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21 days Freedom through Forgiveness

Video Dated: Feb 25, 2022

Hello, friend, let me ask you a question. Do you tend to dwell on past mistakes and hold grudges when people do something wrong against you, and you're just like, Oh, I really want to let it go.

Because if you did, you would feel so much relief, and you'd be able to just take all that pressure off of you. But maybe you don't know how. And that's the thing, when we're in the space of I really want to forgive just so I don't have to carry this week, we've been taught that we're supposed to forgive and forget, you don't want to forget, you want to be able to learn the lesson that will help you to be able to let go. And you also need to learn how to set the boundaries and ask for what you need. So that person can't treat you that way again, or anyone else like them, or you treat yourself that way.

And so it's essential that you allow yourself to go through the process to be able to learn how to forgive, to be able to learn how to get the lesson, if you're not quite sure to be able to ask for what you need and set those boundaries. So you're feeling good and the way I have that for you is the 21 day freedom through forgiveness, you deserve that. So register today, get on that get your 21 day, freedom from forgiveness. So you are just letting that pain and all of that struggle and that suffering that you're dealing with go and you're also going to be getting a free breakthrough session with me. I look forward to hearing from you answering any questions that you have and watching you grow. Take care


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