date tonight, I want to create feeling heard and my children feeling hurt. I want to create my, my colleague, being respectful to me, as I'm respectful to them. So think about what it is you want to create. And as you're thinking about that. Notice that's helping you to think of what it's going to be like as you're doing it, wow, as I'm doing that, it's going to be feeling really good, I'm gonna feel heard, they're going to feel heard, we're going to create this connection, and allow yourself to be be creating that. That's cool. Now, as you're thinking about it, you're letting your mind open up to creativity. So you released what you were focusing on your release that overwhelm you released that overthinking you brought into your breathing, you're creating what you want. Now you're breathing that in, grab a pen, a piece of paper, and I want you to jot down three priorities of what you're going to be focusing on today might be working it out with your colleague, it might be having a conversation with your kids, it might be making sure that you're eating well.

And you might have it that some of these gets so easy, that doesn't have to be your priority anymore becomes your automatic, so you can shift it, the idea is to have three priorities. Now, as you're going through the day, if you have to get the kids ready, and you've got to get lunch, you got to do this, you got to do that, well, that's just gonna happen. You don't have to make it a priority, but you can put it on your list of things that have to happen, because they're gonna happen anyway. So you can keep it in order. And to be able to check, you don't have to check it off if you don't want to. But as you check it off, or highlight through, it just gives you that sense of completion and of Wow, no wonder I feel so busy, I got all these things done. And it doesn't have to be a to do list, it can be a to done list, I just did that highlight, I just did that highlight, I just did that highlight. And so it could be a to done list, you're filling it out as you have done it. But the idea is you're getting it written down out of your head. And so as you think of what these priorities are, think about what they are from your core values. So what does that mean? Well, if my core value is to make sure that I have fun in my business, and in my life, that's a core value.

If I make sure that God is first and foremost in my life, then that's my core value. So when I'm thinking about these priorities, I might think okay, so if I'm putting God first, would this still be a priority today? Yeah. If I'm being fun, how would I do this priority today? Okay, yeah, I do with a smile, right? So it has you step into who you are and your why. And it feels so much better. So much more relaxed, so much more filled with purpose. Okay. And so the number four and again, like I said, you don't have to do these in order. And you can do them consecutively is actually as I've mentioned them, you can hear how it would make sense to be doing the writing down, as you're going through meditating on what you want to create, and also creating those priorities, that would actually be a good time to do them at the same time. So it doesn't have to seem like it's four steps, it could seem like they're all flowing together. And so as you're doing it, you're writing it down, and you're getting clear on your thoughts, and then you're having an action plan.

So this priority is number one, this priorities number two, and this priorities number three, or these priorities are going to happen consecutively. So this needs to happen at nine and this needs to happen at 905 this needs to happen at nine oh 10. And then these are the steps that I take after these and that continues me in that priority, or I left a message here. So that means a follow up tomorrow, that goes on my to do list. And this was my to done list. So it helps get you much more organized, it helps to clear up that overthinking and clear up the clutter at the same time. And so then number five, as you're doing this process, I want you to jot down any negative thoughts that you have any negative emotion that you have around doing this around what's coming up around if you did the task, and it didn't turn out the way that you wanted to, or you're wanting to do the task, but there's some resistance coming up that seems to be blocking you, I want you to write all that down, stop filtering it up.

And here, you can only hold about seven to nine bits on the conscious level of your mind. And so it gets overwhelmed. So as you're writing it down here, now this your creative space is like, Oh, I've got room to create nice, I've got a white canvas suite. And so now I can think now you can feel like you can breathe because it's out of you. It's on a piece of paper, you've got room to write room to brainstorm without the storm happening in your brain. Makes sense? Okay, so one through five, it sounds simple. But until you're practicing it, you're not clearing it out. So don't think about Oh, it's too simple. I don't have time, the time that you're taking to think you don't have time use it. The little bit of time, it just took me to go over this with you is all it takes. Right? That is all it takes. So allow yourself to go through these steps. And like I said, they can actually happen at the same time. So they don't have to take the amount of time it took me to explain it to you. And it was like less than 10 minutes. Right? Okay, so review it again, take a look at comment. Let me know what you think. Let me know any concerns. Let me know any challenges. Let me know if you think this is stupid. Let me know if you think this is helpful. And as you're doing this, I want to let you know that I have some new spots available.

So if you're feeling like I want to do this, but I can't make myself do it, I'm feeling all this resistance, I'm not able to figure this out, something's coming up for me, something's blocking me getting in my way, I want you to reach out to me, I have five spots available. And once those spots are available, that's it. Right? I only have so much of me that I can take on new clients. And so as you're filling in those spots that so you know, it just is what it is. So it's first come first serve. It's not personal, I love all of you. But I also am doing a waitlist. So if you are interested in it ends up being more than five of you. That's okay. And there is no set, it has to be a certain way. I can work with a client in one session, I can work with a client in four sessions, I can work with a client 12 sessions, I have different packages to work with you to see what's going to work with you. And some of my 12 session clients come back to see me several times, and we do a renewal. So it just depends on what works for you.

But include these things as you're going through your day to clear out declutter and stop the overthinking, breathe in peace and ease. And release any tension out of your body feeling a drain from your back, your neck, your shoulders, your head. Yeah, it's gonna go all out. I'm prioritizing and writing it down. Notice if there's any headaches or any strain how it's already going to have, it's going to feel better. Okay, cool. Practice that 234 or five times. As you're doing that, you can allow yourself to begin thinking what is that I want to create? I want to create, and then fill in the blank. This is what I want to create today with my business. This is what I want to create today with my family. This is what I want to create today in my relationship. This is what I want to create today with my body.

Right? It fits everything, right? I'm working with a client who has issues around her eating, I'm working with a client who is doing great, and they don't have a lot of things that are holding them down. So they're actually moving forward into what are some new things I can get into? What are some new things I can create in my business? What are some new things I can create with my family. And we're jumping into new things because there's no current challenges coming up. And so then I have another client who is working on being able to set boundaries and speak up for themselves and to be able to do it in a way where they feel confident and not feel like they're shutting down the other person or shutting down themselves. So it doesn't matter what you're in. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman. And I do this with couples as well. So none of that matters. What matters is you're ready and willing to do the work that you're coachable.

And that the activities that we practice just like here, you take them on and you do them and if you struggle doesn't matter, we'll do them together. So the struggle is taken out of the I don't know how is taken out of it. You will know how you will be shown how you will practice out you'll have a recording of how and it will automatically be happening for you because that is how we train the brain. That is how we retrain and reset, and get yourself back on track. And you might think, does it work 100%, you might think, well, it work for me 100% You just have to be willing to make the call and do the work. Right. So, again, let me know what your questions or your comments are, I'm not seeing any pop up just yet. But if you feel like, Hey, I'm watching the replay. And I'd still like these things, don't worry, I make sure that I address them. And now I also shared with a friend of mine that I was going to include today a bit more on the meditation piece, because she's just feeling lost. And she's just feeling alone. And so something that I want to add into this.

So in that part number two on the meditating on what you want to create, it can be that you want to create self love. And so I'd like for you to step into this meditation with me for just a second, I'd like for you to imagine being held. And you can imagine being held by somebody that you love. You can imagine when you hold someone else, like if it's your baby, or if it's your pets, or if it's your mom, or your dad or your spouse, and you you're you know what that feels like when you're holding them. Imagine that someone's holding you just like that. And what I would like for you to do is take that even bigger. And so whatever your belief is, whether you believe in God or you believe in universe, for me, it's it's the same God is universe. And, you know, so when I'm saying God, I want you to think it's being held by being held by unconditional love. being held by you are so important. By you are so loved, you are so accepting. And so just imagine, imagine being held, knowing that you are so loved. So love so much, in fact that you were given a body that breeds for you.

So much, in fact, that you were given a body that digests your food for you, that sleeps for you, and heals for you, and loves you and cares for you, and houses you and keeps you protected and heals automatically. A body that holds you together, that holds in all of your organs, that pumps your blood for you that cleans out your systems for you. Think about the sun isn't warm to caresses you, the wind is it brushes against your cheek in your arms. Nature, as the trees give you oxygen and love and care. Just hold yourself as you would hold someone else. You just tell this person, this human being this body, this heart, I love you. You're so amazing, you do the best that you can you try to make a difference out in the world are so inspirational, you try so hard. No one should ever give you a hard time.

And even if they do, they don't mean to, they're just having their hard day, you're doing a great job. I'm so inspired by you. And breathe that in. Notice if you've ever given this person a hard time, if you've ever put them down or said anything negative about you didn't mean it. It was just what you thought you needed to do to motivate this person. And so just bring into that truth. I'm so sorry. If I ever said anything to hurt you, you're doing the best that you can, you're making a different sense of the world, you're probably healing people, you're probably saying good kind wonderful things, you're probably doing the best you can with all of your tools. And that's so good. Nobody who's doing all of that deserves to be criticized and held down.

I'm so sorry, if I ever did that. Instead, I want you to know that you are wonderful and you are lovable, and you're doing your best. And I am so proud of you, then I want to hold you and support you and care for you. And I promise to do that. And if I ever have time that I think I can't or I don't I don't have enough time to do and instead I'm going to come back right to this recording. Then I'm going to practice this all over again. And I'm going to hold you and I'm going to remind you you're doing the best you can and I love you. And if I can't yet say that I love you, I'm going to say I'm sending love to you. Or I'm allowing God or the universe to pour love into me like a satellite dish. And I'm I'm allowing that love to flow from me into you into your heart into your body into your mind to wash over you like a waterfall. Allowing I support that I increase that so much that it builds and builds and builds like the sun bursting out of you flowing out over others. Love care, connection, church. Breathe all and take a deep breath in. Breathe all of that in. And even if that's the only meditation that you know to practice, practice it, because it's beautiful and it's powerful.

And you will notice a change instantly. So continue to practice that my friends know that you are loved know that you are cared for. Know that you are held even if you can only see my arm, because it's more than just me. And allow it to as you practice to be your own arms, your own love, your own connection, even if it can't just be yours yet, but you allow it to flow from God. You allow it to flow from flow from that universe of love. Unconditional, there's nothing you have to do or be to get it, it just flows to you. And you plug into it. Like you're charging your phone, and you fill, fill, fill, fill, fill up the meter, until it's overflowing. Interesting thing when the phone fills, it stops. But with you, as you fill it continues, and it flows and fills you up like a well, and then it overflows out of you and spills out into those around you. So they also feel that love that unconditional love for themselves. Be that light that way, you know that you can know that you are beautiful, you are wonderful. And I look forward to hearing from you guys, those of you who want to work with me. And again, like I said, I only have five spots. If I fill up, it's okay, I'll write a waitlist for you. And I'll call you whenever there's a reschedule.

So you won't miss the opportunity. And I'll continue to be a support for you here on my Facebook Live every Wednesday at 10am. Eastern time. And I also have my revive your relationship starting with yourself first Friday of the month at 12 o'clock 12 to 130. It's from 12 to one and then that half an hour time for questions. So I'm always here for you no matter what. And then that webinar actually leads into a group that I'm offering now. So if you decide, you know, I do want to work with you, but you know, instead of being on the waitlist, or I'll be on the waitlist or the one on one, but instead of just waiting, I also want to move into your group. And I can work with you in a group setting instead of the one on one setting for now. And I do that with couples, I do that with individuals. And so if you find that you are a couple, but you're the only half of the couple that's doing the work. That's okay. Because as you do the work, you will be like that well overflowing into your relationship. So it doesn't have to be both of you. It's great if it can be but it doesn't have to be. So make sure you are taking care of you get that change in your life that you deserve. And don't wait.

There's no reason to wait anymore. Life is so precious. Every minute that we wait is every minute that we've lost without having that love that connection, that piece getting those blocks moved, getting that declutter overthinking out of your way, getting that piece, getting that clarity, getting the steps into taking on your life. All right, you guys you take care of you and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. And from my friend that this meditation is for thank you for inspiring it because I know so many others who are watching it will also be supported and loved. And if they feel lost if they feel alone. You just help them to feel Ciao for now.