12 Ways a Mindset Reset Coach Can Help You
End Your Year Ahead of the Game

Video Dated: Oct 14, 2022

All right, we are live three, two and nope to take one, take two for that matter. Oh my goodness gracious. How are you guys doing? I hope you're having a great week. So my name is Tammy workman Lopez. And why am I here? I am here because I want to bring you guys some new information today about what is a coach, what is a mindset reset coach, and how can one help you and your year ahead of the game.

And so before we get started, I'd like for you to go ahead and share this because these are some really good points a lot of people think that they're stuck with, and they do not have to be stuck with them. So please share this information out. Now, here's the deal. I'm going to also share it as well. I'm going to share with you 12 points, but there's actually more.

And so what you want to allow yourself to do is take a look at these ideas and see where does this fit for you? How does this sound like this could make a difference for you? And if you feel like any one of these areas you're stuck with please comment, let me know. You can Oh, yep, that really I relate to or, you know, I don't quite understand that one or you know, whatever it is that you're thinking or feeling. Please do share, it would love for you to interact, and let me know how you're doing.

Hey there, Tony. Good to see you, darlin. Good morning to you too. And thank you so much for the hearts, I really do appreciate it. You guys are absolutely wonderful. And I really do appreciate. When you guys are here, and you're sharing your stories, you're helping other people see what's possible.

And it helps them to realize they're not alone in their struggles. And it also helps them to realize that they too can make a difference. And Tony, I love Tony, he's always somebody who really is transparent about what he's going through. He's been transparent about his struggles. And he lets people know that they can step out of their anxiety, they can step out of their stories.

And even if it comes back, because we are in control of our thoughts, we can have an anxious thought we could be afraid to fall. But then we can remind ourselves, we just second that's just a fearful thought. And I'm going to focus on walking, I'm going to focus on getting to where I want to get to I want to focus on enjoying my life, and not telling myself scary stories. And I really acknowledge you, Tony, because you have shared your story with so many. And it's because of that, that so many other people have been motivated and able to see what's possible for them.

So thank you so much for that. Because when we share our stories, guys, it makes a huge difference. And that's actually a big part of why I do this work. So for example, number one, a lot of times we don't have the clarity that we want to have, we get kind of confused, we don't know what direction to go in. And so there are times when we need to talk with somebody who's already been down that road, to give us ideas to give us suggestions. And what I found with a lot of the coaches and therapists that I had, they wouldn't tell me what to do.

Now. You're not supposed to. But what I needed was some ideas. If I've never been in that direction, I've never had that thought. I need ideas. Tell me what you would do. Tell me what somebody else would do. Tell me what a client has done. Tell me, you know, like, give me ideas to go. Okay.

So I could see how that could work. But that, you know, I could do that. Not that I could see how that could work. And I could do that. Not that and I could see how that could work. And I could do that. Not that. And it's just really able to get clear.

Like if I went left, these are the variables that I'm looking at. And if I went right, these are the variables that I'm looking at. And what if I stayed still? And the other thing is somebody's asking you the questions, those questions I just asked, what does it look like if you stay still? What would it look like if you did that? And if you did that if you went to the left? What might be the pros, what might be the cons, let's talk about those together really get the brain pulling that stuff out.

A lot of times we can't do this for ourselves. And it's not because we can't we can help someone else do it. It's because we're so much in it right? We're in the photo, so we can't see what's around us. just like on the football field. They're playing the game they can't see if I'm the quarterback. I can't see the person over there while I'm here looking at the ball, getting ready to hand it off to the person behind me.

Right because my face is covered. I can literally see it. But the coaches can the cameras can. So if somebody can give me that outside view, that brings in more ideas and more things I've never seen before, all of a sudden, I know what direction to go in.

And so that's a big piece of what a mindset reset coach can do. That is what I do with my clients. And I also have my own coaches. By the way, I also have my own therapist, by the way, I get the support that I need. This isn't I'm always transparent about myself, this isn't like, oh, yeah, got it, I'm cooked, I'm done. I'm not a chicken, I don't need to be cooked and finished. As human beings, we're gonna always grow, just like you go to the doctor, there's going to always be changes, there's always things that you do take a look at.

So there's always this experience of getting yourself to a new level. And that's perfect. Right? When I was younger, and I was doing a lot of this work, I'm 45. Now I'll be 46. But throughout my teens in my 20s, when I got into foster care, right, like a year and a half later, I started doing personal development work. And I did personal development work with the concept of I wanted it to fix me, I really wanted it to fix me so bad, I totally felt like I was broken and not good enough.

And a lot of my clients I work with have some of those feelings going on, they're doing great, but they still have that stuff. And that stuff is wearing them down exhausting them for no good reason. And so what I learned as I went through all of that development was I was not broken, you are not broken, you may feel broken, there may be some damage that you are not broken. Right? There is not like a shattered glass that can be put back together, you do have some scars, but the body heals, the heart heals, the mind heals, right, and there may be some scars that have been grown together. But there's scar tissue that needs to be broken up.

Because otherwise you can't move very well, you can't think there will you can't respond very well. And the things around you aren't showing up very well you're not getting results that you want to be getting, you might be having conflict in your relationship, you might not be giving yourself the time and the self care that you need. You might be putting everybody else first, you might not be having the communication that you really want or the passion or the connection, it might just all be flat or worse, they might just all feel like tense and anxious and go all the time. And before you even open your eyes, you'll be exhausted with that kind of thing going on, too.

That's why this stuff is so important. Okay, number two, number two is allowing yourself to take a look and see that there's just like I was sharing with you there's things in areas where we think we're broken things in areas where we think we have this self doubt, we have this judgments and criticisms and shames and blames and unforgiveness and angers and with ourselves as well as with others. And when we have all that stuff, it can create a lot of doubt and uncertainty. Or it can create a lot of distancing from others. A concrete isolation, it can create so many different things.

And so when we work on that, it allows you to remove that self doubt it reminds you It allows you instead to create such clarity to greet that freedom. That is because you still deserve it. Right? You can take Oh, hey there, Laura Lee, good to see you. darlin, you can take Oh, thank you, Laura Lee says amazing. You can take these things and you can allow yourself to find that freedom in your life. So when you wake up in the morning, you're happy.

You're like, looking forward to the day, you're grateful to be you. Like these things are possible. And let's say you have all that already. Well, it's possible to take it to a whole other level. Imagine waking up and being like, oh my gosh, I am a miracle. I am a walking miracle and walk through your day with that. Being in this space of feeling in awe all day. Really amazing work really, really is. Okay. All right.

Now if you guys have any questions, do let me know. I would really love to make sure that any questions that are coming up for you or any concerns that are coming up for you, that those are also addressed. Okay, so let's take a look here. If there are any questions, just want to double check. I'm checking in the group. And guys, if you want to be a part of the group just look up relief from negative thinking really, really from anxiety and negative thinking for entrepreneurs. That is the group and I'd love to have you there.

And we have different recordings and different supports and different all kinds of things that are available for you so that way you can get that help and you can get that support. All right, cool beans. All right. So number three. the idea with number three is, do you want to allow yourself to create steps of developing a plan of action? Now, we might have our to do list. But that's not the same thing. You might even have your action plan list. But if it's still like a to do list, that's not the same thing. What you want to do and do this with me right now, imagine, what is it you want to create for your life?

Not these things to get done. Why do you want to get those things done?
So for me, as I'm doing this business, and I'm growing my abundance financially, and I'm growing my abundance with people that are working with me and creating relationships, it allows me to grow my connection, it allows me to reach out further into the community and allows my mission of helping people to step out of negative thinking, that that negative thinking and those negative emotions that causes anxiety that cause fear that cause conflict, being able to shift out of that stuff, and know how, instead of feeling stuck, or having old habits get in the way, or repeating things in relationships, having the same kind of relationships, or seeing your stuff, repeating your kids, and just be like, Oh, God, I don't want that to happen.

That was not my goal, I really want think about that. I really want I really want to have this change, right, I'll speak for myself, but the change in the community, I really want to have hearts feel safe, I really want to have people understand their thoughts and their emotions. So when they have children so they can to. So when they have a relationship, the relationship lasts even through the hard times, that there's less harder times of those hard times because they're knowing how to talk through them.

They're having the abundance in their life that they want, through relationships, through loving themselves through their finances, and it's showing up in measurable results for them. That's what it looks like. For me. It looks like for me that I am being God's hands and feet and heart and love and overflowing into myself out of myself into the world around me. That's what I focus on. And so then you get to focus on that. And we would do that in greater detail. As you're allowing yourself to kind of shift out of being in your head. I know that place.

I'm a heady person, anxious and you know all that stuff that comes up. And I need to work through that and release it and shift into what is it I want to create here within my heart, connecting my heart and mind in a different way. Versus a get it done, get it done, get it done, get it done, exhaustion, get it done, and get it done. And living that GO, GO GO GO GO GO GO GO life. Sounds good. That's just number three. All right. So number four, the idea of a coach is to allow yourself to make sure because there's stuff you're not going to do if you're not held accountable.

I'm that way, right there is stuff I will do at the deadline. When I'm going to meet with my coach, there are stuff I do right before I meet with them. That's just that's just a piece of of what motivates me, right I am last minute driven with some things with other things, I do it in advance, but with other things and last minute driven. And so having that accountability to know that's coming up, getting it done, not putting it off, or that task, I said it was gonna get done, well, I'm gonna get that task done before I meet with them. So it's taken care of, and I can have results.

And if I need to have certain results, I better get it done a certain amount of time beforehand. So you're also getting that accountability. And it allows you to be able to make those jumps that you need to make in your life that you might be ready to do, but you don't you keep putting off because there's no extra accountability. And you might have accountability friends, it's a little bit different. Because they may or may not hold you as accountable, or you may not feel as accountable to them, because their friend, you know, give you a little bit of grace for a couple of weeks in a couple months.

And then you guys forget about it. And you start into some other direction. And this is a focus of what you will make sure you have happened. And we will make sure you haven't happened in a supportive way, in an accountability way and hold your feet to the fire kind of way. And also in a compassionate, nurturing, making sure you're taking care of yourself to get that done.

And if there's some thoughts that are bringing up negative emotions, we handle that behavior thinking and get rid of those thoughts, to get rid of those emotions to get rid of the block. All of that stuff supports you. Yeah, good stuff. Okay. So the other thing is we're going to be taking a look at how are you doing with taking care of your body, taking care of your mind, taking care of your spirit, that care makes all the difference in the world. If you're not getting enough sleep, your body is literally not healing itself the way it needs to.

So you will always be in aches and pains because the body has certain times where certain things are healing. And if you don't give it to that seventh or eighth hour, the muscles are not replenishing themselves. The bones are not replenishing themselves. So you're leaving yourself out. You're you're not allowing your body to heal. You're purposely without intending to damaging your body, making yourself older, faster, right? Making yourself weaker faster.

And that no matter how strong the person is, this is still true. Because those muscles are strong muscles, or these little muscles. They need rest no matter what. So they can recuperate and regenerate and do that ripping and tearing and growing and developing and healing, Right? Okay, so number six, what you're going to be doing is as you're going through, we're going to be tracking and measuring. And so you might say, well, something's How do you measure that? Well, super simple.

You see where you're at? What would we measure that? Would you measure that at a 10? All Heck yeah, measure that a 20. Perfect. When we do this work, where are you at now? Oh, gosh, well, we're measuring it to 10. I feel like I'm a four or a three, by measuring a two a 24. Three, whoa, 10. Whoa. So you can see the changes, you will feel the changes, you'll experience the changes, and we're going to be able to keep measuring that all along the way.

So there's this opportunity for you to be like, Oh, okay, okay, okay, I got it, I got it, I can feel it. I really can. And it gives you that knowing, and so will literally be measuring and that measuring is essential. It's essential for you, it's essential for knowing so you can allow yourself to see okay, what's next? Where am I and we celebrate you celebrate, and most of the time you won't, and I'm going to hold you accountable to celebrating just as well because that's so so so important to you. Of Anessa thank you for the hearts beautiful tu tu tu tu tu heartbeat back to you, darlin.

I really appreciate you guys. I appreciate your responses. And you're really connecting to these things and giving me feedback, whether it's live or whether it's feedback through the DMS or whether it's feedback. Hey there, Joanne, good to see you. Good morning, darlin. Adrenaline. Good morning. Okay,

so number seven, number seven. The idea is oftentimes, we call ourselves lazy, we call ourselves procrastinators, what happens is you get stressed out, you get overwhelmed, and your mind and body is protecting you. That's all that it is. So we got to take a look at where is it that you're getting stressed out and overwhelmed. And we handle that, and we address that. And that helps keep you accountable. So we're not just being accountable by you knowing I'm coming on, I'm helping you stay accountable by removing whatever those challenges are, that begin to block you throughout the process.

And so that is a continuing support. And as you're doing that, the cool thing about this is you might find, oh my gosh, because of that I'm not only accomplishing this year's goals, I'm already into next year. And not only that, guys, as you're able to do this, you're gonna find yourself hitting things you thought you could only do two or three years ago. So you will be so far ahead of the game of where you thought you could be. Because you're going to have tools, you're going to have practice, you're going to have accountability, you're going to have support.

And you're going to have this weekly going on keeping you keeping that momentum, and you'll have that ball rolling downhill. And it's just like picking up speed as you go. So that's really important as you continue to be able to keep practice and have somebody from the outside looking in going. I need to tell you something that I can see that I can tell you can't. And then you're like, Okay, that's great. Okay, wonderful. I can I can definitely take that on. I'm looking forward to that I really want to make that happen.

And there you go. Okay, so number eight. What we're able to do in this piece is we are able to look at what behaviors are going on? What is the behavior thinking going on? What is the pattern that it might be coming from, and to be able to clear all that out. So I like to use the analogy of having a pet.

And you have the person that uses the little pad or the newspaper, you're like, Okay, I need to clean that up. And so you go get new clean newspaper or new pee pad and you put it on top. Now some of you are going What, oh, that's not going to clean anything up. That's gonna make a huge mess. It's going to stink. And now when they step on it, it's going to make a motion and smell and it's going to slide all over the year.

Exactly. And so when we think we're compartmentalizing something and putting it away, or pushing it down, or dealing with it or handling it, and just going forward and pulling up my big girl panties, or my big boy pants, underpants you're not as you're pushing through something and not working on it. It's like you have a wound that's healing, but you're not moving it. You're not working on it. So the scar tissue is locking in around it. And so It makes it hard to move, you can't really use it, your range of motion changes. People tend to think, Oh, I'm getting older. So my body's getting worse. No, you're just not moving it. You're not getting around even those of us like myself who are kind of stable and sitting often, if you don't move the body, the body begins to lock in.

The same thing happens with these emotions and these beliefs. If you don't move them and clean them out, they begin to lock in, and they begin to suffocate everything that you're doing. And so we're going to be practicing on breaking that stuff up. And the cool thing is just like your body, you get a massage, or you get into a jacuzzi, or you get into a sauna, it just starts to break it up. And you don't have to do a lot of work. It's not hard. You just have to take the time to do it.

Now, some of these things might be a little hard, right? Like you go to get a massage and you feel that oh, that's tender. Ooh, okay. I feel that Yeah, yeah. Yeah. All right. Cool. It's getting a little easier. All right. Yeah. I feel less. Okay. Get a little easier. Feel a little less. All right. Yeah. Actually, don't feel that pain at all anymore. Just a little tender.

Okay, cool. So the next time you working on it, hardly any knots at all. There's some we're going to work on that a little bit. All right. Yeah. Okay. Feel that one? Got that one right there. Okay, cool. Cool. Yep. Yep, better, better, better. Alright, cool. So as you continue to come back and release those little, those locks, and those little bulges and those little areas, it allows you confirmation, it allows you to be able to see, oh, it's getting better. Well, that's, that's not really there bothering me anymore. It's not affecting my movement, like it was Whoa, look at my range of motion.

It was here. And now it's here. That's cool. And, and even better. Now I can actually do this. Oh, my gosh, now I can touch my fingers behind my back. Same thing works when you're working on your mental health as your physical health. Initially, it might be like, Oh, that's tender.

Oh, okay. That feels a little better. Okay, next time. Yeah, that feels even better. I'm hardly feel not at all. Wow, and this is doing this and, and because of that, I'm doing this. And because of this, I'm doing that and, and I'm getting the relationships that I want. And I'm talking to my kids the way that I want, and I'm making the money that I want.

And I'm not judging myself the way that I was. And I'm feeling really good more of the time, the tension that was in my tummy is moving out that pain that I had in my back. It's just it really allows for all of that the mind affects the body, and the body affects the mind. And so we'll continue to be working on those things as you're changing the behavior patterns and breaking up that procrastination and that that overwhelm that's going on, it's the body trying to protect itself. It's the subconscious mind, saying that you're telling me that's too scary, you're telling me that's dangerous, I'm staying away from that, who procrastinate. Instead, we're helping it to understand it's safe, we're helping to clean out those old thoughts and old beliefs that said, it wasn't safe.

And we're bringing in a new understanding of why that was even there. So it doesn't have to come back again. So you're not always having to fight through, fight through fight to doing it, but I'm fighting every single time and I'm exhausted. Instead, wait, there's, I don't feel any resistance, I don't even have to do that anymore. I could just go through this, this feels way better. And so number nine, you're going to find that because of that you're doing it, you're loving it. You're getting the results that you want, you're making the money that you need for your life.

You're feeling abundant, you're investing into others, because you're already investing into yourself, you're in this expansion of overflow with your mind, your body, your spirit, you're able to take a look at what your faith is that you have faith in. What do you feel good about? What are you like, Whoa, my faith is growing. My Self Love is growing, my intimacy with others is growing, that intimate connection is just really cool. And so because of it, your mind is more open. Because of it. You're learning how to create more solutions and ask different questions.

And when you're working with me, you're able to anytime you're stuck, we're able to pull you out of being stuck real quick and get you back on track. And so your mind is just like whoa, stuff is just poppin Got it, got it, got it, got it, not the best, it's snapping. And it's just like whoa, you find yourself doing and being stuck, you maybe thought you couldn't or you know, you really could but you didn't know how to get there. And you're there making it happen. You're allowing your mind and body to do this. And so consecutively through these things. Number 11 is we're going to be teaching you how to relax your mind and body consistently throughout. And it's going to get better and better and better and easier and easier and easier. Your subconscious mind is going to memorize how to do it. And so you're just automatically doing it through all these other steps that we talked about. And then the final step Now these don't go in an order, this is going to be happening as you go.

But the final and biggest step is you are going to learn how to step into that first level of intimacy into me, I see into me, I love into me, I appreciate being able to wake up and go, I am so glad to be this person, I'm so glad to be in this body. And if you're already there, what's the next level, you get to take that to being able to wake up and get what a miracle you are, like really sitting in that so it fills up your belly, it fills up your chest, it fills you up, like, like, oh my gosh, I've got chills, like, oh my gosh, I feel like I am so totally plugged in. And I feel that love.

I feel that connection flowing into me, I feel that will show be I feel that getting the answers I was looking for all the time. You deserve that. You deserve to have this. And not only will you find your ending the year ahead, you're going to be ahead of everything you thought you could be. So now you're at a new space going, Who am I now? Who are these new fun steps I can step into? What's that next level activity because I'm not feeling afraid anymore? What's that next experience I can take this to, and you're watching everyone else around you also do and have the same experiences.

Because what happens when we're watching people, we're doing some of the same things, we're learning some of the same things. And we're growing some of the same ways, we automatically take people with us when they want to come. And sometimes if they don't. So for example, you have children, you have a partner, they're not really thinking about this stuff. But as they're watching you, they're going to be growing with you. It wasn't even something they were thinking about.

But as you're sharing, wow, this is what I want for us. They're like, Oh, I like that, I want that too. And you just find that you're not just pouring into you, they are overflowing out of you. And you find that it's coming into others as well filling them up filling up their world, filling up your community. This is something that's so big.

As you do this, you begin to see who you really are, how big you really are. And you take it step by step. So it's not so scary. It's not so impossible. It's like the Impossible Burger very possible. Those of you like my husband, who would be like, yeah, no, I would never have the Impossible Burger, then think about it, like something else that you're you would have thought before was impossible. And you're like, wow, yeah, actually becomes very possible. So take these things to heart, if this feels like something that you would love to do, then reach out to me because I would love to work with you.

I have five new spots for individual sessions. And I also have 10 new spots for my new group that I'm about to get started in November. And so the both the group as well as the individual sessions, we can work on things individually, or we can work on things as a couple. So whatever works out for you, if you're like yeah, I really want to work on myself. It's about reviving your relationship, starting with yourself.

And that's so important. And if we're working with your partner, right, or your children or whomever is doing it with you, they're also working on themselves consecutively working on the relationship with each other. Because we have not been taught that there's more than just the intimacy with someone else into UIC, which we often don't know how to do very well. Or like, oh, I don't have the communication. I don't have that. They don't understand me. I don't understand them.

I just so we get to work on that intimacy into you. I see. So you hear me, I hear you. We both feel heard, we both feel respected. We both feel loved. We're both having a great time in this relationship. Imagine having that was parents you never had it with. Imagine having that with kids who you have a hard time with. Imagine having that in a great relationship and making it even better.

Imagine bringing that into your business and what that would look like or into your profession, your job with your boss or you are the boss with your employees. You're creating intimacy connection. You're allowing your head and heart to connect. You're allowing yourself to set boundaries so you still feel safe. You're allowing yourself to share how to set boundaries with someone else, and so they feel safe. And it's a beautiful relationship. And when I say setting boundaries, it means learning how to speak learning how to to ask for what you need without being afraid, without the other person being attacking, because they're defending, they think you're attacking them and so on.

That's what I mean. What if you have that you get to have, you deserve to have that. And please share this because everyone around us deserves to have that too. Hey there, Vanessa, hey, Maria hurts to you guys, too. You still get to deserve that, you still get to know you deserve that. Alright, guys, thank you so much for being with with me here today. Reach out to me, you can reach out to me through my number here, you can see it. You can reach out to me through personal message, you can text me, my number is 954-657-3407.

And text me anytime. You can personal message me through messenger. I'm I'm open. I'm a real person. If you have questions, I'm also here each Wednesday, if you want to ask me questions. I'm also here every first Friday, doing revive your relationship webinar. And Wednesday is here. Any questions you have guys, we can turn this into a mastermind it doesn't. It's not just me talking to you, I want you to talk to me and share different things and what's working for you and what's not. So I can make sure to turn this even more personal for you.

You guys can join me on my Zoom. If that's something that you would like, so please let me know. And so we're talking on Zoom together, and not just texting through through Facebook. I'm available. That's what I'm here for. That is my mission. My mission is to help you know, you are amazing to help you know how to do these steps and have it as a blueprint so you can practice it.

So when you're coming to work with me, it's coming with a new thing, or some challenge that's in the way, because you're like, Oh, I did this. And I did this. And I did that. And that worked. And that was great. And I'm like so it's so juicy. And I'm getting all that going, okay, but I'm taking it to a new level or this new challenge came up, and I'm feeling kind of stuck here. Alright, Coach, what do you see what direction what's the play? And we can look at the various ideas.

And you can say, oh, yeah, that one works. Now that one doesn't quite work. Yeah, that works. No, that one doesn't quite work. And we put the game plan together for you. And you have it and you practice it and we come back and you're able to let me know how you're doing. You're able to show me how you're practicing.

You're able to tell me this is how my muscles are growing. And then you were able to see okay, so where do we need to do some more work? Every failure is no longer a reason to beat yourself up. It's a reason to go oh, that's there to tell me what I need to work on cool. And you appreciate every single one because it's talking to you. You appreciate every single experience every single emotion because it's talking to you. Alright you guys, you make sure you take care of you know that your loved bring it in big squishy hugs. Take care of you and Ciao for now. Please do share this hit the replay. Get it out to people. There are so many people who need to know that this is possible for them and know that it's so possible for you. Take care of yourself. Ciao for now.