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10 Fun Things to Do As a Couple to Strengthen Your Relationship?

Video Dated: April 08, 2022 

Good morning, and Happy Wednesday. I hope you are doing wonderfully. And I'm so glad that you're here. Please do share this so that way others can get this information. A lot of people, you might think this is common sense, but it's not. So get this information out to folks. Share it now. Give you a few minutes, share it into your groups, share it with friends, share it on Messenger.

And the reason I say that is because there are so many people who are like, you know, my relationship isn't going so well. How do I make it more fun? How do I get back into fun in my relationship, or maybe I really didn't have fun, and it was too serious. So today, we're going to talk about some ways that you can have done in your relationship, even if you feel like you know, I'm just not feeling all that attracted to my partner or to my spouse anymore. And the idea when you give yourself permission to have fun, when you give your partner permission to have fun, you're just going to be all giddy, you're going to be like kids, you're just going to be enjoying the day enjoying your life. And you so deserve that why not? Right? That's what life is all about. You enjoy and learn and grow and help each other and help ourselves.

So today, we're going to be doing that we're going to be talking about how you're going to be able to have more fun, how you're going to be connecting, making things more romantic, and why the heck not, that's the whole point. So get your pen, get your paper or you can pull up the post that I just did on Facebook, my assistant Miss Maria put it up there, you'll be able to see, Oh, perfect, you'll be able to see how you can start doing these things in it's in an infographic. So you can actually print it out and you can share it with your partner as well.

And the idea is to help yourself to take a look at what is it like now as I'm giving you these suggestions, you might be like, well, I like other things, I don't quite like this, then fill that in there doesn't have to look like this. This isn't the right way. This is just a fun way. All right. So take a look at this. You're gonna see the infographic there, right you see each one, there's 10. Now there's plenty more than 10. And I'm going to elaborate on these 10 Because you're also going to be able to see that as you're doing this, you're like, Oh, I like this. And I like that. And I like this too. For example, with my husband and I, we didn't know we liked puzzles. But a friend of ours. We were at my garden of lightens house, right, Claudette. And we were we were just visiting, right? And then Ray, she's a friend. She's like my family. She was doing a puzzle. And she's like, Hey, if you want to work on the puzzle, you can and I was like,

Okay, hours later. My husband and I are working on this level. And I'm like,

This is cool. It's got my juices flowing. And he's like, Yeah, me too. So then she actually gave us a puzzle. And it was like a dollhouse. And oh my gosh, I love doll houses. And each room. Even though it looked like a dollhouse per se, like a cutout. It was actually a real house. And in each room, there was things going on. And so we we did this puzzle, and we did it in just a few days. Like we did it for hours, because it was at the end of the year. And we had New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. And we just did it for hours and hours. And it was so much fun than not like exciting, fun, but like enticing fun, you know, we were just really experiencing each other and liking to see what was happening. We didn't know, right?

And so the same thing is perfectly fine if it's happening for you. So as I go through these, there is no particular order, even though I have them numbered. So let yourself take a look at it and see, okay, this is what I like, this is what I don't like, and then fill in the gaps there. Right? Okay. So actually, let me go ahead and share this with my group. And I want to invite you guys to the freedom from negative thinking group, this group actually helps if there's different things that you're dealing with, as far as you know, I'm feeling kind of stressed or I have negative habits that are going on or I have negative thinking that's going on or you know, different things that are coming up emotionally for you or in your thought process, things that are limiting you or having you feel stuck.

All of that will be things that we talk about in the group, including recordings like this, and in the group because it's live, you're able to ask me questions and I'll address those questions beforehand. And as you're letting me know about topics you want, I'm actually addressing those topics specific to you which is how I got today's topic, by the way, because those in my freedom from negative thinking group, were asking me questions about you know, I just not feeling that into my relationship. I feel like we might be losing some of the Roman's. And so that's what today's topic came from. So please make sure to join the freedom from negative thinking Facebook group, and you can check any of my posts and grab the link there. Just get involved, right? When you have other people sharing or asking the same questions, you realize you're not alone. If you're in there sharing fun posts that uplift each other, and it just feels good. And why not? Because you're not in this alone. All right, cool beans.

So what you want to do is you want to take a look at what is it that I'm doing now that's working? And if you're like, well, nothing, then think about what was working, right when you guys started, what was fun. And so allowing yourself to take a look and go, What are some goals that we want to set together that worked before. And maybe you didn't set goals together before? And that's a new idea. So jot down what are some of your goals, and they jot down some of theirs. And you could do it together. Or you could do that part separate, but then when you come together talk about those goals. And if either of the two of you have trouble being supportive of the other, that's something to work on. And in each one of these goals, I'm going to say, if there's things that are not working, get support for that, right. So if you do not know how to support each other and your goals, then speak to somebody, right? I'm a hypno, coach, anxiety relief coach, a couples coach. And so I work with people who feel like, you know, for me to motivate somebody, I have to be like, oh, you can't do it.

And that motivates them. Because maybe that's how they were spoken to. Or maybe, you know, there's more of a military mindset or so being able to know how to support each other through those goals is essential. Being able to see that your partner can do it, and see what may have you believe that they can't. So we're able to help you with that space. If you feel like you can't support your partner, there's something going on there a little bit deeper, that needs some attention. Not bad or wrong. Just it's not getting you where you want to go. Number two, find meals that you can eat together. It may not be breakfast, it may not be lunch, but if it's dinner, make sure that it's not always in front of the TV. And there's nothing wrong with it. Sometimes it is, but have that face to face interaction, turn off any sounds or put on the music and, you know, just talk to each other or have the TV in the background. But we're just like, here, I see you you see me?

How was your day? I have clients that said never asked How was your day?

Hey there, Joanne. Good morning. Beautiful. Good to see you. Big hearts. Being able to go well. My day was fine. A little bit more. So what did you like about your day? What didn't you like about your day? What had you feel really good about your day? What success did you have? What was kind of awkward or that was like a POM face? facepalm moment? Right? So just think of some specific questions to ask. And like let's say this actually works not just with a partner or a spouse, but it also works with kids. So what was your favorite subject today? What did you have to write your paper on? What do you think about it? What do you think about that topic in real life, versus just a class paper? Things like that. Thank you so much. Geralyn you're great, too. I love you guys. You're all wonderful. You're just all like pushing and moving forward and, and pushing through these things and learning. Wait, I can get through it without having to push so hard. And I'm so proud of you guys, as you're doing that. Just making life easier on yourselves, why the heck not right, you deserve it.

So find time when you're eating meals together. And you might find that your your weekdays have a hard time. So you're going to really have to plan for it. And so you can really do that. And it may just be okay, so I get home super late, and you're going to be the only one eating dinner, but I'm gonna grab my water or I'm gonna drag my drink, and I'm gonna sit with you while you eat. Like, there's plenty of times when my husband and I one of us is off track. And so I'm just sitting with him having dinner with him. And I've already eaten. I'm sitting there, I'm checking out how his day is going. You know, we're both relaxing. It's just having that meal right together. Having that sit down time, that connection time when the body's just like relaxed and enjoying and you add enjoyment of each other. Right? So whatever that looks like.

Now, let's say your long distance or your relationship, you know, maybe the kids are in college or whatever, Zoom together. Like put put your phone on. And if you can't zoom and all you can do is sound fine. Make it work. All right, we're just going to have dinner together over the phone. What are you going to have and they could send a picture of their food, you could send a picture of your foods. You guys can imagine what the other is eating? And how was your day? And the same questions. And you guys can come up with other fun questions and you can Google what are fun questions to ask what are odd questions to ask what are some jokes you can tell? You know you can do Dad jokes, Mom jokes, those are cleaner jokes, right? So there's ways that you can have dinner or your meal be so fun. And you guys were really looking forward to it each time. And it's creating that connection creating that bonding. So, in your relationship, you might be like, Well, we've already asked each other everything. No, promise you haven't. There's new questions. It's just coming up with new questions to ask. All right, cool beans.

So then the next thing that you're going to be taking a look at is where can you play, right? Some people are not hands on kind of play people, I kind of am. But I'm clumsy. So I stay away from hands on play, because I end up hurting my husband all the time, even when I don't need to. So find out what's a good way to play, it could be singing, it could be dancing, it could be telling jokes, it could be playing a puzzle, it could be you know, going for a little jog like that could be more of like the play you guys have. So whatever works for you walk into the park, going on trails, riding bikes, rollerblading, or one person does one thing and other person does another thing. So find the things that make you play and laugh. Find times where you can sing singing actually helps bring in the positive endorphins into your body. So just put on a song that you both know, and it doesn't matter if it sounds like you're howling, just saying, right? Have fun with it, and car, whatever it is. So that way, you're just letting yourself have fun. And again, it doesn't matter if you sound terrible, turn the music up louder. If so, or turn it down and enjoy how terrible you sound. It's

Great. It helps you to have fun together helps you to laugh together. And it helps you to not take yourself so seriously. If you guys are serious all the time. And it's about taking the lookout what has me thinking I have to be so serious, what has me feeling like I'm just you know, I just have to be kind of afraid around this person or uptight around this person. So let's take a look at that that would be another level a deeper level to take. Right? Okay. So another thing that's really good is plan the things that you like, and go on a date. Now, that date can be outside, on your your lunch, your table where you're having lunch, right in the backyard, or the front yard, or in a park. It doesn't have to be like this major, elegant going out on a date or this major club night or whatever. Although those are great and fun, put those on the calendar too. And especially if you have children, you have to plan. If you do not plan it will not happen.

And that piece is essential, you have to plan for each other, just like you have to plan for intimacy. Right? That's actually not on here. As far as like making sure you have time to for sex, that you want to make sure that you have time for sex, as well as time for intimacy and they may not be the same. Right? You may have a couple that I work with, they call it lay downs. And I love that. I do that occasionally with my husband, but nowhere near like they do. It's a practice. And they're like when we do it. It's like magic. And they do it every day, sometimes a couple of times a day, especially if things are rough. And when they're not. And it's so intimate. You just connect to them. And it's not about going to sleep. It's just about hey, what do you think? And how are you doing? And then just stare each other? Now you may be a little uncomfortable with that right? And that's okay. When I first was in my relationship, my husband and I have we stared at each other I'd be like just wasn't used to it. So yeah, it may take a little time. But if you just find yourself laughing just enjoy it. Right. That's what we did.

Sometimes I still will get there just because I started thinking what's he thinking? What did I want? You know what? You know, I started thinking about, Oh, I might think about the wrinkles on my face or am I think about I think my nose looks too big when we're this close. Or sometimes if I'm too close to him, it looks like his eyes are blurring together because my eyes is changing. So I've got to come back a little bit. So there's all kinds of things that make it fun and silly, right? And you can have that fun and be that kind of silly. Hey there, Maria. Good to see you darlin because. So continue to let yourself have that fun, continue to let yourself enjoy and experience that relationship. And you might find you're getting to know each other all over again. And that's the goal, to continue on a consistent basis to get to know each other all over again. Right? That's essential. It keeps the flair it keeps the spice it keeps the connecting to each other and things you might be uncomfortable, right? I've always shared with you guys because it's important to be transparent.

So wherever it is you're uncomfortable, you can find a book, right? That helps you to learn how to do something you haven't done before. And be like, Okay, let's try this together. Okay, right, and being able to practice something new. And it doesn't have to be like, oh, so new, it could be something as simple as reading jokes in the car when you're driving, instead of listening to the radio, or reading out loud to each other, or, and we'll actually get into that in a second. Because that's one of the suggestions. So let me not jump ahead. Another thing that's really good, is traveling together now with COVID. And things like that you can actually travel together, and you don't have to go anywhere. So questions like, where's your most favorite place you've ever wanted to go? What's your most favorite place that you'd ever want to go? That's not real. Like, if you could go to any planet, what would it be? And why? So you're just talking to each other. Right? So I'm like, Oh, I could imagine being on the rings of Saturn. And like, they would feel squishy, like a trampoline. Like, I know. That's silly, right? But it's just being fun. Okay, so let's imagine and, and I think they would be like an orange and red and white color. Now, I don't know this stuff. I've just seen it in pictures. So I'm like, okay, so it'd be like that. And it would be really quiet. And we could see the stars.

And maybe we could hear the I don't know things shifting. So like, kind of worrying by like hearing the wind, almost like a dragonfly fluttering. So we can hear things worrying, worrying by. And we can and of course, you probably can't any of this stuff. But you can hear the the Saturn itself shifting on axis and like rumbling, you could see the moon and it's so bright and beautiful. The sun is the sun further or closer, I'm not sure. So the sun would be bigger or smaller or whatever. So just imagining and it doesn't have to be real, it could just be pretend, oh, we're sitting on, you know, the top of a Pyramid in Egypt. And just imagine, and you could look up pyramids in Egypt. You can look up the Sphinx. You can look up tunnels under the pyramids and the waters that used to show that they were there and all these different things like you can just look them up and make stories from that. It's really fun to just imagine with each other.

And then you imagine with each other that you're there walking, enjoying, what do you hear? What did they hear. And as you're doing it, here's the really cool thing. And this is what children do growing up is they play with these imagination, these imaginary ideas, and the subconscious mind doesn't know the difference. So if you're imagining walking together, and you feel the coolness of the air around you, it feels like it's 70 degrees. Your body might feel a little chilly, just because you want let's say you smell and you're breathing in a lemony scent, and it gets stronger and stronger. makes your mouth water. Your Mind Your body, your subconscious is actually going through that experience. That's how amazing and how powerful your mind and body is. So having fun with each other like that. Why not? It would just be fun. Just asking each other what do you think? If that would happen? What do you think about it? This would happen? What do you think?

And then you're just asking all these new interesting questions about new and interesting things. And you're just having fun. You're letting yourselves just be like kids. kill innocent, joyful. Laughing carefree. Yeah. All right, cool. Beans. Let me know how this sounds for you. Let me know how this is kind of as you imagine it. Now you might be like, Oh, that's stupid. They're gonna think it's stupid. I can't do that. Oh my gosh. Then just watch this together with them. And then be like, Well, what do you think about that one what thought came up? And they might be like, Oh, this is stupid. I can't believe. But then both of you decide, right? Because you're both watching this together. Now both of you decide. Okay, well, you know what, it might be stupid, but we're going to try it anyway. We're going to try this stupid thing. Just have fun with it again. And realize it wasn't all that stupid. It was actually kind of fun when you practiced it. Yeah. All right, cool beans.

Okay, so we talked about being able to set those times of going on a date and notice that some of these can be the same, right? So if you guys set a date night where it's Let's cook dinner together, and some of you might be terrible cooks, just saying. If you are that's okay, you can have the sous chef that will be me. And you can have the main chef, that will be my husband. So if you find that, okay, I'm not really good at cooking, and they don't want me to cook anyway, then chop up stuff, right, you can help them chop up or you can help prepare, or you can help season or you can just hang out there. They say, Okay, grab me a spoon grabbed me a plague remya this from you that like a doctor and the assistant. So you can just be there in support, or, you know, you're hanging out there drinking your soda or your water, or for me would be lemon water, or your glass of wine, whatever it is, and just enjoying connecting with each other. And the person who's cooking can share what they're doing, or what they're thinking, or you guys could talk about something totally different.

So it allows you to connect over new things. And you might decide, well, I'm not a good cook, but I can cook this really good. And so you might decide that that's the one thing you're going to cook, well, your partner's cooking this other main thing, and it could just be your cooking salad. So you're putting together the side salad or the dessert or whatever it is, or you're putting some cookies on the plate, whatever it is. So that way, it's just coming together, being in that space together, putting that meal together, you get the plates and the knives and the silverware and the cups and you get the drinks together, whatever it is. And so that way, both of you are coming together at your meal. And so it doesn't have to be okay, well, they're better. I'm not that you know, all that stuff, you bring what you have, and you just make it good. And so that would be number six, as far as cooking together.

And then the other. Now I don't say get a pet, right. But you can. However, my suggestion is go to a pet store and play with some pets, or go to a pet friend and babysit their pet or walk their pet. That way the two of you are being able and this works with children as well. You know, go visit a friend with some kids and hang out with him for a little while, you know, take the kids for a walk while the parents go do their date night. Or it gives you that opportunity to do that together. And then of course, you know, when you guys are ready, you can get your own pets, and you can have your own kids. But it gives you that opportunity without having to have them yet or ever. Some some folks just are not like no thanks. I'd rather be a mentor or a Big Brother or Big Sister or have them on a consistent basis, or be a foster parent, or be arrest bit parent, which is a parent who actually allows the foster parent to rest a bit, which is the respite.

So there's things that you can do that allows you to still give in to others given to the animals given to children have that experience of of you as a couple investing into the animals or the children but not having to have your own. So you can still have that experience. And what's even better is if that's not for you, you can walk away going got my Phil, I don't need to babysit again for another month or two. So it allows you to still have that experience together and not have to have the full responsibility of it like, or you can have pets that are not really don't need much like I have a hedgehog. And he unfortunately, doesn't like to be bothered. So unlike some hedgehogs who love to be held and touched in their fun, my room and he's not not that personalities like leave me alone seven touching me. And if you keep touching me, You're pissing me off and he gets agitated and that kind of thing. So you can find a pet who doesn't want to be bothered much. You know, he likes you to touch him. While he doesn't like to touch him. He'll let you touch him when you feed him. That's it.

And then the rest of the time, he's like, leave me alone and get me where they want us to be back. So you can have a pet like that, like a pet snakes they like to be held, they like to play and go around. But they like a lot of sleep tarantulas. Some people even have like pets, like crickets and stuff like that, like those are normally food for some things. But people just like to have them as pets. It's interesting or fish, that kind of thing. So as you're raising something together, even plants as you're raising that thing together, whatever it is a tree. It allows you to build something together. And this same thing works like that you're working on the house. Or if you go do a trash cleanup in the neighborhood or any of that coming together to create. It's so cool. You get to watch each other in your creative mode. It's such a turn on, it really is.

And it creates that connection. It also helps you to learn more of what the other person likes, helps you to see more of what their skills are, helps you to uplift them and support them and the things that they're doing and what's important to them. So that's really good. Yeah. Okay. And so then the other thing I mentioned this already is to being able to read together. Now you can read together separately and in silence, or you can read together like you're both reading the same book, and you read out loud or you're both reading the same book and you read silently and then maybe you can Talk about the book later. It could mean that you're both reading an article together, it could mean that you both decided that you wanted to read about a particular topic, and you're researching different things and finding out. So again, it brings you together. And it also gets your mind growing and achieving. And again, it's another turn on. These are things as the mind and body grows. It's like, huh, you're.

And so you're learning with each other, and you're building with each other and growing with each other. It's really very beautiful. And all of these things help even in relationships that are struggling, it helps you to create the connection helps you to have things to talk about helps you to learn more about the partner helps you to create that connection, and that bonding that might be missing. And it does it in such a way that it doesn't always have to be over anything stressful. None of these things ever need to be stressful. If they are helped you to kind of talk it through and see, we can talk things through even when they're stressful. So brings that peace brings that connection, it grows the relationship even stronger. Now another one is getting active. And I'm very general about this on purpose. So it could be that one of us riding a bike and the other one's running, it could be that one of you is rollerblading. While the other one is running, it could be like it doesn't have to be the same things. It could be that one of you is stretching while the other one's doing yoga, it could be one is working out really hard. While the other one is just doing some some baby dumbbells, that would be me.

It could be somebody's working out at the gym and somebody's working out at home, it could be one of you is doing yoga with friends, and the other one is doing biking with your friends. So the idea is, hey, let's be active. And sometimes we can be active separate, but we're both choosing to be active. And the other time is we're choosing to be active together. And this could be something as simple as you put on a song and dance together. It could be that you guys decide to take a dancing class together. Maybe you just watch YouTube and take that dancing class together. So whatever it is, it's allowing you guys to move together. And it could be as simple as we're putting this on. And we're going to do some jumping jacks and sit ups and push ups. And that's what we're going to do every day for five minutes, or 10 minutes. Or we're going to dance before we go to bed every night, a slow dance, look into each other's eyes. And just listen to the music. And pick a song that you both love. Or one picks one song one night one picks another song another night, you might you might find you want to turn it into two songs. Maybe you can't do it every night. But you can do it every other night, or at least once a week.

Just finding these things that are helpful or supportive, that are creating that love between the two of you. And having fun, fun, fun, and fun, the dance. And any of these other activities may also include becoming more intimate with each other and more connected. And it may actually then move into allowing yourself to plan and this was this one isn't on here. Like I mentioned, I should have put it on here. So number 11 would be making sure that you guys plan for sex. Right? As long as that's in your relationship. Now, some people might be dating, and they're not into that just yet. Or they're not having sex until they're married. And that's okay. If that's the case, then that one doesn't belong there. But it will once you step into that part of your relationship. So it's important to plan for it. Because guaranteed if you are working all the time, and you're tired all the time, you're not going to want to do you want to pay attention to the I don't want to lose? And instead going Oh, heck yeah, I want to do that. I want to make sure that I'm feeling good. And that my partner's feeling good and that we're creating that that spiritual and emotional connection. Right. So you can plan for it. And it doesn't have to be it's going to be Saturday at seven o'clock.

But you can plan for that it's going to be at least once a week. And if you're getting to the end of the week, ooh, I haven't I haven't planned for that. We got three more days, where am I going to make sure I plan for that. And you might have to talk to your partner, you might actually have to make it. Okay, let's make sure we go to bed early on Friday, or Saturday or whatever. And you're not going to bed. You're just getting there early. So you guys have time not to be tired. You can start with playing some music. And you could start with your dance if you want to. So it allows you to kind of bring these things together. And then lastly, I know I put on there, watch a movie together. But watch anything together. You can go outside and you can watch nature together. You can watch a movie together. You can watch the children play together. You can watch a game together, whatever it is you're watching this thing together. And here's the thing, guys, and like I said I'm always transparent. It doesn't mean that one of you is on the phone or that you're on your computer.

You can have those times that's okay too, right? We all have stuff to do. Like for me I'd rather be I'm working on my computer than watching TV. So I'll sit next to my husband. That's not the same thing. And he has shared that with me, he's like, that's not the same thing. When we're watching a movie together, we can talk about it afterwards. Or when we're watching it together, when we feel like it, we can look at each other and give each other a kiss. Or we can hold hands through the whole thing. Or we can be all entwined during the whole thing. But you can't do that if you're on your phone, or you're, you're on a computer, you're busy over here, you're not really focusing over there, you're not you're there, but not there. Now, again, if you're both just watching the movie, that's kind of the same thing. That's why it's important. Making sure that you hold hands, making sure that you adjust into that person, maybe you take their arm, maybe you put your head on their shoulder, maybe they put their hand on your shoulder, maybe you turn and kiss their cheek, maybe you take their hand and you kiss their hand. And so you're you're creating that intimacy throughout that time. And if the movies two hours, right, you've just created two hours of intimacy with your partner. So when you're intentional about it, it's not just watching TV. Otherwise, you both are zombied out. And you could have done that on either side of the couch, or in some other place. It's being intentional with creating that connection.

And so I hope these things have helped you. There are others. Do you not think this is the only way and I hope that you see them now in in a different light than just the verbiage, right? It's like not just about setting goals together? It's how do we support each other in these goals? How do we measure like, this is when you want this by? This is when I want this by? Okay, cool. I'm definitely going to support you in that you can so doing, how are you doing? Okay, cool. So we weren't able to meet that deadline, we're going to renegotiate that deadline for ourselves and our goals. Right, or some of the goals can be super fun like that, planning a trip, or making sure that some of those goals look like dancing together at night, or making sure you set aside time to be intimate, and connect. And then you set aside time where you can have intercourse, and making sure that you're connecting physically and spiritually in that way.

And seeing that they're not the same. It was serving your relationship deserves it. So I'm good. Let me know any questions you have. Let me know any ideas that you have? Let me know any AHA is that you have? Miss Miriam says good ideas on the list. Yeah, thank you darlin. And allow yourself to do these eight. Let's say even if you don't have a partner yet, by the way, you are your partner. Right? So I just want to add that. Let yourself play the music and dance night. feeling beautiful, feeling handsome, feeling alive, that yourself, join a dancing class, whether you have a partner or not, and find one, great date. There's other singles joining. These are how you find your partner doing things that you love. So make sure that even if you don't have a partner, you do these things, you find friends that you can cook together, or you call them up and you guys are cooking together over the phone, do these things for yourself too, because they're loving, they're connecting. They're supportive, even of yourself. And I know that was not today's topic, but I just wanted to touch on that. Because it's important as we think about it.

And this actually just came to mind. Because I was just thinking of some of my clients who are actually separating. And it's taking that time for themselves in the midst of the separation. That's helping them to be able to work with each other even better during the separation. Make sense? All right, cool. Beans, make sure you share this, get this out there. I have these Facebook Lives every week, right? Every Wednesday, I do a live webinar for you. And if you go into the freedom from negative thinking Facebook group, and let me know your topics and your ideas, that helps me to create what I'll be creating each week. And so because of the questions you guys have been asking me this month is really going to be about creating that communication, creating that connection, how to bring that love and that intimacy back or revive it in your relationship. And I'm also doing group work now not just one on one or couples or families.

But I'm also have created a group program. And the idea is revive your relationship. And it's not just about the relationship that you have with others, it's revive that relationship within yourself as well. And so if that sounds of interest to you, let me know, because we will be growing that group but for now, it's small and intimate. So you'll be getting a lot more one on one attention. And you get two sessions a month and it's $99. So let me know if that sounds like something for you. So you can actually start reviving that relationship with yourself or with your partner. And I've worked with clients who are right on the brink of of getting a divorce. And they were able to see they didn't have to and then I've worked with clients who felt like they had to really make it work. And they saw that they were not a good fit. But they could end this situation and end this relationship and end the troubles that they were having in the fighting and the negativity and the pain they were creating for themselves in each other, and turn it into something beautiful.

And be able to create a connection and a relationship and be able to work together as they needed to, but not have to force it into something that wasn't a good fit. It wasn't healthy. So no matter where you're at in any of your relationships, or if this is a relationship you're thinking about with your kids. Don't worry. It all comes together as you're learning these steps and learning how to practice you're learning how you're not just getting good advice. You're learning how to practice and that's the number one thing all right you guys, what do we do? Do we bring it in big squishy hugs guys know that you are appreciated. Know that you inspire me with your work with all that you're doing to change your life and create the relationships the business the love the help that you deserve? you so deserve it. Know that your love you take care of you.

Share this information. Keep me posted on any questions or thoughts or how this is relating for you how it's supporting you, and I'll continue to do each Wednesday. Very direct to your questions and make sure you get the hell I'll talk to you guys later. Ciao for now.


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